During pregnancy, pregnant mothers have to stay away from these five things, and many of them have ignored the third.

Many mothers do not pay attention. The smartphones and laptops used in normal use will have a adverse effect on the baby in the abdomen.In fact, there are still many harmful factors in daily life that affect the fetal development in the stomach. There are many toxins and pollutants in the surrounding environment. Moms have little notice, but their adverse effects become more serious during pregnancy.Both cause damage.

Keep these distances during pregnancy to ensure the safety of mothers and children.

First, harmful radiation of workplace.

Whether at home or in a workplace, mothers may be radiated by various radiations. Only by understanding the source of radiation can we stay away or prevent as much as possible.

For example, a copy of the workplace releases ammonia and acetic acid steam, which stimulate the eyes, throats and noses.

At work, laptops and smartphones are essential tools. They are not small. All electronic products will emit radiation. These radiations are known to cause fetal growth and interfere with the fetal brain development.

As a preventive measure, restricting the use of electronic products during pregnancy, this will ensure reducing damage to the baby in daily work and life.Do not work overtime as much as possible to reduce the frequency of computer and mobile phones.

Second, passively sucking second -hand smoke.

Pregnant women must be strictly prohibited from smoking during pregnancy, but the harm of second -hand smoke to pregnant women and babies is actually greater.

Stay away from second -hand cigarettes to avoid smoking in the smoking area. It is best to take smoking ban in the family, or let the family members of smoking smoking outside the house.Try not to go to public places for non -banned smoke, because second -hand smoke is uncontrollable, what can be done is to stay away.

Third, pet.

Pets are very interesting. They are good friends of human beings and a member of many people’s families, but their existence sometimes threatens the health of pregnant women.If the pet hair removal in the home is too serious, pregnant women may suffer from respiratory tract infection during pregnancy, which will hurt the fetus.

If you have pets in your home, you must often clean the garbage of pets, especially the garbage of cats or dogs, otherwise it will increase the chance of pregnant women infection. Gow -shaped worms are infected by diseased animals.It is possible to transmit the infection to the baby, thereby increasing the chance of death or abortion.In order to avoid this situation, we must often bring pets to see veterinarians before pregnancy.

Fourth, kitchen utensils.

Drying radiation of microwave oven or any other kitchen is potential, and it is always hurting the baby in the stomach.During pregnancy, pregnant women should try not to use household appliances such as microwave ovens, ovens, etc., and they must always check the service life and damage of household appliances at all times.

Fifth, chemical radiation.

If you need to visit the manufacturing factory or live near the factory, you will increase the chance of inhaling a large amount of smoke, solvents or other toxins, and minimize their impact on themselves.If the conditions permit, try to move to a place where you can breathe more fresh air. Do not live in a house that you just finished. The decoration material contains formaldehyde such as formaldehyde that is harmful to the body.Pregnant mothers come into contact with chemicals, especially in the first three months of pregnancy, which will cause damage to the organs of the fetus and cause some birth defects.

Mom must pay attention to protecting herself during pregnancy, so that it is the greatest protection of children.

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