During pregnancy, urticaria is stained, and itching can not use special effects. Can you only endure the birth of your child?

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A few days ago, a hot search on Weibo about urticaria during pregnancy caught my attention. A pregnant mother and blogger showed a photo of his hand with urticaria, saying that he felt that he was pregnant as an elder "Cheated".The rough meaning is: the elders urged herself to have children, but no one told her that she had to pay such a big price.

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Those who have not had it may not be able to appreciate the endangered collapse after the pregnant mother has the urticaria.Itching was panicked and ran to the hospital to find a doctor for treatment. The doctor told that any medicine could not be used in the state. A pregnant mother who had sweat herpes could not be treated with drugs in the late pregnancy told you what it felt like.

Urticaria and sweat herpes are common skin diseases during pregnancy, and general doctors do not use special effects drugs for pregnant women, so skin diseases during pregnancy are a torture for pregnant mothers.The ordinary urticaria is caused by allergies, but the cause of pregnancy -oriented urticaria has not yet been understood by medicine, so it cannot be compared with ordinary urticaria.

The explanation given by the encyclopedia is:

The specific cause is unknown, the same hormone changes, the stretching of the mechanical tension line and the change of the immune system.

Some scholars speculate that it may be related to the tension that the belly is large.When growing stretch marks, the pregnant mother will feel itchy belly. This is a feeling caused by the stretch of the skin layer. Some pregnant mothers will itch so that they can grab it with their hands.Pimples and erythema, this is urticaria, which generally spreads from the abdomen to the thighs and continues to extend to the limbs.

The interpretation of the immune system is that during pregnancy, due to changes in hormone levels in the body, and the nutrition of the fetal growth and development of the fetus, and the occasional temperament of pregnant mothers, it will lead to a decline in autoimmunity. After the immunity decreasesIt can cause allergies that can be caused by things that are originally allergic.After contacting the allergen that does not know, urticaria will occur.

Some pregnant mothers are not allergic to before, and they will become allergic constitution after pregnancy. It may be the reason for itching.

There are fewer popular sciences on urticaria during pregnancy, so that many women do not know that this may occur during pregnancy.

Pregnancy urticaria, also known as PUPPP, is the most common one of several peculiar skin diseases during pregnancy, with an incidence of about 1/250.This disease occurs in the first pregnancy, accounting for about 70%of all cases, and it is generally only 27 weeks of pregnancy.

Once urticaria occurs, it will itch, and the more itchy, especially at night, it will be more serious.

Many Baoma who has experienced or undergoing experience should know what medicines do doctors are prescribed when they go to the hospital to see this disease. The most common is vitamin C and calcium tablets., Itch is still itchy.Secondly, it is a stove -stowa washing agent.

Many pregnant mothers say that they are only temporary, itching at night, or in time, the itching effect is not obvious.It can be temporarily relieved during the day, and it will still be itchy at night, affecting sleep.If the pregnant mother is a scar, it can’t be scratched, and the scar will be more serious.The blogger mentioned earlier is because I have seen a lot of doctors, and the medicine has taken a lot. The doctor dare not give the pregnant mother for special effects for the health of pregnant women and fetuses.Choose a caesarean section for a little time to take out the child to liberate himself.

Once this disease is really tortured, the doctor dare not take medicine for pregnant mothers, and the pregnant mother himself is afraid of the fetus accident, so he can bear it, holding his fingers to count the child in a cesarean section, and the mother is the mother.Just, I think it is not a "high hat" that the pregnant mother wants to take the initiative, and it is more helpless.

In fact, according to some of the above -mentioned causes of PUPP, pregnant mothers can pay attention to more appropriately during pregnancy, maybe to prevent it.

① Control weight during pregnancy, do not let your weight grow too fast

The weight gain rapidly, especially in the middle of the pregnancy, the fastest period of the fetus grows, the abdomen is raised faster. If the pregnant mother does not control the weight, the elasticity of the abdominal skin cannot keep up with the stretching speed, and the stretch marks will appear.It will feel itching of the abdomen. If the pregnant mother has poor constitution, pregnancy urticaria is prone to occur.

Appropriate exercise can enhance physical fitness, increase immunity, and increase the elasticity of the skin.

② Pay attention to supplement nutrition

Lack of nutrition is also one of the main reasons for reducing immunity. During pregnancy, fetal growth and development, all need to obtain nutrition from the mother. Therefore, the pregnant mother must have a balanced diet during pregnancy.Winning with quantity, but diverse types.In this way, the immunity is enhanced to provide themselves with a hard protection shield.

③ Orthodoxia can be checked in the allergens during pregnancy. Try to avoid re -contact and waste fish, cow, and mutton.

I do n’t know. When I check the allergens during pregnancy, some pregnant mothers find that the rice and steamed buns often often eat can cause themselves allergies, so you can check it and try to avoid contact or consumption during pregnancy.

It is not because it is easy to cause allergies, but because these foods are hair products. Eating too much will make the affected area worse, so you must avoid your mouth.

The reason why pregnant mothers get sick is that they do not know the existence of this situation at all, and the lack of pregnancy knowledge, blindly make decisions.

I hope that this time popular science can let more women understand the risks you might bear after pregnancy and how to avoid it.Instead of being urged by others, and blindly deciding to choose to have pregnant babies, each woman has the right to decide whether to have children, but even if they know the risk, they are still willing to have a pregnant mother for men.It is worth that man loved!

This is really not arrogant. People who have not experienced will not understand the hardships of pregnancy.

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