Drinking during pregnancy will reduce the baby’s IQ

Bad news for mothers: A new study found that drinking or alcoholic beverages during pregnancy can reduce the IQ of the baby.

The results published in the PLOS ONE magazine also showed that women with slow alcohol in their bodies are more likely to damage their baby’s brain development.

"This is a good evidence, indicating that moderate drinking during pregnancy affects children’s IQ at the age of 8," said the co -author of the research, Ron Gray, an epidemiologist at Oxford University."Some women are more likely to be influenced or more flexible by alcohol than other women than other women, but we don’t know who these people are.

Although a large amount of alcohol during pregnancy will reduce the learning ability even in the uterus, the research on mild drinking during pregnancy has been spread all over the map.Some people linked that cup of Merlot with dinner with baby IQ and attention, while others found that a small amount of drinking would not affect IQ.A study even discovered that a small amount of children who drink a small amount of alcohol during pregnancy are higher.

But all these studies cannot separate the impact of drinking alcohol with other factors.

"You will talk about the influence of drinking during pregnancy with lifestyle, social factors, mothers’ education level, and richness," Gray told LiveScience.For example, he said that more educated women may also drink occasionally during pregnancy.

Gray and his colleagues tried to observe the genes that control the decomposition of alcohol in the body and isolate the influence of drinking with other lifestyles.Those who remove alcohol from the blood more slowly expose their fetus in more alcohol, even if they drink the same amount.Therefore, regardless of their society or lifestyle factors, drinking will have a greater impact on the baby’s brain development, and researchers infer.Women who quickly remove alcohol may not be affected by these.

Gray said that the research team tested the slow metabolic genes of thousands of women, and some of them did not drink any alcohol during pregnancy, while others drink half -grade from three grades to beer (or three small cups of wine) every week.

Eight years later, they checked the IQ of 4,167 children.

Overall, the children with mild drinking women have a higher IQ for children. It may be because they are richer, older, and more educated than their peers who do not drink.

Four genes with slow alcohol processing speed are related to lower IQ.Compared with children with two or less genes, children with four or more slow -treated genes score in IQ testing 3.5 points, but premise that their mother drinks during pregnancy.(Although a person’s score in IQ test is a little different every day, the decline in the score of the entire crowd is significantly significantly.

Gray said that theoretically, some women can drink a glass of wine here or there during pregnancy without hurting their children.But he added that the guidelines should still encourage all women who are pregnant for nine months to skip the cup of beer at dinner.

"In the real world, you can never analyze finding that anyone has these genes, no one," he said."Pregnant women and women who are about to get pregnant do not know which category they belong to. When you put these together, it will only strengthen such an idea, that is, women are best to choose to avoid drinking during pregnancy.

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