Drink milk in the morning, or do you drink at night?Drink milk to hurt the stomach or nourish the stomach?7 small problems in milk, it is not too late to understand

When it comes to the most popular drinks, milk must be on the list.Indeed, milk nutrition is complete and proper proportion, and it is also considered "the closest food for nutrition."However, when you drink milk, you will have more or less doubts, let’s talk about it today!

Drink milk in the morning, or do you drink at night?

In fact, drinking milk at any time of the day is suitable.Drinking milk in the morning can supplement the nutrition and energy needs of the human body such as protein, vitamins, calcium, and provide strong support for the morning learning and work.

Drinking milk at night has a certain sleep aid.Because milk contains sedative and hypnotic substances.But be careful not to drink too much milk at night, otherwise you will frequently run the toilet affect sleep.

Is drinking milk, is it hurting the stomach or nourishing the stomach?

Some people say that "the stomach is uncomfortable, you can come to a cup of hot milk to protect the stomach", and some people say, "The milk is cold, and it will hurt the stomach when drinking."Which saying is correct?In fact, milk neither hurts the stomach nor nor nourish the stomach.However, there is a kind of stomach disease that is not suitable for drinking milk -repeated abdominal pain, some people have an empty stomach pain, some people are abdominal pain after meals, which are all manifestations of digestive ulcers.

When milk first entered the stomach, the concentration of gastric acid was diluted, alleviating the stimulation of gastric acid on gastric and duodenal ulcers, and temporarily relieve stomach discomfort.But soon milk became a stimulating factor for gastric mucosa, which caused more gastric acid and exacerbated ulcers.In addition, milk is a high -protein food. After metabolism, the gas generated by decomposition can easily cause bloating and ulcers.

Is it good to drink milk for breakfast or drink soy milk?

Milk and soy milk are rich in nutrition and have always been a popular drink for breakfast.Many people feel worried: Which is better to drink?In fact, milk and soy milk are two different foods, each with advantages and disadvantages.Milk has a high calcium content, but the iron content is low; the iron content of soy milk is high, but the calcium content is low, so it cannot replace each other and compares each other.The "Dietary Guide to Chinese Residents (2022)" pointed out that food should be diversified, and it is also suggested that each person should consume 30 ~ 50 grams of soybean or a considerable amount of soybean products (including soy milk), drinking 300 ml of milk.It can be seen that if conditions permit, it is best to drink milk and soy milk every day in order to achieve the purpose of long -term tonic and balanced nutrition.

After the milk is heated, there is no nutrition?

Many people are worried that after the milk is heated, the nutrition will lose a lot.So, can milk be heated?The process of heating milk to boiling will definitely lose some nutrients, mainly because it loses vitamins, but this is also related to the length of the cooking time.If heated for 10 minutes, vitamin B1 and B6 can retain 90%, while vitamin B12 is still 80%.

However, if heated for too long, not only the vitamin loss is obvious, but the calcium in milk will have a brief precipitation. Protein, calcium, fat, etc. will also form a layer of white "milk dirt" on the pot, causing additional nutritional losses.Therefore, if you want to drink hot milk, it is fundamental to not cook for too long.

Tips for heating milk: Stir while heating and stir. When you see the small bubbles, you can turn off the heat.Do n’t worry too much about nutritional losses in such “light boiling”. Even if the B vitamin is slightly lost, we can supplement it through other foods.

Milk skin, high nutritional value?

After the hot milk is cool, there will be a thin layer of film on the surface.Many people think that this milk "concentrated essence" has a high nutritional value.is that true?When milk is heated to more than 80 degrees Celsius, due to the evaporation of water, the ups and downs of milk fat, and the degeneration of protein, the surface will form a layer of film, which is usually said.The ingredients of the milk are mainly protein and fat, which is similar to the nutritional value of milk. It is just a layer of skin because of the decrease in water, and the nutritional component is more concentrated.Therefore, the high nutritional value of milk skin is not reliable.

What is the diarrhea when you drink milk?

Drinking milk is intestinal, abdominal distension and even diarrhea, and abdominal pain. This is called "lactose intolerance".Milk is rich in lactose. The content is different from the region, the feeds are different, and the varieties are different. Generally, it is about 4.2%.After people consume milk, lactose needs to be broken down by lactase in the human body to become glucose and semi -lactose in order to be absorbed.However, the lactic enzyme content in the human body is small, or the activity is low, and the lactose cannot be decomposed and absorbed.As a result, lactose enters the back end of the intestine, fermented by bacteria in the intestine and produces acid and gas, which produces discomfort of lactose intolerance.

If you have the problem of lactose intolerance, and you want to drink milk, you can try the following two tricks -training milk drinking milk: you can start from a small amount of pure milk, such as half a spoonful of milk powder, add half a spoonful after 1 consecutive weeks.In this kind of push, induced by a small amount of milk and increase the lactase activity in the body.Eat other dairy products: You can choose to buy low lactose or milk (or milk powder) without lactose. This type of milk uses lactase to decompose lactose water into glucose and semi -lactose, so it will not cause lactose intolerance.These products will indicate "low lactose" or "excluding lactose" on the packaging.

People with iron deficiency anemia are not suitable for drinking milk?

Although milk is rich in nutrition, the iron content is very low.Therefore, people with iron deficiency anemia are not suitable to supplement nutrition by drinking milk.In addition, the phosphorus and calcium content in milk are high, and the iron in the body can be combined with calcium salts and phosphorus salts in milk into insoluble iron -containing compounds, which affects the absorption of iron and reduces the iron in the body.Therefore, patients with iron deficiency anemia, especially patients with iron supplement, should not drink milk.

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