During pregnancy, this time period is a dangerous period for fetal deformity

For women, it is always very excited at the moment of confirmation of pregnancy, but at the time of pregnancy, the stomach of the pregnant woman may not change, but it will have a strong pregnancy reaction.Many women may have various concerns when they are pregnant, such as whether some of their behaviors will affect the development of the fetus, and may even cause fetal malformations.In fact, there is a certain period of danger of fetal malformations. It usually does not need to worry too much as long as it goes smoothly.

Dangerous period of fetal deformity

The first three months of pregnancy belong to the most dangerous time for fetal malformations, because the fetus is likely to be affected by abnormal factors during this period.The fetal body organs of the fetus began to differentiate in the first three months of pregnancy. If various factors such as radiation are affected, it may cause mutation and cause deformity.Therefore, from fertilized eggs to bed to the 12th week of pregnancy is the most sensitive period of the fetus, as long as it goes through this period, it will generally become very stable.

Prevent fetal malformations, pregnant mothers, you need to do so!

1. Don’t touch chemicals

After pregnancy, the first thing that pregnant women need to do is to say goodbye to cosmetics, because there are many heavy metals in cosmetics, and the chemicals contained in the inside may penetrate the skin of pregnant women and eventually penetrate into the blood.In this way, it will be provided to the baby through the placenta, which will affect the normal development of the baby, which will lead to deformity development.

2. Supplement folic acid in time

During pregnancy, it is also quite critical to supplement folic acid, which can prevent fetal malformations.During the pregnancy test, doctors will recommend pregnant women to supplement folic acid in a timely manner, and the hospital also has free folic acid distribution. Pay attention to collecting them in time.

3. Careful medication

After pregnancy, one of the things that pregnant women have to do is to use medicine carefully. The drugs can usually be used normally, but they cannot be used during pregnancy, which may bring great adverseness to the health of mother and child.At this time, it is recommended to consult a doctor’s opinion to ensure reasonable medication and prevent fetal malformations.

Summary: Fetal deformity development is more worried about many pregnant women, but in reality, as long as these preventive matters are done, pay attention to timely check -up and consult your doctor’s opinions. Can you generally avoid it? Do you know the pregnant mother?

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