Dreaming of blood, finally died of depression

After graduating from Wangman University, he worked for two years. Because he got along well with his colleagues, he returned to his parents’ snails after leaving. He lived in his clothes every day to reach out and open his mouth to open his mouth and completely close himself in his small world.Parents looked in their eyes and were anxious, and the trustees introduced Wang Man an object to Wang Man.After thinking of getting a child, maybe Wang Man was more mature and stopped playing with a child’s temper.

Soon, Wang Man soon got married and had children under the cooperation of the parents of both sides.Due to the absence of the fetal position, Wang Man performed a caesarean section.After the surgery, Wang Man always dreamed of blood, sometimes dreaming that he was soaked in blood in his lower body, and sometimes he dreamed that his body kept flowing out of blood.All were sweaty and exhausted.Because Wang Man was not good at talking, he was not good at dealing with the relationship between mother -in -law and mother -in -law, and he was unwilling to trouble his parents.Therefore, it is always silent and silent every day.

At the beginning, Wang Man’s mother -in -law and husband also comforted him and enlightened her.Later, Wang Man was always like this. Everyone felt that Wang Man’s character was so, and it was no wonder.Until later, Wang Man’s spirit began to become stunned, always suspicious, and his body became thinner.The in -law family paid attention to it.But they thought that Wang Man had a mental problem, and the doctor prescribed some antidepressants.In the end, Wang Man said nothing every day, lying on the bed completely, and his body was thinner.Then hurriedly sent Wang Man to the hospital for examination.It wasn’t until Wang Man died before the death of the hospital that she told her mother that she was so sad that she was uncomfortable every day. She always dreamed that blood poured out of her lower body, so painful!No one cares about themselves, and feels like a lot of them. When you are young, you will never grow up.

In the end, the hospital found that Wang Man’s lower abdomen had a 2mm fistula, which may be caused by the wound of the caesarean section at that time.In short, the wound has been purulent and infected with organs.Now I am weak to return to the sky.In the same age, it fell like this.When the child was young, he lost his mother. The mother was old and lost the child.This ending is really impressive.

In fact, Wang Man’s body told Wang Man through dreams that I was injured. I was bleeding and saved our bodies.

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