During pregnancy, 4 problems occur in the uterus, don’t panic in women first

The uterus is a place for women. Only the uterus in a healthy state can provide a good living environment for the growth of the fetus. If there is a problem with the uterus, it will inevitably affect the healthy growth of the fetus. There are 4 uterus problems during pregnancy. Don’t panic.

1. Fibroids appear in the uterus

In the early stages of pregnancy, if uterine fibroids are more than 5 cm, they should be alert to premature or miscarriage.If the fibroids are close to the placenta, go to the hospital for examination to see if the placental function is in normal state.At about 37 weeks of pregnancy, the size and location of the fibroids should be observed to determine or natural delivery or natural delivery.The growth of uterine fibroids in the cervix will affect childbirth, and a cesarean section should be adopted.In fact, the uterine fibroids will slowly become smaller after giving birth to children. They do not need to go to the hospital for surgery, but they need to go to the hospital regularly.

2. Deforms in the uterus

Under normal circumstances, the uterus should appear oval shape. When the uterus is arched, it is called uterine malformation.The uterine deformity will reduce the space for fetal growth, and be alert to miscarriage or premature birth.During pregnancy, the uterus can be fully expanded without worry.Pregnant women with uterine deformities should take a cesarean section to give birth.

3. Inadequate cervix function

The cervical function is not open to the uterus suddenly, which causes premature or miscarriage. Such people should go to the hospital for medical examinations in strict accordance with the doctor’s instructions.The B -ultrasound checks that the cervix becomes shorter and the uterine mouth is open. It should be tightened by the uterine mouth through surgery in time, and it will not affect the fetus.After the operation, actively prevent infection, you can choose antibacterial drugs under the guidance of a doctor to rinse the vagina.About 37 pregnancy should be removed for normal delivery.

4. The cervical canal has polyps

Some soft substances appear in the cervix. Only when you go to the hospital for a gynecological examination can you find that it will not affect pregnancy, but it may induce local infection.If the polyps are found to be damaged and bleeding, the bacteria may invade, which will cause infection. If the polyps are relatively small, it will not affect the fetus.But this is a kind of inflammation. After giving birth, it should be actively treated to prevent recurrence.

Kind tips

There is no need to panic during the uterus during pregnancy. You must choose a regular hospital and deal with it in strict accordance with the doctor’s instructions.If the early cervical lesions occur in the early pregnancy, don’t worry. Cervical cancer will not develop due to pregnancy and will not affect the fetus. However, you need to go to the hospital for examination on a regular basis.

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