Don’t underestimate vaginitis, it is very harmful to women, girls cannot ignore

In daily life, the most headache for girls is that they accidentally suffer from gynecological diseases. Now girls are very concerned about personal hygiene, but there are still many women suffering from vaginitis. Many women feel that this is a minor illness, or hinders it hinders this.Yu face, sorry to go to the hospital … So what are the incentives of vaginitis in daily life, and how to get rid of the trouble of vaginitis?

Frequent cleaning: This is a mistake that many women will make. In order to keep the private parts clean at all times, vaginitis will not find me. If you don’t know excessive cleaning, it will cause vaginitis.Why?

Because excessive cleaning can cause balance disorders and reduce vaginal resistance.Therefore, frequent cleaning will be counterproductive, it is recommended to go to bed once a day.

Improper cleaning of underwear: The young people now lack common sense of life, and the young women are lazy now, which causes the underwear to be washed with some clothes every day. At this time, the underwear is very easy to stain the bacteria.

It is recommended that you wash your underwear every day and need to be replaced frequently. You should update the underwear every three months. Before you wear the new underwear, you must clean it.

Unhealthy sexual life: Unhealthy sexual life is also one of the main causes of vaginitis. Contemporary couples do not pay attention to the cleaning of private parts before sex. In the process of sexual life, cross -infection is very easy to occur.Vaginitis.

Therefore, it is recommended that you must clean the private parts before sexual life, and keep in mind that the number of sexual life should not be too frequent.

Menstruation sanitary napkin replacement is not timely: the first two days of menstrual periods are okay. Because there are more menstrual flow, the frequency of replacement is relatively fast. Often on the last few days, the menstrual flow is relatively small. At this time, many people will have people.This idea always feels that you can not change it without saying.Often at this time, it is easy to provide a breeding environment for Candida

It is recommended that women in menstrual periods must change their sanitary napkins. It is recommended to replace every 2 to 3 hours. It is best not to wear tight pants during menstruation.

Pay attention to diet: If you are a friend who has already received gynecological inflammation, you must actively cooperate with the treatment, and you must obey the doctor’s order, pay attention to the usual diet, eat less spicy and greasy food, and do not eat sweet food during the treatment to avoid breeding of the diseased bacteria.

However, vaginitis does not want our wound inflammation and cannot be detected for the first time, causing serious consequences, so when these abnormalities appear in the vagina, girls and friends must pay attention to

① Anomalous leucorrhea, the color of the leucorrhea changes.From white to yellow to green and straw with odor;

② "below" itching, pain, redness and swelling, etc.

In our daily life, common vaginitis is mainly divided into: mold vaginitis, bacterial vaginitis, and trichomonas vaginitis.

Moomal vaginitis is the most common kind of gynecological inflammation. Moom infection is the main cause. This type of inflammation is easy to recur.Vaginal itching and leucorrhea are common symptoms of moldy due to endorsement.

Bacterial vaginitis, this type of gynecological inflammation is not obvious, but often has no symptoms, the higher the risk factor.If this type of inflammation is not treated in time, it is likely to cause abortion or premature birth.It also affects women’s ability to conceive.

Trichomonas vaginitis, the incidence of inflammation is mainly between 20 and 40.This inflammation often has abnormal leucorrhea. The leucorrhea is tofu -like. If it is not treated in time, it may affect the fertility function of women.

If women who are already sexually live, be sure to do vaginal examination during the physical examination

Now that cervical cancer has become a high incidence of women. At this time, some people think that vaginitis is repeated and difficult to cure. Will cervical cancer cause cervical cancer?

At this time, you can rest assured that vaginitis does not directly lead to the onset of cervical cancer, and vaginitis can be completely cured. As long as you actively cooperate with treatment, pay attention to personal hygiene in daily life.However, if it is not treated in time and usually does not pay attention to hygiene, it is likely to cause cervicitis for a long time. If cervicitis is not treated in time, it is likely to cause cervical cancer.

Although vaginitis does not directly lead to cervical cancer, the process from vaginitis to cervical cancer is also long, but female friends should not be improper.

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