Dr. Liu Xuemei Popularization: How much is the chance of infertility after abortion, and how long is he pregnant?

After abortion, the chance of infertility should be determined according to the specific situation.

If miscarriage surgery is successful and there is no complications after surgery, women have also performed well. Basically, there will be no infertility, and women can get pregnant naturally.

If female friends are frequently and multiple abortion surgery, it is easy to cause the endometrium to be too thin, which will make it difficult for fertilized eggs to bed, and then make women infected.And even if you are lucky enough to get pregnant, too thin uterine endometrium is not suitable for the growth of embryos, so it is easy to occur.Therefore, women should pay attention to contraception to avoid abortion multiple times.

Some women will have some complications after abortion, such as endometritis, adhesion of uterine cavity, and fallopian tube blocking, which will make it difficult for women to get pregnant.However, after treatment of the disease, most women can successfully get pregnant.

Faced with this question, different patients may get different answers.Some people may be able to conceive next month. Some people may be two months later, and some people may have to be half a year … Why do the answers given by doctors are different?

Clinically, abortion is divided into many types, such as biochemical pregnancy, natural miscarriage, recurrent abortion, and artificial abortion. Doctors usually determine women’s pregnancy time according to the reasons and other circumstances of abortion.

Biochemical pregnancy refers to the combination of essence eggs. It can be measured with early pregnancy test strips. However, the fertilized eggs failed to bed in the endometrium in the uterine for some reason. In the end, there was nowhere to go.At this time, women can observe that early pregnancy test strips have returned to "a bar", as if they were pregnant with a "fake pregnancy".

Because this process is very short (within 5 to 6 weeks after pregnancy), many mothers have not noticed that they are pregnant, and often mistake biochemical pregnancy as a late menstruation.

However, the trauma of the endometrium of biochemical pregnancy is very small, so there is a regular menstruation, and the pregnancy can be tried in the second month.Repeated biochemical pregnancy needs to be vigilant, and seek the cause of the reason in time.

Natural state and non -human abortion are called natural miscarriage, mainly manifested in diagnosis of vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain after pregnancy.

Generally speaking, it is necessary to rest for 3 months after the early abortion. If the menstrual period is regular, bad constitutional factors can be corrected, and various indicators are basically normal, they can get pregnant again. For women who have abortions in advanced stage, they should check the cervical function. IfIt is incomplete cervical function, and you can consider the cervical rings at 14 to 16 weeks during pregnancy.

Natural abortion of natural abortion occurred 2 or more consecutive or more consecutive times.Women who have this situation must actively find the cause and go to the hospital for recurrent abortion system examination, mainly including:

1. The chromosome condition between the two sides;

2. Women’s ovulation;

3. There is a coat primer infection, or whether rubella virus, Toxoplasma, herpes virus infection, etc.;

4. Endocrine indicators, including the examination of ovarian function and thyroid function, etc.;

5. Immune examination, such as closed antibodies, anticipated antibodies, antibody antibodies, anti -cardiac phospholipid antibodies, etc.

If there are no abnormalities in various inspections, you can try to get pregnant again for 3 to 6 months.If related issues are found, related treatment is needed.

Remedial measures for contraception failure accidents, or other conditions that are not suitable for continuing pregnancy and need to be terminated, can be divided into two methods: surgical abortion and drug abortion.

Women who are abortion or drug flow have theoretically restored normal menstrual cycles, and the menstrual volume is normal. After the endometrium is repaired, you can get pregnant again.However, considering the adverse effects of abortion on the physical and mental effects, it is recommended to take a break for 3 to 6 months and then make a pregnancy plan.

The above is the answer to the questions related to pregnancy after abortion.Of course, the arrangement of pregnancy is usually considered to consider the age of the patient. For older women, the longer the ovarian function, the lower the ovarian function, so you must take the time after abortion and try your pregnancy as appropriate.

In addition, after abortion, do not worry about pregnancy, it should be about one year of recuperation, and then consider the problem of pregnancy.

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