Don’t be stubborn after pregnancy, the person who comes will tell you the "construction of files during pregnancy", let the pregnant mother stay away from the wrong way.

During pregnancy, the file is a pregnancy file, which records the basic information of expectant mothers and memories of all information during pregnancy.

After many expectant mothers are pregnant, they are happy and ignore the incident of "construction during pregnancy."

So as a person who comes, I will share with you some strategies and love tips on the establishment of archives during pregnancy. Do not let the expectant mothers make a stun and take everyone away from the wrong way.

1. Hospital used to determine childbirth

According to statistics, there are 14.65 million newborns born in 2019.

More and more people start to have a baby. The first child and the second child make the hospital’s medical staff and beds very nervous. If the expectant mother does not build a file to establish a delivery hospital, it is likely that when there is no hospital, there is no hospital. There is no hospital.Receive ~

However, such problems are generally a problem faced by the first -tier cities of the country. For example, in Beijing, if you want to go to the hospital you like, you will start queuing 6 weeks after pregnancy. If you do not arrange it, then the hospital that will give birth at that timeIt may not be satisfied with it ~

But if you are the expectant mothers who live in small and medium -sized cities, don’t worry too much, because there are not so much attention and requirements.

2. Make sure that the birth checkup is more accurate

After the establishment of the pregnant mother, all the information about the checkup is inside, so that the doctor’s judgment will make more accurate judgments when checking the expectant mother.And before childbirth, doctors will also customize childbirth planning for pregnant mothers based on the information in the file.

Normally, "archives during pregnancy" are all voluntarily based on expectant mothers, but if the pregnant mother has an accident, the doctor cannot see the relevant data of the expectant mother, and there is no way to make the most perfect treatment.

However, there are still some hospitals. When the expectant mothers do not build files, the doctor will not give a check or check. Some expectant mothers cannot reimburse maternity insurance …

▶ The time for pregnant mothers

Under normal circumstances, expectant mothers can go to the hospital to build files at about 12 weeks (with special circumstances, which can be delayed), and then this file is handed over to the hospital for custody.

However, for first -tier cities, it is recommended that pregnant mothers start making appointments in about 6 weeks, otherwise it is difficult to get to the hospital you like ~

▶ Materials built by pregnant mothers

Although the requirements of the hospitals in each place are different, in most cases, they must prepare these things. Pregnant mothers remember to prepare in advance.

The originality of the expectant mother’s account book, ID card, the original quota certificate, the original and photocopy of maternity insurance permits, and the results of the B -ultrasound, but the specific requirements depends on the specific requirements of the pregnant mother to the hospital, because some places still have to be in some places.Need a community certificate.

1) How to choose the hospital?

Which hospital to build files is actually mainly to see the mother’s own choice.After the hospital was established, the pregnant mother’s next examination needs to be carried out in that hospital.It is also possible to change the hospital, that is, the formalities are a bit troublesome ~

Therefore, it is recommended that prospective mothers investigate the hospital on the spot before the archives are under construction, and then choose to avoid uncomfortable production inspection.

2) What are the preparations for expectant mothers before going to the file?

The doctor said: expectant mothers need to take 6-8 hours an empty stomach to perform an empty stomach.

After the pregnant mother passed 22 o’clock the night before construction, she would avoid eating again. In this way

The expectant mother remembers to wear a separate clothes. If we wear a skirt and check the B -ultrasound, it will be very inconvenient ~

In addition, many hospitals can make an appointment in advance, saving pregnant mothers for too long, and their bodies are uncomfortable.

3) When building a file, the doctor should answer truthfully

Pregnant mothers should note that when doctors are under construction, they will ask about preparing some basic issues and situations, such as the time of the last aunt, no abortion, a few pregnancy, and so on.

In fact, it ’s a routine question. Everyone will be asked, so the expectant mothers do n’t be shy, you must answer truthfully ~

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