During pregnancy, when pregnant mothers sleep, if these three reactions occur, it is likely to be the fetus for help

Under normal circumstances, female friends will have a lot of different pregnancy reactions after pregnancy. For example, there will be pregnancy vomiting in the early pregnancy, frequent urination and insomnia during pregnancy …Because with the larger and larger stomach of the pregnant mother during pregnancy, it will be inconvenient in terms of action or sleeping position, but pregnant mothers need to pay attention to the changes in their bodies in time.signal of.

If the pregnant mother often has these situations when she sleeps, there is no way to ask for help from the fetus to you, don’t care about it.

1. Regular insomnia

Insomnia can be said to be commonplace for many pregnant mothers. There are many reasons for insomnia during pregnancy. For example, the effects of progesterone have caused pregnant mothers to be extremely excited. Thinking is too active, and it is not easy to fall asleep …Insomnia in pregnant women will have emotional instability, which may lead to fetal lips malformation and jaw fracture rabbit lips.If pregnant women are too nervous due to insomnia, they may also cause recycling dysfunction of circulatory systems and threaten fetal health.Therefore, if the pregnant mother often insomnia, pay attention, it is likely to be the help signal from the baby.

2. It is easy to be awakened at night

Many pregnant mothers will have a wake -up state when they sleep during pregnancy, as if they are shocked.In fact, this may be because pregnant women are more sensitive during pregnancy. The changes in the external environment or the baby with a stomach suddenly moves … they will cause their emotional fluctuations, but it will be noted that it will be excited to make the pregnant mother excited and heartbeat and heartbeat.Speed up, which will affect the child, and the child will be enhanced and frequent fetal movements will occur.

3. Frequently frequent urination, and there are blood silk

Pregnant mothers often have frequent urination during pregnancy and have bloodshot, which may be caused by the urinary tract infection of the pregnant mother.The weight of the lower abdomen of the pregnant mother during pregnancy gradually increases, and the volume of the abdominal cavity becomes larger, which will cause the bladder to be squeezed and frequent urination.In this case, pregnant mothers need to pay attention to. If effective treatment is not performed, it may cause nephritis, affect the health of the fetus, and even have premature birth … adverse consequences.

Pregnant mothers can look at it. If the above situations have occurred and the time is relatively long, they must go to the hospital for inspection in time, otherwise they will cause "threats" to the health of the fetus.Usually pay more attention to observing the changes in your physical reaction, and successfully give birth to a healthy and healthy baby!

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