During pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s belly jumps, this is not fetal movement, the fetus is doing this

Many expectant mothers often feel their stomach during pregnancy. Most people think they are fetal movements. In fact, it is a baby who is snoring. Is it surprising?

The specific knowledge of the baby’s snoring

1. The way the baby snores

The baby is not the same as our daily life in the stomach, so the snoring method is not the same. We often hiccups because they are eating or hungry, and they are hungry when they are hungry.The baby’s snoring is because she is in her belly that her mother supplements nutrition and then passes the nutrition to the baby through the umbilical cord, so it is different from that of our ordinary people with mouth hiccups.

2. The reason for the baby’s snoring

So at this time, many people started to be puzzled. Why did the baby snoring?Isn’t that the same as the principle of hiccups in our ordinary people.When we are full, we will snoring. After the baby absorbs nutrition, we need to discharge slightly, but they will not breathe with their mouths and nose. When the baby is about to be born, they will show their breathing by drinking amniotic fluid, for birth for birth, to be born for birth, to be born for birth, to be born for birth, to be born for birth, to be born for birth, to be born for birth, and to be born for birth, to be born for birth, to be born for birth, to be born for birth, to be born for birth, to be born for birth, to be born for birth, to be born for birth.I will take breath to prepare in the future, it is really super cute!

3. The relationship between pregnant women and babies snoring

When the baby snores, it will reflect the brain and the phenomenon of paroxysmal and spasm. At this time, the pregnant mother can feel the belly jump.In fact, the baby’s snoring also has time. Bao Ma can gently stroke his belly, as if soothing the baby’s emotions, so that the baby will not snoring soon, and the belly will not jump.

Although the baby is not in a time and space with the mother, their hearts are connected. The mother can always feel the baby’s actions, just like the baby can always feel the mother’s emotions.Therefore, during pregnancy, pregnant women must maintain a happy and comfortable mood. Bao Ma is in a good mood, the baby’s growth will be smooth, and it will not be noisy.If the mother encounters any troubles and a bad mood, the baby can feel it, which is also very unfavorable to the baby’s healthy growth.

4. State of pregnancy during pregnancy

It is really not easy for pregnant women to be pregnant in October. Moms are holding their stomachs all day, it is not convenient to walk, and she is uncomfortable to sleep. Sometimes she may not be able to breathe, and she has always been worried about being afraid.In fact, pregnant women should maintain a good mood every day. Don’t worry too much. There is no mind in conceiving in October in October, which is very beneficial to the growth of the baby.When the mother maintains a good state, the baby will be happier and grow faster.

If you are a first -tired treasure mother, you must have a lot of thoughts during pregnancy and a lot of doubts.If the baby is uncomfortable, you will have a relief effect when you touch your belly gently, and the baby can feel the mother.And the baby’s snoring time has a frequency. It may be played every few hours, and it lasts for several minutes. After gently stroking, the duration may be shortened.

Many people mistakenly think that the baby jumps with a fetal movement. When he knows that it is a hiccup, it feels so amazing. Such a small baby starts to snore.When the baby’s fetal movement, the pregnant mother has a jump, but this jump is not regular and will change the position.No matter what the baby is doing, the pregnant mother should pay attention to rest and move less after feeling it, so as not to be unfavorable to the fetus.

In short, maintaining a good mentality and having good habits, the baby will grow up healthily and be born smoothly.

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