During pregnancy, do you still do these dangerous actions?

Pregnant mommy is the key protection of the family during pregnancy. It is not too much to describe "holding in the palm of my hand and being afraid of it in my mouth" to describe it.However, some pregnant moms will unconsciously do some dangerous actions in their lives, and they are frightened. A few days ago, I saw a report on Yao Chen’s big belly as yoga.EssenceSo what dangerous actions need to avoid pregnant moms in life?

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1. Stick Erlang’s legs

In our lives, we will always unconsciously stir up Erlang’s legs. Such a sitting position will affect the blood circulation of the lower limbs, and the impact of pregnant moms who are prone to lower limb edema and back pain will have more serious impact.

Mengma suggests: When the pregnant mom is uncomfortable, you can add cushions to the seat to reduce the problem of back pain and back pain; remind yourself not to tagge your legs at any time to avoid affecting the blood circulation of the lower limbs.

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2. Frequent toes

This action is very high for the pregnant mummy of the big belly. In case you accidentally fall or be hit by the dropped items.

Mengma suggests: It is best to ask others to help others with high places. If you often need to use it, it is best to change it in a place where it is convenient to get.

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3. Make a heavy object

This is also a major taboo of pregnant mummy. If it is too hard to raise items, it will make the pregnant mummy’s back pain more serious, and it is more likely to excessively force the abdomen and increase the possibility of abortion or premature birth.

Mengma suggests: Pregnant moms should do their best. In principle, it is best to avoid littering.

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4. Sitting for a long time or a long time

Because the uterus increases, the lower limb cycle of pregnant women will become worse, especially some mothers need to sit for a long time or stand for a long time because of their working relationships.

Mengma suggests: Pregnant moms who have been sitting for a long time should try to move around as much as possible; pregnant women who need long -standing standing can use the stretch belt and the elastic socks dedicated to pregnant women to improve the problem of back pain and varicose veins.

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5. Bend over to pick up things or bend over to do housework

As the stomach is getting bigger and bigger, the pregnant mommy’s irreparable burden is great. If you suddenly bend over to pick up things or do housework, you will oppress your stomach; suddenly bend over and pick up things.The phenomenon.

Mengma suggested: When pregnant moms need to pick up things, they need to squat down first, pick up things, and slowly get up; if there is someone around, it is best to let others help pick up things.In addition, pregnant women still need to bend over when wearing shoes. You can prepare a chair next to the shoe cabinet or let her husband help wear shoes.The important thing is that pregnant mummy should do it for housework.

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6. Climbing high

Because pregnant women have a poor physical coordination response, the greatest danger of climbing is that they are afraid to accidentally step on the air and fall down, and they may also collide with the stomach to climb up and down, which will hurt themselves and fetuses, so they must pay special attention.

Mengma suggested: Do some adjustments to clean up during pregnancy, and trouble the family to deal with things that need to be climbed.

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7. High -difficult gymnastics or yoga movements

Although pregnant women can perform gymnastics or yoga, they should still be particularly cautious about difficult movements, such as standing on one foot, lower waist, upside down, jumping, etc. If you accidentally fall, it is too dangerous.

Meng Mom Suggestion: Only actions with high stability, and the movement can slow down during exercise. The purpose is to stretch and move the body. You do not need to require every action to be in place or too reluctant.It will be safer.

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Pregnant moms must learn to protect themselves during pregnancy. Some dangerous movements or bad habits in ordinary life must be changed, because only this can make your life more secure during pregnancy.Because pregnant mothers protect themselves, they are protecting the baby in the palace.

Here is a serious knowledge of pregnancy, and there are also vivid and interesting troubles during pregnancy.

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