During pregnancy, toothache is impatient?This is the correct way for pregnant mothers to solve the problem of oral problems

"Toothache is not a serious illness, it is terrible to hurt." It is enough to have a common person who has experienced toothache. For pregnant women who are pregnant, it is even more crackdown.Dental disease during pregnancy is coming, but I don’t know if they can look at their teeth. This is the trouble of many expectant mothers.Xie Wen, director of the Department of Stomatology, Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Qingyuan City, introduced that many pregnant mothers who have recently met with oral problems. She also reminded that in addition to pregnant mothers, adults and children also have many common sense in oral care.

Four moon pain is unbearable

Earlier this year, Xiaofang (pseudonym), who was pregnant for more than 4 months, suddenly had toothache, and had not slept for several nights.Although the pain is unbearable, considering that I am in a special period, I want to endure it first, and I hope it will be relieved by myself in a few days.Unexpectedly, the pain continued to intensify, and when her mother’s intuition told her, she had to go to see it.

As a pregnant woman, Xiaofang suggested that she went to Qingyuan Maternal and Child Health Hospital to see it at the two or three dental clinics near her home.Xiao Fang came to the Department of Stomatology of the hospital, and she was diagnosed with Xie Wen, director of the dental department.With the consent of the patient himself and his family, Xie Wen made local anesthesia for Xiaofen and gave preliminary treatment for her affected teeth."It is to finish the root canal treatment, and then seal it so that she will come over and come over for further treatment." Xie Wen said that there is risks for oral treatment during pregnancy, and it may be premature or miscarriage.3 months before pregnancy are the critical period of embryonic development, which is susceptible to miscarriage; the uterus is more sensitive for 3 months after pregnancy. External stimulus can easily cause uterine contraction and induce premature birth.Therefore, in the middle of pregnancy, it is safe, that is, 4-6 months of pregnancy.

After preliminary treatment, Xiaofen’s toothache was temporarily relieved.After three months after giving birth, Xiao Fang came to the dental department of the hospital to find Xie Wen again, and intended to completely remove the "timing bomb" in the mouth.

"She still has some rotten teeth, and she wants to pull off, deal with, and replenish them again. After a few months of regular treatment, her dental problems the day before yesterday have basically been solved." Xie Wen said that Xiaofen also encountered a doctor on the same day.In the face of the worries and concerns of the pregnant woman, she also appeared to encourage the patient.

System oral treatment should be done before pregnancy

Various latent oral diseases during pregnancy are prone to occur.The safety period of oral treatment in pregnant women is very short. Xie Wen suggested that before planning to get pregnant, whether there is any conscious symptoms, women should conduct a comprehensive oral examination and health care.Hidden dangers to avoid dragging oral diseases to pregnancy.

"Pre -pregnancy treatment of a systematic treatment for the mouth, pulled the extraction, washed the washing, it was time to make up, it was very easy to be pregnant. Don’t worry about toothache and teeth bleeding."Pregnant women’s planned oral health before pregnancy should include: the treatment of dental caries to avoid deepening caries during pregnancy.Tooth pulp and root canal therapy are performed immediately with the teeth that have suffered from the pulp and the root inflammation of the root tip to avoid seizures during pregnancy; the treatment of periodontal diseases and thoroughly cure it.EssenceAt the same time, we must also pay attention to the methods of controlling plaque such as brushing teeth; removing the root, crown, and repeated inflammatory tooth that cannot be retained to eliminate possible inflammatory lesions; comprehensively repair the lack of teeth, including demolition of adverse repair bodiesAnd restart to restore the chewing function, which helps the absorption of food digestion and nutrition, which is conducive to the health and development of pregnant women and the growth and development of the fetus.

With the deepening and efforts of mission in recent years, more and more women in Qingyuan are aware of oral problems during pregnancy, and some pregnant women will target oral examination and health care before pregnancy.Xie Wen reminded that expectant mothers must also develop good oral hygiene habits during pregnancy and do oral health maintenance.If you insist on brushing your teeth seriously and effectively in the morning and evening, advocate rinse after meals, and use the tooth to remove the plaque and soft dirt on the neighboring side of the teeth, pay attention to balanced diet, eat less sweets, and reduce snacks.Then, then

The dental department of the hospital was relocated from the first floor of the original comprehensive building to the second floor of the emergency building. The room was clean and equipped with warm and cold air conditioners. The waiting area was spacious and bright.

Regular dental examination

Do a good job of daily cleaning and maintenance

"Actually, in addition to pregnant women, as long as adults are adults, we recommend doing oral examinations once a year, and oral cleaning every six months to one year, which is as simple and necessary as washing face." Xie Wen said, do not wait for gum bleeding, teeth painAfter I was swollen, I thought of depending on the dental department. When these symptoms really appeared, it means that the teeth were already inflamed.

"The country advocates prevention than treatment, as is the same as the teeth of children. This is why we should apply fluoride and closure for children, because we have to prevent it in advance."Xie Wen introduced that after the early period, 3-6 years old in Qingyuan City, 3989 people who lived in Qingyuan City 3989 people found that the illness condition in preschool children in school age in Qingcheng District was serious.Key groups of caries prevention and control.Therefore, whether adults or children are checked regularly and cleaned in oral cavity, early treatment is important.

It is worth mentioning that many parents still lack consciousness in cleaning their teeth and doing dental care."Some children have never brushed their teeth when they are 3 years old. Parents said that because their children are unwilling to brush. We generally recommend that children should brush their teeth with the help of parents before they are 8 years old."Xie Wen said that since birth, parents must consciously help their children to clean their mouth.

There are 7 clinics in the dental department.

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