Don’t let the "accident" of love become harm, girls who are about the flow of people must know!

If your male ticket said

"Good treasure ~ Let’s not wear TT, right?

I don’t like "gap" between us

I am pregnant with my money

Do you painless flow of people ""

… …


Hurry up ~ This is a scumbag!

(Don’t run, I will drive you to run with you)

Unexpected pregnancy is not so simple

The information checked online is not completely credible

If the baby in your belly has to "flow away"

How can we gently reduce damage

Choose the right time

And how to choose the surgical method

These things about the flow of people

Sisters must understand!

Q: What is an artificial abortion?

A: The use of artificial or drug methods within 12 weeks of pregnancy is called early pregnancy termination. It can also be called artificial abortion. It is a remedial measure for accidental failure of contraceptive failure.After 12 weeks, the pregnancy is needed to be terminated. At this time, the difficulty and risk of surgery will be greatly improved.

Q: Is the flow of people who do it earlier?

A: The golden time for people is between 40-60 days after pregnancy, and there will be risks when too early or too late.It is recommended to go to a professional hospital for a comprehensive examination to hear the doctor’s evaluation opinions.Click on the online reservation abortion surgery

Q: What are the ways to abortion?

A: There are two main methods of abortion, namely drug abortion and negative pressure to attract abortion.Divine abortion is to kill the embryo through anti -early pregnancy drugs, and stimulate cervical dilatation and uterine contraction, so that the fetal sac will be discharged. If there is unclean flow, it needs to be cleared.

The currently used surgical method is negative pressure suction (painless abortion), which is suitable for less than 10 weeks.The principle is similar to the principle of the vacuum cleaner, that is, the use of a straw into the uterus, separates the embryo from the uterus and suck the body through the negative pressure.

The painless abortion surgery of the gynecology department of Shenzhen Hezheng Hospital uses the "fully automatic negative pressure flow attraction device". It adopts mild pressure and the gentle method of experts, which can greatly reduce the damage of the uterine endometrium.Can better protect the characteristics of women’s fertility.

Q: Do you have to do the inspection items before the flow of people?

A: It is necessary!Preoperative examination can determine physical condition, pregnancy time, and whether it is suitable for surgery to reduce the probability of dangerous surgery and minimize damage to the body.

Q: Is painless people really painless?

A: Painless abortion is based on artificial abortion surgery. Professional anesthesia physicians can perform systemic anesthesia through veins and enter the sleep state in about half a minute. After the surgery, the consciousness is completely recovered, and there is no pain during the operation.

Q: Is the painless flow safe?

A: There is a certain risk of abortion surgery. It is recommended to choose a regular medical institution to avoid infection in irregular surgery, or cause various gynecological diseases, which will affect women’s normal conception in the later period, serious secondary infertility, etc.For consequences, it brings huge hidden dangers to women’s physical and mental health and future life.

Therefore, it is important to choose a regular hospital for surgery!

Pay attention to protecting women’s fertility

It is our "top priority"

Hezheng Hospital Gynecology

Call on the sisters again

accidental pregnancy!

Please go to a regular hospital for examination in time

Whether it is "stay" or "flow"

"Drug flow" or "people flow"

You need to do a series of inspections

The doctor is sure of your physical condition

In order to make accurate judgment

Do not "be anxious to take care of the doctor"!

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