During pregnancy, postpartum and baby’s nutritional plan for eczema

Hello everyone, I am a nutritionist A Liang. Today, I will bring you a story. The protagonist of this story has a healthy baby and is still very healthy. Everyone listens to how he does it. Today’s theme is:

During pregnancy, postpartum and baby’s nutritional plan, now enter the theme, I will read his story,

Today I will share with you a few nutritional solutions. I have experienced very effective. The nutrients I wrote below are all important or effective. When you use it, you must first consider whether the previous items are done in place.

From pregnancy to the present, I have summarized the experience methods and time relationships to deal with many problems. This time, I mainly share several important stages. It is also a problem that everyone often encounters.

Nutrition during pregnancy, and improve the nutritional supplementary plan during pregnancy. For normal (no disease problems, such as chronic inflammation, fever, etc.) nutritional supplements, the following are mainly

Bei Lijian, 3-6 pairs/day, (comprehensive nutrients, ensure that nothing is lacking),

Nutritional breakfast, 4-8 spoons of happiness meals (mainly in the middle of two meals, before bedtime, noon dinner, you will drink a happy meal) (this is the most basic, with this foundation, supplement the trace vitamin behindThe mineral is only meaningful),

Vitamin B family, 3-10 capsules/times*3 times, (help the body digest and absorb, use protein, fat, and sugar. Solve digestive problems and skin problems, each meal is indispensable), each meal is indispensable),

Iron folic acid tablets, 6-12 capsules/day, (folic acid has an important role in each stage during pregnancy, you can search for specific articles through my public account)

Vitamin C, 3-10 capsules/times*3 times, (help the body absorb iron, detoxify, antiviral, enhance immunity. Solve infection, inflammation, and fever),

Calcium magnesium tablets, 3-5 capsules/times*3 times, (with BC form a universal formula, many uses, calcium supplementation, for fetal growth and development, etc.)

Wheat germ oil E, 6-20 capsules/day, (prevent venue, prevent anemia, stabilize blood pressure, relieve headache, etc.),

Carotene, 6-12 capsules/day, (work with wheat germ oil E to promote each other),

Lecithin powder (adding to a happy meal), (the eighth largest essential of the human body, also has many functions for pregnancy: cleaning toxins, promoting fetal brain cell development, preventing hyperlipidemia and high cholesterol, etc.), preventing high blood lipids

Probiotics (adding to a happy meal), (essential for intestinal health),

During the production process, although the production process is a few hours to one or two days, eating right can help reduce a lot of pain. This formula can enhance our resistance to resistance, reduce and relieve pain, and better maintain physical strength.

Drink as much as a happy meal, replacing the solid meals with the happy meal together, the nutrient BC calcium Bei Jian each 10, 10, 5, 3 pairs, at least two times for XS

Do not eat solid food when you enter the delivery room, it will consume a lot of physical strength to digest.

At that time, I could n’t bring my mobile phone when I entered the delivery room. It was inconvenient to contact my family. As a result, my husband bought me meals from the hospital cafeteria, potatoes stewed burdock, cabbage, etc.Maternal, all the meat and vegetables made by eating canteens …

In our happiness, you can experience it, just in the choice of daily life,

High -quality breast milk, how many soups and water of many mothers drink, eat all kinds of milk on the Internet, still have no milk, no milk anxiety, I have experienced it, and later chased it back, so this formula was used.,,

Nutritional breakfast, (must be a nutrient breakfast that is not short of seven nutrients, especially protein and oil. In addition, yeast powder, wheat germ powder, five gods, lecithin powder, etc., add some, at the same time, with comprehensive nutrients),,

Rest and relax. (In the first three months after giving birth, eating+rest is very important. The body has sufficient and complete nutrients. Coupled with rest. At this time, the body close the sympathetic nervous system to be able to do it.What you do),

In addition to the above two points, it is also helpful to supplement collagen peptides.Drink more collagen peptide instead of boiled water, and soon there will be milk, and the quality is particularly good.

My child, now I only eat milk once in the middle of the night, especially worry -free!

Teacher Haifeng said: The significance of sleep lies in reducing energy consumption, and using most of the energy for the inherent management of the body, including the cleanup of toxins, the repair of the damaged tissue, and the correction of the disrupted balance, so you, you, youOnly to sleep.

Even more so, in sufficient sleep, the baby’s weight and height increased.After eating high -quality breast milk, the baby can sleep well for a long time.

Let me see the height and weight of my child’s child:

Just born 6.14 pounds, this weight standard is good. It has always been pure breastfeeding and grew better. Now heights and weight are more than 85-90%of babies, and they love to laugh at all.

The baby’s eczema, the baby’s eczema makes me feel deeply, and understanding that nutrition does not help us avoid all problems.

My baby started eczema at the beginning of the moon. At the beginning of the ears, there were all on the face.

For most families, the biggest problem to deal with the baby’s eczema is the pressure from the family.

A cousin of my husband, a doctor in the children’s hospital in the provincial capital of the provincial capital, can be said to be very professional.

My baby’s eczema broke out very seriously. My mother -in -law called her cousin. She said a few medicines for externally painted medicines. I had to mix and match myself. There were different concentrations. I felt very unsafe.The faces are different, and the ears are coated with a bit more powerful …

(So, do you dare to use it? I am determined not to give my children medication anyway, and I can’t apply it outside.) The cousin comforted me and my mother -in -law, said don’t worry, all president, her child has three or four eczema when he was a child.The month is good,

(Therefore, the medication is not only risky, harmful, but also the effect is not necessarily fast, because it usually repeats repeatedly),

In this way, I told my mother -in -law. I did n’t use any medicine, and it was completely used with nutrients (except for the children’s probiotics, other nutrients were eaten, and my milk was given to the baby),

The key to solving baby eczema with nutrients: vitamin B, high -quality fat sources (supplemented by various high -quality oils, of which the moon see grass oil and flaxseed oil is very useful), it is best to supplement lecithin and vitamin A, vitamin A.E, this can ensure the cure. In addition, the parts of the eczema, external vitamin E and linenseed oil to apply it. If the baby can drink probiotics, add 4-6 children’s probiotics every day,

After eating this for 15 days, the rash began to fade, molt, and in the figure below, the whole journey for a total of 3 days a month,

(Is it much more worry -free than the medication!), The above nutritional solutions, I hope it will be helpful to the families,

What I shared today is a real dry goods,

Next time I will share on Monday, I will share a few small stories: this supplement nutrition, how much can I eat/save?How did I avoid a large pit with nutrition?What made me decide to have a second child?

The answer will be announced next time. Everyone can guess on weekends.

Okay, after reading this story, everyone is looking forward to the next time it will be shared,

Many people come here, maybe through the four words "Empty Valley A Liang", I found me on the Internet, and they were very excited to say: The whole network finds the words "empty valley Aliang".you.I was very excited and couldn’t wait to ask their own health issues, and A Liang A Liang was also very happy to answer questions for everyone.It’s just a healthy issue. You need to bear the first person in charge of health. You take the initiative to learn for a long time. Health needs the concept of health, that is, changing the old concept that caused your own disease to become the new idea you are listening toA healthy international cutting -edge concept and the formation of concepts require time. After you need to agree, you must strictly require yourself to implement it and need action.

Well, this health knowledge, shared here for a while, talk about it tomorrow

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