Don’t pay attention to: suffer from depression during pregnancy, and have bad disadvantages to mother and child!How to get rid of it?

I believe everyone is very clear that depression will not only affect us psychologically, but also endanger our physiological health.

Data show that 60%-80%of women will have to varying degrees of depression during pregnancy and postpartum, and nearly 20%will develop into clinical depression.

Depression is a very common psychological disease, which is not only difficult to treat, but also very harmful.Women’s consequences are very serious if depression during pregnancy.So, do you know what harm will women suffer from depression during pregnancy?

1. Long -term depression will not only cause psychological depression, but the first thing that affects is your body.The main symptoms are physical problems such as difficulty of sleep, nausea, constipation, and bloating.

2. Pregnant women in the early pregnancy have depression. The chance of premature birth is very high. It is mainly due to anxiety, which causes the secretion and function that affects hormone levels, and it will also affect the decline in the blood flow supply of the uterus.As a result, the fetus in the belly is insufficient oxygen or malnutrition.As a result, premature birth occurs.There may even be a situation of death or abortion.

3. It will cause children to have congenital physiological defects.There are many reasons for the occurrence of physiological defects, but the effect of mental stimulation in early pregnancy is very strong.

4. The physical function of infants and young children is very poor, and it is easy to get sick.On the one hand, it is because the baby is not very good due to the stimulation of the mother’s poor body during the fetus and poor immunity. After birth, the body is worse than others.On the other hand, the mother’s postpartum depression will cause the child not to take care of the child better, resulting in the increase in the child’s illness.

5. It is easy to cause poor parent -child relationships.The connection between the fetus and the mother is the umbilical cord. When the umbilical cord is cut off, another invisible connection begins.Mom is the first person to take care of the child. The mother wants a lot of attention and care for the child.A response should be given when the baby responds.Promoting parent -child relationships, but depression mothers obviously cannot do this.

6. Depression during pregnancy. After the child is adult, it is also easy to cause various diseases. The chance of illness will be greater than other children.Depression will also be inherited to the next generation through genes and environment.

First, companionship is the most important.The main reason for depression in pregnant women is due to changes in pregnancy.Pregnant women will be afraid of pregnancy.At this time, the most needed for pregnant women is to accompany, and the husband must be the most suitable candidate.Accompanied by his wife, communicate and communicate more, so as not to let her feel scared.Think of some beautiful things, which can alleviate your emotions.

Second, check regularly.Since they are afraid, in addition to the needs of the husband to accompany, the most important thing is regular inspection. The root cause of fear during pregnancy is the child in the belly, fearing what accidents will happen to the baby.So check regularly to understand the health of the fetus in time, so the mother will be at ease.Even if there is any accident, you can find it in time to avoid damage.

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