Drinking during pregnancy can easily affect children’s sleep quality after adulthood?

According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on February 25, recently, a study results show that women drinking during pregnancy will have a serious impact of life’s sleep quality after adulthood.

In this study, relevant personnel carried out alcohol injection on a group of mice who had just been born for a week and observed their sleep conditions after adulthood.The results show that the sleep quality of mice who are filled with alcohol is obviously lower than normal, and it is more likely to have adverse phenomena such as emotional mania or memory decline, and this result has great correlation with humans.

Researchers said that 1%of people will cause them to develop normally because of their mothers in their mother’s uterus in the uterus of their mother.It will also cause a series of health problems such as emotional mania, uncoordinated limbs, and low learning and memory ability.

What should I pay attention to during pregnancy?

1. Timely relieve bad mood: depression during pregnancy is as common as postpartum depression.A new survey of 9,000 expectant mothers showed that about 10%of people had encountered different degrees of pregnancy depression.It is difficult to find out that this kind of depression is because of many of its symptoms, such as the sudden increase or decrease in appetite, such as drowsiness and appetite.However, if the depression during pregnancy is not adjusted, it is easy to increase the chance of postpartum depression.Therefore, if you feel wrong, you should talk to your husband and close friends in time, or consult a doctor.

2. Chat with "baby": No need to say that this is also what many expectant mothers are most willing to do.Tell her about your mood, your expectations, your future design.You can also hum her, or listen to music with her baby, tell her how you feel the music.You will feel that you and your children will be connected in the exchange at any time.And what makes your mother happy is that you can express your love now, even if you are still breeding.

3. Relax for your feet: This small exercise allows your fatigue thigh to "glow", and at the same time relax your vein: slowly swing your feet, from ankles to toes, and then reverse.When you stand for a long time, you can do this action, and you can do it 30 times for each foot.

4. Let him know your needs clearly: a mistake often made between husband and wife is always hoping that the other party can guess his mind.However, pregnancy is an experience that he can’t experience at all. Therefore, if you don’t say, he must never know what kind of back pain is, and it is impossible to understand why you suddenly want to eat a ice cream.The prospective dads are actually happy to serve you. The key is that you must first tell him what to do.

5. Every day there is color: In color therapy, the happy color is yellow and belongs to the color of the sun.In the mood with some dark days, the yellow flowers in the vase, the yellow pillow, the cushion or the yellow tablecloth -they seem to be magical!When your eyes are full of cheerful colors, your mood is naturally blended to a happy gear.

6. Avoid those scary production stories: on the parenting website that mothers gather, such stories are not uncommon.Someone always said how to spend five days before giving birth to a daughter, how scary every detail of the side cutting … Don’t believe all the stories you hear from others, they have no benefit except to make you more nervous.Essence

7. Know the process in advance: Before that major moment comes, you better be familiar with the process you will experience, and learn and practice some methods that make you feel more comfortable (such as breathing method).This can help you reduce anxiety about childbirth.There are many expectant mothers to choose from now.

8. For expectant mothers, 30 minutes of exercise per day is safe and healthy. As long as you are not a high -risk maternal maternal, the appropriate exercise of about 30 minutes a day is appropriate.The "appropriate exercise" here includes walking, swimming, and slow ride on bicycles.However, doctors still warn the "dangerous movements" that may fall or cause abortion, including basketball and horse riding.

9. Avoid increasing too much weight: Excessive increases during pregnancy will directly lead to postpartum obesity.According to the survey, women with weight gain exceeding the standard value during pregnancy have four times the chance of obesity in other expectant mothers during the year after giving birth.How much is the weight gain during pregnancy?The doctor’s suggestion is that women who have normal weight before pregnancy are normal after pregnancy, which is normal.

10. Let the nuts give you strength: If you are a professional woman, you must charge yourself all day long, you must charge yourself.Nuts are ideal snacks that supplement energy.But a consumption should not exceed 40 grams -Nuts can provide sufficient motivation for your cells and also contain a lot of fat.

11. It is best not to drink: Although it does not mean that drinking will cause bad consequences, there is no clear research result so far, telling us how safe to drink and how much drinking during pregnancy is safe.So, your best choice is -don’t drink!

12. Eat the right thing to fight for pregnancy: nausea and vomiting are almost the process of every expectant mother in the early stages of pregnancy.Slightly adjust your dietary habits to alleviate this situation.It is recommended that you change the usual three meals a day to six meals. This is to ensure that your body will not feel too hungry or too full.On the bedside table, there are some snacks such as biscuits, vegetable slices in your bag, and you can eat it at any time when you feel that you need it.There is also a useful experience: separate eating from drinking, so as to avoid stimulating to your sensitive stomach.

There are two months before the due date -what else do you need to do: These are tips from professionals, and no one may have told you, but it is really helpful.

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