During pregnancy, it is important to abide by these 6 major diet taboos. Too many pregnant mothers don’t know.

New Year’s Eve, gourmet dishes are an indispensable theme, but for pregnant women, it is often a kind of suffering, because many years of heavy food cannot be eaten by pregnant women.But among them, there are many taboos that belong to the transmission of information. So what problems should pregnant women pay attention to the diet during the Spring Festival?Which foods are best not to eat?Take a look.

1. Do not drink during pregnancy

During the New Year of the Spring Festival, the guys are so hot that it is common for chatting and drinking.Some pregnant women may think that the accuracy of the wine is low, and it doesn’t matter to drink a little. In fact, this is wrong, because no matter how low the accuracy of the wine is, it may cause bad events such as miscarriage or death.In addition, alcohol can also lead to serious situations such as fetal mental development, affecting brain development, and baby malformations.

Therefore, it is best not to drink during the Chinese New Year.Secondly, if you do n’t know if you drink alcohol when you are pregnant, then for safety, it is best to go to the hospital to find a doctor for help in time. Do n’t guess it yourself. There is no change in the situation.

2. Don’t eat refrigerated food directly

The problem of the New Year’s leftovers is also very severe.These remaining dishes are often put into the refrigerator refrigerator room. This is recommended to eat food completely before eating food to avoid bacterial infections due to the unattended food that is not fully heated. This may cause newborns to appearIn severe health issues, severe cases can even cause abortion or fetal death.At the same time, it is necessary to remind that when dealing or storing food, it is necessary to be cooked and separated.Clean the refrigerator regularly, clean up the expired foods or refrigerate food for too long.

3. Do not eat cold foods

Food in this area mainly refers to fish and shellfish.So as not to hurt the fetus due to cold, increase the risk of newborn skin diseases.

4. All foods should be cooked through and eat

You know, the risk of bacterial poisoning during pregnancy will increase, which will have a bad impact on adults and babies.Therefore, in family cooking, it is recommended to ensure that meat and poultry foods are completely cooked.Hot dogs and lunch meat should be burned until they are eaten.Avoid directly eating refrigerated meat products.But canned or sterile packaging.

In particular, fish should be cooked. Eating more fish during pregnancy has a good positive effect on the baby, so it is even more cooked.Fish cooked means that the fish is cooked to the whole body opaque, and it can be separated into thin slices, which is about 63 degrees Celsius.However, you need to remind everyone that it is best not to eat fish with high mercury content, so as not to harm the baby’s nervous system.

5. Choose dairy products with Basal disinfection label

You know, all the dairy products that have not been disinfected by Basar are not safe.Therefore, when choosing a dairy product, you must see if it is marked with Pakistani or made of Basal sterilization milk. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid eating uninterrupted fruit juice.

6. Fruits and vegetables also have thunder areas

Eating fruits during pregnancy must be washed thoroughly to eliminate harmful bacteria.At the same time, do not eat any raw buds (such as bean sprouts, radish buds), because it may contain pathogenic bacteria, you must cook it before eating.

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