Don’t be stupid after pregnancy, these sacrifices of expectant mothers are really not necessary

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It is said that the growth of the girl did not start from her love, but also from the moment she married, but from the moment she was a mother.

I always feel that this sentence is a bit one -sided.But then, when I learned that I was pregnant, when I became a mother, I suddenly realized that at that moment: I was no longer a baby, but was about to become a baby mother.

Perhaps before, there was still some babies in the bones, but at the moment of learning of pregnancy, I told myself silently: put away the baby’s qi, and strive to become a responsible and responsible adult, and the baby’s reliance.

In the early stages of pregnancy, many expectant mothers were ready to "sacrifice".In their opinion, for the sake of the baby’s health, you should learn to be patient.

Everything that is bad for babies, expectant mothers are trying to quit; all things that are beneficial to the baby, they would rather be wronged by themselves, and they must work hard to do the best.

But in fact, some sacrifice is really unnecessary.Many times, the babies who are still in their stomachs can’t feel it.To put it plainly, the sacrifice of expectant mothers is purely moving.

I really want to say: a good figure, no need to sacrifice

Who said that after pregnancy, should be unkempt?Should I be round?Should I be five major and three rough?

"You have to eat more, now you eat alone, and two people absorb it."

"You see you are so thin, where will your baby have nutrition, eat more"

"You have to eat more, so that your baby can be healthier"

Bao Ma who is getting pregnant or already produced. In this case, I believe you are no stranger?

Every day, you can hear the sound of people around you, and your ears are even cocoon.At first, I also occasionally controlled it, but in the end, I abandoned and abandoned in the voice of the people around.

In the eyes of people around: pregnant women, you need to eat more to ensure sufficient nutrition and provide more energy for your baby.

In fact, these words are not scientific.Pregnant women do need nutrition, but there is no necessity between nutrition and more.

Simply put: Even if you eat more steamed buns, nutrition is very limited.Under the premise of supplementing nutrition, it is not much to eat, but whether you eat well.

Moreover, many people are caught in a misunderstanding: eating more is good for the baby.From the perspective of science, health and medicine, this sentence is wrong, it is completely mistaken for children.

Too much to eat during pregnancy will bring the health of pregnant mothers and bring a certain danger.In addition to stretch marks and gaining weight, it is also not good for the development and health of the baby.

The most terrible thing is that it will affect the childbirth of the baby. Whether it is a delivery or a cesarean section, if the baby is "huge", it is risky.

During pregnancy, reasonable and healthy control weight is really necessary

Rather than eating and drinking, leaving risks to yourself and fetal babies. If you control your weight unreasonable, this is the best mother.

Reasonable control of weight is not to let expectant mothers eat less, or not eat.Instead, it is reasonable to match the ingredients to ensure the diversification of the ingredients, but also ensure comprehensive nutrition.

In this case, even if the expectant mothers are not eating a lot, the various nutrients in the food will enter the expectant mother’s body, which can make the baby get more nutrients.

At different stages of pregnancy, pregnant mothers should plan reasonably because at each stage, the demand for nutrition is different.Differential treatments can ensure nutritional absorption, but also maintain a good figure.

In the early pregnancy, most expectant mothers had nausea and vomiting during pregnancy.At this stage, try not to eat big fish and meat, or too greasy foods, which is easy to aggravate vomiting.

In the second trimester, this is the stage of rapid development and growth of the baby, and pregnant mothers have survived the pregnancy reaction.At this stage, as long as you don’t consume too much sugar and calories, the rest of the food is based on personal preferences.

In the third trimester, for expectant mothers and fetal treasures, this is the stage of sprint.In terms of diet, it still maintains the previous habits. There is no special requirement, but the weight of each month, it is best to keep it at 1.5kg.

Dietary principles during pregnancy, expectant mothers must keep in mind

1. Resolutely not overeating

The most afraid of pregnancy is overeating. The growth of the baby’s baby has already affected gastrointestinal function.If at this time it is still overeating, how can the body stand?It is easy to induce many hidden health hazards.

2. Persist in eating less meals and more meals

I usually eat too much, I feel that my stomach can’t stand it.If you eat more during pregnancy, the impact and pressure on the stomach and intestines will be greater.During pregnancy, you can only eat six or seven -point full meals during pregnancy. You can change from the original three meals to four meals and five meals.

3. Persist in eating less cold and greasy

Eat cold drinks, fried fried, hot pot during pregnancy … Many pregnant mothers feel that they can’t eat for a long time after giving birth. Why not take it while pregnancy?In fact, eating too much cold or greasy during pregnancy will increase the burden on the body.

Even if you become a mother, you are yourself, there is no need to be wronged.Only when a woman who loves her knows how to love the baby and how to be a good mother.

How to maintain a good figure during pregnancy?Specific mothers, what are the little tricks, share it together.

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