Drunk driving on his birthday was checked, and he was pregnant at that time?

The incident was like this. In the early morning of February 27th, the three traffic police brigades conducted night investigation on Fengtai Road.At a hundred meters away from the checkpoint, a white car was suddenly parked while parking. Immediately, when the police stepped forward to check, they found that the three people in the car.Okay? I’m pregnant, I’m uncomfortable now. "

"Please turn off and get out of the car first." The police said."Command center, please call a ambulance. She said that she was pregnant and needed an ambulance to go to the hospital." At this time, the fast alcohol detector in the police’s hands made a strong flashing, indicating that there was alcohol in the air in the air.

Rui Mou said, "I have a stomachache now, let me call me an ambulance."

After the police separated Rui and the vehicle, they asked her: "Did the other two in your car drink alcohol?"

"Yes, I can’t help it, they all have to drink, don’t drink it."

"Then you take a taxi, why choose to drive?"

"What should I do? Find a driver, too much money! Will I be detained? I can’t be detained, my mother is in the hospital! I can’t be detained, can’t, absolutely can’t!" Rui Moumou can’t! "explain.

"Really?" The police said.

"I kid you not!"

"Then why don’t you choose to drink and drive?" The police asked.

"Because I want to save money! I want to make money!" Rui Mou said.

After detecting the breath -style alcoholic meter, Rui’s alcohol content was 192mg/100ml, which was drunk driving a motor vehicle.

"You read the numbers and text above." The police said pointed at the exhaled alcohol tester.

"192, drunk driving."

"Didn’t you say that I only drank four bottles of wine?" The police said.

"But for me, that wine is not too much!" Rui Mou said.

When the police checked Rui’s driver’s license, it was found that it was her birthday at this time, saying, "Are you born today’s birthday, do you choose to use drunk driving or drunk driving to celebrate your birthday?"

"I already know it’s wrong!"

"Do you really drink this wine?" The police asked.

"Really, because my alcohol is not very good!" Rui Mou said.

Subsequently, the police brought Rui to the hospital for blood to prepare for inspection.

On March 2nd, the three traffic police brigades received a blood test report. Etherol composed of a bloody sample in Su Rui, which was sent for inspection, was 256.4 mg/100ml of blood, which belonged to drunk driving motor vehicle.

The suspect Rui Mou was suspected of driving in danger and was investigated by the traffic police department for dangerous driving. He would face criminal punishment, punishment, and revoked driving licenses for five years.

I will remind you of friends and friends,

No matter how many reasons,

It’s better to "drink alcohol without driving,

"Driving without drinking" is hard and easy to get alcohol.

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