Don’t you know when you are pregnant?These early pregnancy reactions are accurate than the pregnancy test stick

Many girls are not aware of after many pregnancy. If they do not know that they are pregnant in the first time, they will cause great harm to the fetus and herself. In fact, it will feel after pregnancy.Light, pregnant mothers can’t notice it.If the following feelings appear, you may be a mother, you must go to the hospital for examination in time.

1. Men stop menstruation

Menstruation is a sign of women’s health, and it is also an important information that women who should pay close attention to childcare age.Once women’s menstruation stops, it is likely to be the symptoms of early pregnancy.It depends on whether you have been preparing for the same room before. If you have had the same room and the menstruation is postponed for more than ten days, then you must be vigilant. You can use the pregnancy test stick to test whether you are pregnant by yourself. If you are still uncertain, you can go to the hospital to go to the hospital.Do a blood HCG to check it.

2. Rise body temperature

Women’s basal body temperature before ovulation is low, the body temperature rises after ovulation, and the body temperature will be slightly higher than before pregnancy.If you have delayed menstruation for several weeks, it is recommended to buy a thermometer to measure the body temperature.If the measurement result is slightly higher than usual for 20 consecutive places, it is very likely that you are pregnant.

3. Early pregnancy response

If the menstruation itself is relatively disordered and it is not clear whether it is already suspended, then preliminary judgments can be made through some early pregnancy reactions.

Common early pregnancy reactions usually appear around 6 weeks of pregnancy. Due to the impact of hormone changes in the body, there will be "early pregnancy reactions" such as nausea, vomiting, fatigue, drowsiness, and sensitivity to odor.There may also be some strange symptoms, such as the food that I liked suddenly disliked, and the smell that could be adapted before suddenly smell it.

Some pregnant mothers judge whether they are pregnant by bleeding in bed.When the fertilized eggs start to bed in the uterus, it will cause mild bleeding at this time.This is the so -called "bed bleeding", which will usually appear 3 to 6 days after fertilization.

4. Breast pain

The change of breasts is also an important reminder to pregnancy.Before menstruation, it will be accompanied by breast pain and pain when touching. This is the reason for the increase in estrogen levels. Generally, it will disappear after the end of menstruation.In the early stages of pregnancy, the breasts will have obvious abnormal changes, and they are different from the previous breast changes.In the early stages of pregnancy, the breasts will have swelling, hemp and itching, and the color of the nipple will gradually deepen, and dark brown rough nodules will appear around the areola.

5, frequent urine

After pregnancy, the enlarged uterus compress the bladder, which will cause increased urination in reflection. Specific mothers will feel frequently want to go to the toilet, especially the frequency of going to the toilet at night will increase.

6. Preparation of pregnancy test paper is positive

Recently, there is the same room, and the menstruation has been postponed, and pregnancy can be used to test the pregnancy.It is generally recommended to take a pregnancy self -test after two weeks of menstrual period, and use the urine test of the first urination for the first time early. The results will be more accurate and credible.Based on pregnancy test paper or instructions for pregnancy test sticks.If two purple -red short -lines are present on the test strip, it is pregnant if the positive is pregnant; if there is no pregnancy, a purple -red short -term on the test strip.

The above are several common symptoms of pregnancy. I hope female friends will observe their bodies more. Once the above symptoms occur, they should go to the hospital for examination in time. Once you find pregnancyEssence

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