Don’t be upright, don’t stand up, develop inadequate nutrition, five appetizers can help pregnant mothers to improve appetite

About 50%of pregnant mothers will have a pregnancy reaction, of which about 30%of pregnant mothers will have obvious pregnancy.Gastrointestinal discomfort during pregnancy can easily affect the appetite of pregnant mothers, and then delay normal diet and nutritional intake.

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If you are the most troubled after pregnancy, the two little devils of nausea and constipation are always ranked first. In the final analysis, it is related to the discomfort of the stomach.

During pregnancy, the stomach is uncomfortable and loses appetite. Don’t hold it hard. The nutrients in intake are not in place. It is not just a pregnant mother. The growth and development of the baby requires a lot of nutrition.

Shortly after her colleague Alan Gang was pregnant, the discomfort in the early pregnancy quickly swept her whole body. Every day’s working hours looked like a faint and sleepy appearance., I just chewed vinegar.

Alan complained to me: "It’s so uncomfortable to get pregnant, how do you live at first? I can’t eat anything."

I said, "Although the following sentence, many people will say, but I have to tell you that you are not just eating for yourself. There are children in the belly, and she needs nutrition most."

Looking at Alan’s desperate expression, I comforted her again: "Don’t be discouraged, you can just eat it at the normal rhythm now, how much you usually eat, how much you eat now, you don’t need to make it!"

In the early stages of pregnancy, it is the most uncomfortable stomach of the pregnant mother. During this period, the baby’s demand for nutrition is not very high. Moms can keep their diet before pregnancy. We must pay attention to reasonable nutritional distribution and balance of vegetarian and vegetables.

The factors that cause loss of appetite during pregnancy are mainly the following.

★ Hormone secretion

9 to 16 weeks of pregnancy is the most active period of HCG’s change. The changes in hormone secretion will affect the original endocrine balance in the body.

The lutein also has the effect of relaxation and smooth muscles, which causes the gastrointestinal peristalsis to slow down, making the pregnant mother’s digestion slower, so it always feels not hungry, and even the feeling of nausea nausea.

★ uterine compression

After entering in the middle and late pregnancy, it is not easy for HCG to no longer make trouble, but the increasing uterus has made pregnant mothers more uncomfortable.

From before pregnancy to October, the volume of the uterus will increase to 5000ml, and the weight will increase by 20 times. The increased uterus compress the stomach and the stomach capacity of the pregnant mother.Pregnant mother’s appetite.

Poor appetite, can you not eat?It’s really not possible. The pregnant mother does not eat, but two people are hungry.

◆ Calcium demand

According to the suggestion of the "Dietary Guidelines of Chinese Residents", expectant mothers in the early pregnancy need to consume 800mg/day in calcium, and expectant mothers in the middle and late pregnancy need 1000 ~ 1200mg/day.

These calcium generally needs to be achieved by milk, soy products, meat and vegetables. The scientific suggestion is that you consume 400 ~ 550ml of milk or yogurt daily during pregnancy. Have you reached the standard?

◆ Protein demand

After pregnancy, the demand for prospective mummy’s protein and vitamins has increased. Although it is recommended to eat a light diet during pregnancy, lightness does not mean that she is hungry.

It is recommended to take an egg, 150g of meat, and 400 ~ 500g of vegetables per day for about 1: 3.

It is really difficult during pregnancy. It is obviously uncomfortable with the stomach. It is also necessary to force yourself to continue eating. Which foods can help pregnant mothers appetizing and enhance appetite?

1. Yogurt

Yogurt contains lactic acid bacteria and thermal linkels. These probiotics are conducive to promoting intestinal peristalsis and enhanced appetite. It should be noted that although yogurt is delicious, the sugar content is relatively high. Pay attention to the right amount.

2. Nuts

Nuts can help neutralize gastric acid, not only provide sufficient nutrition, supplement trace elements, but also bring fullness. It is suitable for office snacks. It is recommended to be delicious nutrients such as cashews, walnuts, and Badan wood.

3. Fruit, dried fruit

When the appetite is not good, eat a little sweet and sour fruit, the whole person will feel better. Moms can also choose to make air -dried dried fruit. Be sure to avoid dried fried fruits. The fat content will exceed the standard.

4. Vegetables

The lighter foods are vegetables than fruits. Vegetables such as cucumber, carrots, tomatoes and other vegetables are delicious. It is also possible to eat snacks every day. It can also supplement vitamins and rich nutrition. Moms who are stingy during pregnancy are most suitable.

5. Rough grain

To relieve pregnancy reactions, coarse grains are a good food. It is suitable for office snacks, or foods that fill gastrointestinal emptiness in the morning, neutralize gastric acid, combat gastrointestinal discomfort, and can also supplement trace elements. The value is quite high.

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