During pregnancy, pregnant mothers are afraid of fever or cold?It’s important no matter how warm

I have to say that the weather during this New Year’s Day is quite good, a warm and peaceful festival atmosphere, 20

In the winter of 17 years, the most harvested was warm, and the lack of rain and snow was the biggest regret.

but!In 2017, the "snow dream" that cannot be as expected, and the beginning of 2018 will be "true"! Zhengzhou will have two snowfall in the next week, and the snow is the largest on Wednesday and Thursday.

Although it is incredible, the snow is really coming. Every pregnant mother must pay attention to keeping warm while watching the snow.

I do n’t know if you have discovered that after pregnancy, your patience will decline in the heat, but the cold tolerance will increase.

What kind of thing is this?Is it really like the old man said that the pregnant woman is afraid of heat or cold?

常 Pregnant women’s body temperature is slightly higher than ordinary people, and it is normal for fear of heat

Since the beginning of conception, her body temperature has changed quietly.The increase in body temperature is between 36.9 ° C-37.2 ° C. This is normal, so many prospective mummy is very afraid of heat.

This is because: in the early stages of pregnancy, the ovarian formal luteum, luteal secreting progesterone can increase the body temperature, and the body temperature regulation center is extremely sensitive to progesterone (also known as luteum hormone). A certain amount of progesterone (12, 8nmol/L) isIt can cause an increase in body temperature.

After the early stages of pregnancy, will the body temperature decrease?NO!

At this time, the prospective mummy shoulders the major responsibility of breeding life.The fetus in the uterus requires the constant temperature environment, and the body of the expectant mummy will turn on the "automatic temperature adjustment mode" -the the temperature of the outside world through the nervous system in the skin.It has always maintained a state of 0.5 ℃ -1 ℃ higher than usual.

High body temperature 怕 is not afraid of cold, expectant mothers’ constitution and diet have an impact

Since the temperature of the pregnancy is rising during pregnancy, the expectant moms are generally afraid of heat, which is established.So is the body temperature tantamount to not afraid of cold?That’s all.This is related to the physique and nutritional diet of pregnant women.

There are examples such as ❂:

A expectant mother who is 4 months pregnant is even more afraid of cold than before pregnancy

Afraid of coldness is related to calcium and iron.People are afraid that cold has a lot to do with the body’s consumption of certain minerals.For example, the amount of calcium in the human body can directly affect the telescopic and excitement of myocardium, blood vessels and muscles; iron deficiency in the blood is an important cause of iron deficiency anemia. Therefore, supplementing foods rich in calcium and iron can improveThe body’s ability to protect the cold.

I am afraid that cold during pregnancy is related to the physical fitness of the prospective mummy. For example, pregnant women with anemia symptoms will be more afraid of cold after pregnancy, because the fetus consumes more calories, and the expectant mother’s own supply will be tense.Pay attention to diet conditioning and warmth.

Or Regardless of the hot or cold, pay attention to cool during pregnancy

In fact, whether the prospective mom is afraid of heat, it is chills, you must pay attention: Don’t cool down.

After pregnancy, you have another new life in your body, which consumes more thermal energy than before.And the resistance itself is weakened, the body is also prone to fatigue, and the immunity is greatly reduced.

Therefore, the prospective moms during pregnancy must pay attention, do n’t be greedy for those who are afraid of heat, keep warm, protect themselves, and care for the baby.

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