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Is it really effective to listen to others say that eating popsicles can relieve sore throat?Can you cure the disease?


After many people get the new crown, they have different degrees of sore throat, some are slightly painful, and some are serious.Some people think that eating a bit of popsicles can relieve pain. As a doctor in the Department of ENT, it is still not recommended to eat popsicles.

Everyone must know that this is the pain caused by the new coronary virus infection. Its main mechanism is the blood vessel congestion caused by the virus, increased the secretions, and after eating the popsicles, it will increase the amount of secretions.The throat recovery.After all, popsicles are cold. We still recommend avoiding cold and irritating things, including popsicles, tobacco and alcohol, etc. These are not good for the recovery of local mucosa.


Do you usually have a cold, inflammation of your throat, or inflammation of some tonsils. Is it different from new crown pain?


There are still differences between these two kinds of sore throat.

The sore throat caused by the new coronary virus, the manifestation of mucosal edema is not powerful, but the patient’s pain stimulus is very heavy, indicating that the stimulation of the nerve peripheral of the throat is increasing;It is manifested as pharyngitis, laryngitis or tonsil inflammation.

Most of the new crown patients are virus infections, but there are also some secondary bacterial infections, so the accompanying symptoms are different.Because the pain caused by the new crown is more severe, so that some friends will be scared when they recuperate at home.


To what extent can sore throat recuperate at home?What situation needs to go to the hospital for treatment?


Sore throat is just a symptom. For example, some new crown patients do not have the mucosal edema of the throat, which may be a symptom of a pharynx.If you feel that there are only dry pharynx, throat burning sensation, pain in the pharynx, or accompanied by the whole body such as fever, chills, and weakness, you can observe at home. Through drinking plenty of water, rest, symptomatic treatment can be relieved, then you can relieve symptomatic treatment.You can not go to the doctor.

The new coronal virus may violate the mucosa of the throat. Some people will have difficulty in breathing. If you have a feeling of holding your breath and breathing, you need to go to the doctor in time for treatment.


Is there any way to relieve pain in the pharynx as soon as possible?


If you have symptoms of sore throat after getting the new crown, our advice to everyone is to ensure that rest, drink plenty of water, and quit smoking and alcohol at the same time.Try to eat more vegetables and fruits with higher vitamin content, rinse your mouth and brush your teeth after eating, and keep oral hygiene.If the sound is hoarse, talk less, do not over -use your throat.It is also important to maintain a good mood.

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