Don’t look at rapeseed in spring, it’s better to go home to eat cucumber

Chinese land, golden light sparkling

In April, Chunyi had come to the climax, and the spring army from south to north swept the river north and south. The main force of them belonged to flowers.

From the Chinese New Year flower market in Guangzhou to the "High Mountain Garden" Yunnan Diqing, from the "Kangding Magnolia King" in Sichuan to the peach blossoms in North China, the scene of Ziqianhong has been staged as scheduled in this vast land.

In this or pink or red flowers, the rapeseed flowers are unique in it with a unique and beautiful golden yellow.The heart of countless travelers and photographers is good.

△ Qinghai Lake rapeseed sea.Photo/Visual China

From January to August each year, the golden rapeseed legion has kept starting from the south to Peking University. This unique golden color on the Chinese land is a gorgeous scenery that everyone cannot miss.

In April, it was the climax of the rapeseed legion. From the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River to the Qinling Huaihe River, and to the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River, almost half of China was already a golden ocean.

△ Recommended by Chinese rapeseed views.Drawing/authentic style

Next, set off to China’s 100 million acres of "golden"!

Rape rape, changed Chinese crops

Rapella, although not a famous flower, has a ups and downs of legendary plants.

In ancient times, it was a fruit belly vegetable on the dining table, and then gradually evolved into oil crops. To this day, it has changed again. With the magnificent golden flower sea, it becomes the beautiful landscape of all travelers who are keen to take photos to take pictures.There are many guidelines such as "rapeseed tourist map".

△ The oil content of rapeseed seeds is about 40%, and the oil is consumed.Photo/Visual China

In this legendary life, rapeseed not only changed its own attributes, but it also changed from culture to landscape, which changed China.

Today, China is the largest producer in the world, and rapeseed has also become one of China’s four major oil crops (rapeseed, soybeans, peanuts, sesame).As for the beautiful rapeseed landscape, it caused an upsurge in ornamental, but it was an unexpected harvest -no one grown rapeseed for rapeseed.

△ Today, the rapeseed field has become a famous viewing place.Photo/Visual China

However, in the early days of China, rapeseed was not to squeeze oil, but was eaten as a vegetable on the table, which was called Yunya.

What we usually call rape is not a single plant, but a plant that can produce oil in the genus of Cross Flowers.vegetable.The first two are native to my country, and the last one originated in Europe, which is also the mainstream variety in my country.Four yellow petals arranged "ten", four -long and two short flower stamens, and antelope -like fruits, are their common features.

The northern rapeseed is a variant of Yunya, which is the earliest rapeseed that appeared in the land of Huaxia.In the book "Xia Xiaozheng", which records the ancient agriculture, there are records of "Caiyun" and "Rong Yun" in February in the first month. The "Yun" here is rapeseed.However, at this time, the rapeseed is still a kind of vegetable, and the oil squeezing oil is a matter after the Song Dynasty.

In addition to cultivating small rapeseed in the north, in the southern regions of my country, people have also cultivated small rapeseed in the south, also called cabbage, which is the small rapeseed and Shanghai green we see in the supermarket today.However, the leaf varieties are sold in the supermarket, and oil is used for oil.These two varieties have embarked on different paths. The former has achieved the famous cabbage, while the latter allows vegetable oil to stabilize the heel in the southern China.

△ The leaf varieties of Shanghai green.Photo/Visual China

As a kind of cold and cold -resistant crops, rapeseed can resist the low temperature of minus 10 ° C. Crystal rapeseed can overwinter in the fields. As long as you plant rapeseed after harvesting rice, you can harvest a lot of rapeseed before cultivating rice in the coming year.

The stubborn vitality has made rapeseed widely planting in China. It has brought far more changes to the Chinese, and its impact on farming habits and agricultural culture is also very far -reaching.

△ From the plain to the plateau, from south to north, rapeseed has become one of the signs of Chinese agriculture.Photo/Visual China

To this day, the area planted in my country has exceeded 100 million acres each year, almost all over the country, and rapeseed has not only become a handle in Chinese oil crops, but also a golden flower sea covering the Chinese land.

Chinese rapeseed, shining golden army

There may not be a second country in the world to appreciate rapeseed like China. Since the end of the last century, Luo Ping, Yunnan has created the precedent of watching rapeseed and the start of the unique "rapeseed festival".A "golden frenzy".

△ The golden flower sea in Luoping, Yunnan.Photo/Visual China

From New Year’s Day every year, to July in midsummer, rapeseed flowers slowly across China’s vast field from south to north: In January, rapeseed flowers in Hainan Island and Taitung bloomed early; 2- March, South China MountainA lot of dazzling golden light emerged between the basins; followed by the North China Plain, Northeast, and Northwest … the golden relay staged in one place across the country.The golden flag of the golden flag of China in the past year was able to breathe, and

my country’s rapeseed is mainly divided into winter rapeseed areas and spring rapeseed areas. The flowering period is also divided into two types: spring flowers and summer flowers.In the past, the northern boundary of winter rapeseed was in the Qinling Huaihe River (my country Natural Geographical Boundary Line). After that, through variety optimization, it improved cold tolerance. The planting range of winter rapeseed has been expanded to the Guanzhong Plain and the North China Plain, which belongs to the warm green belt.

△ The diagram of the distinction line of winter and Chun and Chun.Drawing/authentic style

Among them, the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, which represents the winter rapeseed, and the Xinjiang Zhaosu Prairie, which represents spring rapeseed, can be called the two most dazzling stars in the long running of rapeseed.

Nearly 300,000 square kilometers in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, with the world’s largest rapeseed production belt. It is the main production area of ​​rapeseed crops in my country, accounting for more than 80%of the national rapeseed area.Here span the tropical and North Asian tropical, the coldest monthly average temperature of 0-5.5 ° C, rapeseed can overwinter, so it becomes the ideal winter leisure crop, and rice wheel.

△ Experimental diagram of rapeseed dominant production areas.Drawing/authentic style

Starting in March each year, a large number of rapeseed flowers bloom in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, shaping a piece of golden fields like oil painting.

In the Jianghan Plain, the rapeseed fields are a vast and magnificent ocean, and they can’t see the margins.For example, Jingzhou, the highest rape production in Hubei Province, more than 500,000 acres of rapeseed fields in the rapeseed fields, "Golden incense is full of golden miles, and one side is drunk and drunk." In recent yearsViewing the element of viewing has attracted countless passengers.

△ Jingzhou rapeseed sea.Photo/Visual China

In Jiangnan Water Village, rapeseed flowers surrounded by a gentle and romantic gesture, like a fresh and refined oil painting.For example, it is located in the Xinghua of the Lower River Plain in the Jiangsu Province. Here the water network is densely set, and the rape fields are intertwined with the water network, forming a more gentle and romantic viewing place.In the lake area, the size of the fields that are composed of artificially piled up are different than the water surface.

△ Rape flowers between Xinghua Water Network.Photo/Visual China

By June and July, the rapeseed army had been marched on the Zhaosu Prairie, Xinjiang Zhaosu, which is 81 degrees in the east. This belongs to the cold climate of the mainland.The planting area exceeds one million acres, accounting for about 40%of Xinjiang’s rapeseed area.Since the end of June, the boundless rapeseed flowers are complemented in the distant Tianshan Mountains, which can be called the western landscape.

△ Snow Mountain, blue sky and rapeseed, the peerless beauty of Zhaosu’s prairie.Photo/Visual China

Rapeseed viewing festival, no need to go

Luoping County, Qujing City, Yunnan Province, is the founder of the most famous rapeseed area in my country and the pioneering of rapeseed flowers.Today, rapeseed has become a tourist landscape of dozens of cities in large and small cities.

△ Luo Ping, Yunnan, the most famous rapeseed base.Photo/Visual China

Luoping County is not far from Kunming. It is the gateway to eastern Yunnan.In 1998, Luoping County developed the tourism industry as one of the four pillar industries of the county, and held the first nationwide rapeseed tourist festival in the following year. Since then, it is alarming.The title of Natural Tiancheng Garden,

Since then, Luoping County has attracted countless tourists for more than 20 consecutive years to watch the golden flower sea here. In 1999, there were only 360,000 tourists. By 2015, there were 880,000 tourists, only from February to April.

From January to April of each year, 800,000 acres of rapeseed flowers bloom here, embellished with another local characteristic peak scenery, creating a more amazing "Golden Rooster Peak" wonderful scenery.

△ "Golden Rooster Peak".Photo/Visual China

As a strange karst -like landscape, Feng Cong has a sharp cone and tower shape. It rises from the 10,000 acres of Jinhuangyuanye, just like the islands in the ocean.

In the early spring season, Luo Ping was influenced by the warm and humid airflow of the southwest, and the wet and fog. When the clouds and mists in the morning were temporarily the most beautiful here -10,000 acres of flower sea figure was shrouded in the boundless white gauze, hazy, the peaks were in the bushAmong them, the local people call it "the rain".

△ The dreamlike "down the rain".Photo/Visual China

After the unprecedented success of the Luo Ping’s Rapes Flower Festival, "rapese fever" has set off "rapeseed": Hefei Dazhen Chun Cauli Festival, Guizhou Anshun Cauli Festival, Shaanxi Zheng Caihua Festival, Jiangsu River Heng Cauli Festival … and even Shanghai, even Shanghai, even Shanghai, even Shanghai, even ShanghaiThe Fengxian Rape Flower Festival was also held.

And the other city, which is famous for rapeseed, has no rapeseed festival, but this still cannot prevent the enthusiasm of tourists from all over the world -the vast rapeseed sea of rapeseed flowers and the ancient houses of the Ming and Qing dynasties became each other.A great representative of rural fields.

△ The famous Wuyuan rapeseed.Photo/Visual China

The story of rapeseed is far from over, as someone said:

"The most beautiful rapeseed is always the one in front of your house."

In this spring, which golden place are you going to go?


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