During pregnancy, expectant mothers are suffering from back pain. It may be that you are not doing well.

It is said that it is not easy for mothers to have children with children 10, but the process of mothers in October in October is not easy.During the process of pregnancy, each mother will have symptoms of backache back pain. Standing is not good, lying down is not comfortable, and she is really suffering!Recently, such things have happened in the Bao Ma group:

Scenario 1: Mom Xiaohua has been pregnant for seven months. Some friends went to watch her at home. I saw her lying on the sofa watching TV obliquely, saying that she was so comfortable that she was really comfortable without going to work.But her mother Xiaohua was actually uncomfortable. During pregnancy, she had been back pain during pregnancy. She sat at home for a while and lay for a while. The rest was not good at all. I couldn’t wait to let the child fall out immediately.

Scenario 2: Mom Xiaoyan is a novice pregnant woman who has just been pregnant. Recently, she always feels backache and pain. She has been asking other Baoma in the group to let the mother who has given birth to children in the group.Some Baoma said that it was best to stand, and some Baoma said that she wanted to go, and the words were very puzzled.

So how can it alleviate the symptoms of back pain during pregnancy?

1. Appropriate exercise

Bao mothers during pregnancy will aggravate the burden on the body whether they are sitting for a long time or for a long time.Such as walking, yoga, swimming, etc. can help stretch the waist muscles, this can alleviate the symptoms of back pain. In addition, sitting and standing position should try to choose your own comfortable way to reduce pain.

2. Rest rest

Maintaining sufficient rest is also an important measure to relieve back pain. After all, the bodies of the Baoma during pregnancy will be weak. If there is no sufficient sleep, it will not only be bad for their bodies, but also the health of the baby in the stomach.It will cause certain harm.In addition, Baoma should also choose a sleeping posture in the process of sleeping during pregnancy. The most applicable sleeping posture in the third trimester must be a side bedroom type. Only when you sleep comfortably can you better reduce the burden on the body and alleviate the relief of the body, thereby alleviatingThe symptoms of back pain in the mothers.

3. Keep warm

During pregnancy, in addition to sufficient sleep, Baoma also has sufficient warmth measures. In addition to daily body warmth, it is best to take more hot baths every day.Towels or other things to go to the back and waist on the back, which can not only accelerate the circulation of the blood, but also help the relaxation of the muscles, thereby alleviating the symptoms of back pain of mothers during pregnancy.In addition, the mothers during pregnancy can also let Dad apply hot towels on their back every night and massage, so that the effect will be better!

Back pain during pregnancy is not a trivial matter. If the pain is slightly tolerated, the mothers may wish to use the above methods, but if it is serious, mothers still have to seek medical treatment in time and ask some professional doctors.

It is not easy to be a baby’s mother. In October of pregnancy, not only should you be careful of the baby’s safety, but also to withstand the various discomfort brought by his body, but as long as the baby can come to this beautiful world safely, as a motherNaturally, the heart is happier than anyone. After all, every baby is a baby’s baby!Therefore, the mothers must persist anyway, and the babies will definitely come to themselves safely!

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