Dreams of dreaming during pregnancy are unsatisfactory. How can expectant mothers get comfortable sleep?

Moms who have given birth to children know that poor sleep during pregnancy is one of the most common problems during pregnancy. Especially in the third trimester, it is almost an extremely luxurious thing to sleep in the third trimester.

If the mothers do not sleep during pregnancy, they will cause poor physical resistance and prone to diseases such as physiology and psychology.If the daily sleep time is too long, it will increase too much weight, and it will increase the occurrence of diseases during pregnancy.

What are the main factor that affects expectant mothers to get comfortable sleep?

1. Sleepy

Many women have drowsiness after pregnancy.This is because the puffed membrane in the early stages of pregnancy increases the increase in gonadotropin, and the dietary living changes, making the body easily tired, breaking the daily routine without pregnancy, and it is normal, but it is not conducive to nourishing tires when sleeping too much.

Second, do not sleep well

Many expectant mothers arrive in the middle and late pregnancy, and due to the deformation and weight gain of the abdomen, the quasi -waist is back pain and back pain, turning over and struggling. She is uncomfortable to sleep at night. She is easy to wake up.

Three, many dreams

It is said that the day is thoughtful, and there is a dream at night. Mother -in -law dreams that it is normal for babies to be in the future.However, there are also some expectant mothers who often affect their sleep because of too much dreaming, causing poor spirit during the day; sometimes they have some frightened and scary nightmares, which is not good for themselves and the fetus.

Under normal circumstances, how long is the best time to sleep?

Due to the differences in each expectant mother, it is generally based on restoration of spirit, physical comfort, and developing good habits.The average sleep time is 7-8 hours per night. In addition, the prospective mother should have a rest time of at least 30-60 minutes during the day.

In the pregnancy, as the uterus and fetus grow, the sleeping position of the expectant mother is becoming more and more important. The wrong sleeping position will cause the abdomen to be directly effectively effectively. Especially in the late pregnancy, the poor sleeping position is not only not only a sleeping position not only in the pregnancy, but the poor sleeping position is not only not only a sleeping posture not only.It will affect the position of the uterus, increase the compression of the uterus to the surrounding tissues and organs, and affect the blood flow of the uterus and the placenta.

So how to sleep during pregnancy?

In the early pregnancy, you do n’t have to emphasize the sleeping posture too much. You can take a comfortable position at will, and you can lying on your back and side lying position.In the middle of pregnancy (4-7 months), we must pay attention to protect the abdomen and avoid the direct effect of external forces.

If pregnant women have too many amniotic fluid or pregnancy, they need to take a sideline sleeping position, which will feel more comfortable, and other sleeping positions will have a sense of oppression.

In the third trimester (8-10 months), it is recommended that the left side position is recommended. The left side of the left side can correct the right rotation of the uterus, which can reduce the compression of the lower cavity vein, improve the blood circulation, increase the blood supply to the fetusIt is conducive to the growth and development of the fetus.

Suggestions: Specific mothers who have poor sleep can drink a glass of milk before going to bed, which is conducive to sleeping, but be careful to drink it 2 hours in advance.In addition, keep indoor ventilation when you sleep. When you need to turn on the air conditioner in summer, don’t take too long. Properly blow the electric fan. It feels cool and comfortable to be more conducive to fetal development.


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