Dreaming of the quasi -mother?It’s a good thing, come and see what it means!

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Dreaming is a normal physiological phenomenon. Pregnant women dream that cows are a kind of dream of pregnant women’s animals. In Zhougong’s dream interpretation, pregnant women dream that cows also have a specific meaning.Today, Xiaobian will introduce to you what the pregnant woman dreamed of the dreamer of the dream of the dreamed of the cow next week.

Dreaming that cows may not be able to formally theory in science, but there are many ways to interpret the dream of pregnant women’s dreams of snakes in ancient times.Curious, you can take a look together, just be an interesting reference after tea.

Many pregnant women often dream about a variety of scenes about cows, because pregnant women are a relatively special group. In ancient times, many people would guess through the dream of pregnant women. It is the opposite of a boy or a girl in the dream of pregnant women.

1. From the perspective of Zhou Gong’s dream interpretation

(The content of this paragraph comes from the analysis of the ancient Oriental Dream Interpreter, only for reference)

Pregnant woman dreams of cattle

Generally speaking, dreaming of cattle is a good dream, it is a good sign.Pregnant women dreamed of cattle, representing the mother and child peace.

Pregnant woman dreamed of oxen

The pregnant woman dreamed of the scalpel, implying that she had a son, and was a particularly filial son; the pregnant woman dreamed that there was no horn, indicating that she had to have a daughter.

Pregnant woman dreams of a cow

Pregnant women dreaming of a cow is a sign of having a daughter.

Pregnant woman dreamed of calves

The pregnant woman dreamed of dreaming of a calf, indicating that she would have a daughter; dreaming of the calf behind him, indicating that she would have a smart daughter.

Pregnant women dream of being chased by cows

Dreaming and being chased by cattle is auspicious.Pregnant women dream of being chased by cows, indicating that they will have a healthy, obedient, and filial boy.

Pregnant women dreamed of beef fighting

Dreaming of a cow fight, indicating that the dreamer will have a major responsibility.Pregnant women dreamed of bulls, which means that pregnant women should pay more attention to their baby’s development.

Pregnant women dreamed of a group of cows

Dreaming of a group of cows means that the interpersonal relationship of the dreamer is not bad. Recently, there will be a group of good friends who have interested friends in life and work to help themselves.Pregnant women dreamed that a group of cows explained that the family, relatives and friends of the pregnant woman were looking forward to the baby’s arrival, and the baby would live a happy life in the future.

Pregnant women dreamed of having cows raising Mavericks

Dreaming of a cow raw a Mavericks means that what you are pursuing can be obtained in the end.Pregnant women dreamed of having a maverick, which means that the baby will be born smoothly and healthy.

Pregnant woman dreams of cattle

Dreaming of cows in pregnant women is also a very good sign. This dream indicates that there is a happy event waiting for you while their children come!

Dreaming of riding cows, or cylinder entering the city: Everyone means that there are happy things to happen!

Pregnant women dream of cattle, and they will give birth to a particularly filial son in the future.

Dreaming of horn ox, you will have a son.

Dreaming of hornless oxen, calfs, cows, or docile cows will give birth to daughter.

Dreaming of the calf followed behind -there will be a clever daughter.

Note: The cow is very auspicious in the dream. In the past, many people who have become Daoxian, many people have been portrayed to the image of mounts, showing that the auspicious nature of cows in China!

2. Analysis from the perspective of materialism and psychology

If a woman dreams of being chased by a bull, this may mean fear of sexual relations with men.Bulls can also represent the father’s father. If this is the case, she needs to solve her love father’s complex.In any case, such female dreamers need to adhere to her femininity, rather than suppressing it: she should be confident, women’s characteristics are completely powerful to tame men’s lust and convert it into gentle sexual thirst.

Dreaming of a tamed bull means that animal nature, especially the harmonious integration of sex, or the integration of all the subconscious consciousness you was covered.

The above is the introduction of a pregnant woman’s dream of cattle. Dreams are a spontaneous psychological activity generated in a state of consciousness in a certain stage of consciousness.The whole process of physical and mental changes in individuals in this psychological activity is called dreaming.Dreams are just a kind of imaging activity caused by the deep and in vitro stimulation of the cerebral cortex during sleep without stopping activity. It has no practical significance.There will be many things in dreams, and these things are sometimes a sign of things that are about to happen.


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