Don’t want to grow stretch marks after giving birth?Teach you 3 ways to prevent it in advance

A woman who has a child has a relatively obvious change compared to before the absence of birth, that is, stretch marks have produced on the stomach, which is also one of the costs of love.The stretch marks are very difficult to eliminate, and they almost follow women’s lives, so it is also a place where many women are troubled.Why do many women grow their children’s stretch marks after giving birth?How to avoid?Let’s take a look at it together.

As the female belly grows day by day, the collagen in the dermis layer of the belly skin appears insufficient. If the load is too large, it will cause the skin to break and produce scarred stripes, called stretch marks, called stretch marks.EssenceHowever, some women have not raised stretch marks regardless of their births, and some women have grown stretch marks within a few months of pregnancy. This is related to women’s personal constitution and the care method of the day after tomorrow.Once stretch marks grow, it is very difficult to eliminate, so it is very important to prevent prevention.

1. Control the growth rate of weight loss

Many expectant mothers during pregnancy can make the fetus sufficient nutrition, causing them to eat without care about what nutrition will eat when eating, which will cause the weight to grow too fast, and if the growth rate of weight exceeds the skin, if the skin exceeds the skin, the skin will exceed the skin.The load that should be affected will cause fibrous fiber to break, leading to the emergence of stretch marks.Therefore, if you want to prevent stretch marks, you must control the growth rate of weight. It is best to do not exceed 2,000 grams per month per month.

2. Pay attention to the abdomen belt during the third trimester

Stop belt is a good thing. It can help pregnant women support the gravity of the abdomen. This will not cause too much skin pressure due to excessive abdomen, and it can also achieve the purpose of preventing stretch marks.Therefore, you can buy your belt in the third trimester, which can prevent the emergence of stretch marks, but also reduce the fatigue of pregnant women.

3. Pay attention to the nourishment of the belly skin

In addition, during pregnancy, the skin will be relatively dry and the elasticity of the skin will become worse. This will also grow stretch marks.Therefore, in the early pregnancy, you must stick to the moisturizing lotion. Nowadays, the lotion that prevent stretch marks on the market is very popular. Mother expectant mothers can use the ingredients and find it all the time after they find safety.Emulsions with moisturizing ingredients can make the skin’s ductility larger, make the skin more flexible, and play a effect of preventing stretch marks.

Although the postpartum stretch marks are ugly, it is also a proof of maternal love. After pregnancy, you must prevent the stretch marks after pregnancy.

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