During pregnancy, the belly is tight and hard, mostly related to the "bad habits" during pregnancy. Pay attention to these points

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Marriage and having children are a process that each of us needs to go through, and it is also a milestone on our lives. If we have not experienced life, it is incomplete.

It’s like for our women, raising children is a "talent" for us, a responsibility and mission we shoulder, and the most real call for our hearts.

I believe that many people still remember the happiness and joy of their hearts when they were just pregnant. This feeling cannot be expressed in words.

Later, when the joy of joy gradually disappeared, the maternal behavior would be related to the child, and when intentional or unintentionally, the belly would be protected.

For example, when the mother and a stranger pass by, the mother will subconsciously protect her belly.

For example, when the mother meets the child, she will deliberately avoid the child, and it will also protect her belly when the child collides.

For example, when the mother accidentally fell, their subconscious response must be to protect the children in the belly first.

All of the above can make us feel the greatness of our mother, and it also makes us know that it is not easy after becoming a mother. Every day is surrounded by happiness, and we can’t help talking to the children in the stomach.

However, some mothers may find that when they are in the third trimester, the stomach always feels tight and it will feel hard. Why is this?

Everyone should know that when the baby is born, it will experience long -term contractions, and then wait until the baby is born. This is normal childbirth.

During the contraction, due to physical reasons, the mother will have a tight belly, and the baby will be born with the pain of contraction.

However, in the third trimester of pregnancy, this happens, and the belly becomes firmer, as if it is going to give birth, and even occasionally contraction.

However, this contraction is not a sign of the baby’s birth. In medicine, this situation is called "pseudo -contractions".

However, although "pseudo -contraction" is a normal physiological condition, if the mother always frequently contracted, it is likely to cause great harm to pregnant women and babies.

Moreover, "pseudo -contractions" are likely to be caused by these situations. Therefore, during pregnancy, it is best to avoid these habits during pregnancy.

1. Don’t touch your stomach often

After pregnancy, the maternal will always have such a situation, that is, if there is something wrong, you like to touch his belly, and every time you touch your belly, you will touch it.

Especially when the fetal movement is moved, every time she feels the change of the baby, the maternal will involuntarily touch the baby, like touching the real baby.

However, there is no problem in touching the stomach occasionally. If you often touch your stomach, it may cause more frequent and serious contractions. If you find that your belly becomes firmer and hard in the third trimester, it will be restrained.

2. Always maintain a posture

During pregnancy, especially in the third trimester, the body of pregnant women will have many discomforts, such as edema, pubic pain, difficulty in mobility, and so on.

Therefore, by the third trimester, the mother will always feel abnormal exhaustion. She will always play mobile phones or watch TV on the sofa. Sitting is a few hours, maintaining a posture for a long time.

And this situation is likely to cause the pregnant woman’s belly to be tight and hard. At the same time, it is not conducive to the body’s blood circulation for a long time.

3. Live in the third trimester

They all say that "qi hurts the body". When angry, it is like our ordinary people. When the blood pressure is soaring when angry, the hands and mouth will be numb.

Moreover, the maternal temperament is very difficult to ponder during pregnancy. It is likely that a trivial matter makes the mother feel angry and wronged. This is irresistible.

And anger can easily lead to "pseudo -contractions". These are suddenly strengthened because of the contraction of the heart, the blood circulation is accelerated, which will also affect the fetus.

Therefore, try to get angry as little as possible in the third trimester to avoid "pseudo contractions".

After reading this article, have you ever had "pseudo contractions" during pregnancy?Welcome to leave a message for discussion!

Regarding children’s psychological, education, personality, etc., you can answer your doubts. I hope my suggestions can help everyone and make every baby grow up healthily.

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