During pregnancy, mothers are particular about eating snacks. Top ten must -have snacks and three types of taboo snacks, have you eaten right?

Hello everyone, I am a seed mother.

Many mothers appetite during pregnancy, and I am no exception.When I was in Huai Erbao, I wanted to eat snacks, and sometimes I couldn’t help eating.It was not until one time after the check -ups, and the doctor reminded to control the weight that I paid attention to it.

As a person who comes, you want to call for you in the health of you. For the health of yourself and your baby, it is necessary to learn about the relevant knowledge about snacks in advance.

There is a pregnant mother who likes to eat fruits and snacks. Durian, grapes, melon seeds, peanuts, and bread are all bought home. The whole pregnancy is not as fat, and there are many similar pregnant mothers in their lives.

As the pregnancy age increases, the baby in the pregnant mother’s belly is getting bigger and bigger, and it can no longer meet the needs of nutrition just by relying on three meals a day.Therefore, snacks have become a necessity for many pregnant mothers to supplement nutrition.

But do not underestimate the role of these snacks. They can not only provide energy for the health and growth of the fetus, but also alleviate the various discomforts of pregnant mothers.Therefore, it is important to choose the right snack.

If pregnant mothers are thin, they can add more snack intake; for pregnant mothers who are fat in the body, because the body itself is severely severely focused, the intake of snacks needs to be controlled.

Under normal circumstances, you do n’t need to add additional snacks in early pregnancy, you can eat normally.

After 5 months of pregnancy, it is the stage of rapid fetal growth. The heat and protein required for pregnant mothers have greatly increased daily. Therefore, it is necessary for pregnant mothers to eat snacks in moderation.The main source of nutrition should be three categories: sugar, fat, protein.

Precautions for pregnant mothers to eat snacks

Some snacks in life may have adverse effects on the body of pregnant mothers, such as pickled foods, canned food, pastry, ice cream, etc. In addition, there are unsanitary cold foods try not to choose.


Chestnut has the effect of strengthening the spleen and stomach. It is rich in protein and nutrients such as calcium, calcium, iron, zinc, and multiple vitamins. Pregnant mothers can often eat chestnuts and alleviate fatigue during pregnancy.

I remember that when I was Huai Dabao Erbao, I often eat chestnuts. After buying it, I can eat it with water for 20 minutes. It is particularly convenient.


Walnut replenish the brain, but the calories are very high, and it is easy to gain weight when eating too much, which increases hyperlipidemia and blood sugar. Pregnant mothers can eat appropriately.

However, many pregnant mothers think of peeling of walnuts, and walnuts themselves have no taste. In fact, there are many ways to eat. You can eat milk and fruits together. You can also make walnuts with sesame and corn. The taste is also good.


High iron containing raisins can prevent anemia during pregnancy. Blood supplementation can also help pregnant mothers swelling and can be eaten in moderation.Some pregnant mothers like to eat dry, and some like to cook porridge. No matter how you eat, pay attention to the right amount.

, Jujube, jujube is a good gestational snacks, which are rich in vitamin C, but do not eat too much, which can easily cause flatulence.


Yogurt is appetizing and easy to be digested and absorbed. It contains probiotics, which can help pregnant mothers regulate the stomach.But pay attention when eating, because the yogurt is refrigerated, it is best to cool it out for a while before eating, avoid too cold.


Pregnant mothers are easier for constipation. Eating figs can help alleviate well, but not too much.


Cheese is both nutritious and easy to be absorbed. Pregnant mothers can eat with confidence, and eating more will not cause fatter.


The calories of seaweed are low, containing a variety of trace elements and minerals, which are one of the snacks that many pregnant mothers like.

,Whole wheat bread

Pregnant mothers are more likely to be hungry. Eating whole wheat bread can supplement energy, because it is rich in dietary fiber and can also treat constipation.


Sesame is one of the snacks for pregnant mothers. It contains folic acid and calcium, which is not only conducive to fetal development, but also a laxative effect.

Of course, in addition to the ten snacks mentioned above, don’t forget that all kinds of fruits of all seasons are also essential snacks every day!

1 ︎⃣, sugar -containing snacks

There are many high -sugar foods in life, such as: milk tea, chocolate, cake, biscuits, etc. After eating diabetes and hypertension during pregnancy.In addition, too much sugar intake can also cause danger of dental caries during pregnancy.

2︎⃣, snacks with high salt content

For example, the duck neck, chicken feet, cold dishes, dried plums, dried radish, etc. bought in the snack shop. After eating hypertension and heart disease during pregnancy, the daily salt intake of pregnant mothers should not exceed 6 grams.

3︎⃣, high -fat snacks

Some pregnant mothers particularly like to eat fried snacks, such as potato chips, twist, popcorn, spicy bars, etc., are spicy and greasy, and they are prone to high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and even cause too much fetus, causing difficulty in childbirth, which causes difficulty in delivery.Essence

I do n’t know if the pregnant mothers feel the same. When the appetite is not good during pregnancy, I like to have some heavy taste mediation. When the appetite is good, sometimes I ca n’t help seduce.Baby, think about it, you can still hold back in order to make himself less sin.

多, pregnant mothers can eat more nuts and treat nuts as one of the daily snacks, because nuts are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which is conducive to the development of the fetal brain and nervous system.

, Except for three meals a day, pregnant mothers can eat some small snacks in moderation when they are hungry. Do not be greedy.Because some snacks look a little large, but the actual heat is relatively high, some snacks are even higher than the calories of a bowl of rice.

零, relatively salty snacks need to be eaten less. Pregnant mothers should keep their tastes light and not appetite too heavy.Because the salt content of daily daily daily meals is sufficient, eating snacks with heavy flavors are easy to dry, and at the same time, it will aggravate the swelling during pregnancy.If there are already hypertensive pregnant mothers, we must avoid it.

The hot snacks of the fire also need to be eaten less, especially the hot fruits such as longan, lychee, mango, durian.

You can choose to eat in moderation when you are hungry when you are hungry. Do not choose cakes that are too sweet and too oily.

Write in the last words:

The snacks are delicious, but don’t be greedy!

How to eat, what to eat, and how much is very important. I hope that every pregnant mother can learn how to eat snacks healthy, and be happy to spend a short and happy pregnancy time.

Today’s topic: Regarding the snacks during pregnancy, talk about what your favorite snacks are?Welcome to leave a message.

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