Dreaming about getting married, killing, pregnancy, and tooth loss, what are you telling you?

Dreaming is common. Dreaming is a normal psychological phenomenon that people produce during sleep.Under normal circumstances, people’s nerve cells are inhibitory when they sleep. This inhibitory process is sometimes complete and sometimes not complete.If it is not completely inhibited, the cerebral cortex also has a few areas of nerve cells in excitement, and people will have a dream.Because the activity of a few cells loses the control and regulation of the entire cerebral cortex when the awakening state is lost, some films in the memory are active without restriction, and may show a strange dream different from normal psychological activities.Some dreams are also reflecting the things in reality. What is the dream?Let’s take a look together.

Dreaming of killing: Dreaming of killing, there are too many enemies.Dreaming of killing the enemy, the power of the enemy will be strengthened.Dreaming of killing his loved ones can inherit the inheritance.A woman dreamed of being killed by her husband, and the couple would be happy and happy.Dreaming of being hurt by people who do not know, they will be strong and longevity.Dreaming that someone wants to assassinate himself, the murderer will become heir.Dreaming that he was charged with the crime of killing himself, he would be famous in the world.

Dreaming of pregnancy: Women dream of pregnancy, indicating the increase in happiness and material wealth.Dreaming of pregnant women, unmarried women are difficult to find objects; even if they are married, marriage will have problems, such as quarrels.

There are so many different explanations to dream of losing teeth:

1. Dreaming of your teeth fall off and release your dreams as follows: you will quarrel with people.There is also a bad time in the event.To put it bluntly, there is a risk of water difficulty.Water plays for rowing, surfing, swimming, fishing, etc. should be completely banned.Also be careful while doing other recreational activities.

2. People will lose their teeth in two cases: that is, when they are aging and they are developing; then there are generally two meanings in the dream loss of teeth: the sorrow of aging and the joy of growth.Freud believes that tooth loss is a symbol of castration.If this is a boy’s dream, it is easy to understand, and everyone knows that men have a "castration complex".But this is the dream of girls. Do girls also have a "castrated complex"?Indeed, Freud believes that the girl’s "castration complex" is mainly manifested in "penis jealousy", that is, hoping to have a masculine penis.From the perspective of modern feminism, the point of Fahrenheit is a bit masculinity, with a male center and self -expansion; but at least one of the facts are: women’s personality also has a longing side of the men’s temperament.Dream analysis, astrological push, Tarot divination, emotional prediction, career fortune, follow or private letter teacher, and learn more about relevant information.

If you are not satisfied with the performance of his female characters, this dream indicates that the dreamer wants to weaken or remove the male temperament in her own. Perhaps she thinks it makes her feelings and work unsatisfactory.Her personality may be very strong, not a bird -like person.Such a girl often does not get the care of the surrounding men in her life and workplace, and it is not recognized. It is also a fact …

3. When you dreamed that your teeth are loose or dropped, you should first see if your teeth are really wrong. Maybe the teeth are slightly moving. You do n’t pay attention during the day, so your “primitive” remindsis you.But often there is no problem with teeth, but what happened to dreaming about losing tooth?In the past, folk claims said that the old man was dead to death, which was a superstition.But sometimes the teeth and the death of the elderly will indeed appear one after another. Why?

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