Don’t believe it!These eight "black list" snacks are best to eat less during pregnancy, and it is easy to hurt the fetus

I believe that pregnant moms have their own gestational snacks, but some small snacks basically have a large number of additives. If you eat well before pregnancy, you will be ordered to not touch it when you are pregnant.Yeah, I will buy it quietly.

Below there is a baby editor who asked the pregnant mommy to ask a lot of snacks to see what you eat?Can these small snacks be eaten?

Mo Mei is not unable to eat, it is a popular snack of women after pregnancy in ancient times.Many pregnant moms now like to eat sour, and Mei does relieve nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite during pregnancy.

However, now Mei will add nitrite (carcinogenic), preservatives, sugar, flavors, etc. during the processing process. Therefore, pregnant moms can eat less as appropriate, and should not exceed 5 per day.Pregnant moms with high blood sugar pay special attention to eating less or not to eat plum sugar.Pregnant moms do not eat plums in an empty stomach, which is easy to stimulate the stomach.

Presumably when I am pregnant, the pregnant mommy eats the most chickens and ducks. I do n’t eat it for too long. I miss it.Instant noodles are not absolute taboos. Occasionally, eating a pack is no problem.

However, for pregnant moms in the middle and late pregnancy, it is still recommended not to eat instant noodles, because on the one hand, instant noodles are still fried foods, and on the other hand, nutritional elements such as protein, fat, carbohydrates such as foam noodles areNot enough to meet what pregnant mummy needs.If you eat for a long time, the nutrient elements of pregnant mothers will be reduced, which is very unfavorable to the normal development of the baby.In addition, there are gastrointestinal diseases and poor appetite. Pregnant moms with poor absorption are best to forget the noodles with instant noodles.

Chocolate and rose are the sales king of Valentine’s Day every year.However, the blood sugar of pregnant mothers is easy to exceed the standard, so the chocolate as a sweetness is naturally entered into the cold palace.But in fact, as long as the pregnant mother’s blood glucose is normal and there is no gestational diabetes, you can eat a little black chocolate.

It is not recommended to eat chocolate in the early pregnancy because it will stimulate contractions.In the middle of pregnancy, you can eat it. You can eat it. The copper elements and lecithin contained in chocolate are also good for the normal development of the baby.Some moms also eat a piece of chocolate before production to help them have enough power to give birth.However, there must be a small amount, a small amount, a small amount!

This is a popular snack regardless of adults and children.However, for pregnant mummy, as a puffed food, potato chips contain high oil and salt. In addition to the excess flesh of the long, it will also induce pregnancy hypertension syndrome.In addition, the potato chips are polysine, and the gastrointestinal movement is slow during pregnancy during pregnancy, and eating potato chips is more likely to be constipated.

Therefore, during pregnancy, all the heat -up foods that are high and prone to have a sense of fullness must be rejected.

"I eat fried chicken in people’s square ~ and where are you at this moment ~" Before pregnancy, how many moms were fried chicken, raised!There must be a small number.

However, the tender fried chicken in the meringue, it is recommended that pregnant moms can not eat it without eating, it is best not to eat it.High -calorie foods such as fried chicken will not only increase the weight of pregnant moms, but also induce diseases in blood sugar and blood pressure.

Wei Long’s spicy strips that go abroad make the Chinese people staggering. Indeed, for spicy lovers, eating spicy bars is simply happiness.But pregnant moms who like spicy strips can only be sorely not recommended.

Spicy strips contain preservatives and pigments, and a large amount of pepper powder is not friendly to the oral mucosa and gastrointestinal tract, and it is less friendly to absorb the nutrition of the fetus.Therefore, cherish your baby and stay away from spicy strips!

Pregnant moms are not cold, so I’m sorry, Ice cream, and have a good job with pregnant mummy.The baby’s stimulation of cold will be very sensitive and playing Tai Chi.For pregnant mothers, it is easy to suddenly shrink gastrointestinal blood vessels after raw food, reduce gastric fluid secretion, reduce digestive function, and abdominal pain and diarrhea occur.

In addition, pregnant moms’ noses, pharynx, trachea and other respiratory tract mucosa is often congested and accompanied by edema. A large amount of cold foods will cause the congested blood vessels to shrink suddenly, the blood will reduce the blood, causing dumb throat, cough, headache, etc.In severe cases of upper respiratory tract infection or induced tonsillitis.Eating too much ice cream is likely to have a miscarriage or premature birth.

In fact, this is not a snack in this strict sense, but there are more and more cola faith, and I still have to mention it.Cola generally contain caffeine, cola, pigment, etc. The pigment will interfere with the function of multiple enzymes, which is very unfavorable to the metabolism of pregnant women and the development of the baby in the belly.

Moreover, some cola drinks contain additives such as phosphorus substances that affect bone formation and calcification.Therefore, pregnant moms still touch their stomachs without taking a bottle of cola.

The best way to thirst during pregnancy is warm white water and homemade juice and vegetable juice.

PS: In fact, there are no these small snacks, and pregnant mothers have other alternatives.For example, chestnuts, cheese, seaweed, walnuts, nuts, red dates, figs, etc. can be used to solve it.Special reminders that longan, almonds, and hawthorn are best not to eat.Everything is for the baby, it is worth the 10 months to endure.

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