Dyed new crowns during pregnancy frequently cough and abortion.

After the infection of the new crown during pregnancy, the cough is frequently cough, and the severe cough causes increased abdominal pressure and shorten the cervix, which has a huge impact on the pregnancy of the elderly pregnant women.Fortunately, Sun Yaxian Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University (hereinafter referred to as "Shenshan Central Hospital") Director Fu Shuai and Deputy Director Zhang Shuning’s pregnant woman for a tire treatment was performed. After three cervical rings, the pregnancy period was extended to 29After more time, the baby was born through the cesarean section.

Deputy Director Zhang Shuning (first from left) performed cesarean section for elderly mothers.

The first ring tie:

Preventive intervention for elderly pregnant women

Ms. Wang produced a daughter through a cesarean section in 2008. The child was cute and brought endless joy to her family. Ms. Wang’s family also hoped that she could give birth to another child and accompany her daughter.In 2020, Ms. Wang was pregnant again, and she almost realized this wish.However, at the 21 weeks of pregnancy, Ms. Wang suddenly appeared in painless palace expansion, which was inevitable that she had an abortion. The dream of giving birth to the "two children" came to an abrupt end.In this year, Ms. Wang was 39 years old, and Ms. Wang’s husband was 41 years old. Do they still hope to have their own children again?

In 2022, Ms. Wang, 41, tried to prepare for pregnancy again and ushered in the news of "good pregnancy" in August of that year.At the outpatient clinic of Director Fu Shuai, a specialty specialist in Shenzhen -Shanshan Central Hospital, Ms. Wang learned that the abortion of 2020 may be caused by the disease of "cervical incompleteness".This disease will shorten and expand the cervix "silent". As the disease progresses, the fetus in the abdomen is "discharged" outside the uterus when it is mature, causing miscarriage or premature birth.

Since the disease of "incomplete cervix function" will cause the cervix to shorten and expand when the fetus is not mature, it is better to use a rope to "tie the cervix" in advance in the early pregnancy of pregnancy in the early pregnancy that has not changed in the cervix."Get up, so that the cervix can maintain a certain effective length throughout the pregnancy and prevent abortion and premature birth.

In response to Ms. Wang’s medical history, Director Fu Shuai and Deputy Director Zhang Shuning reached a unified disciplinary consensus. They sincerely suggested that Ms. Wang tried to make preventive cervical rings during pregnancy.The strong desire for "two children", good communication between doctors and patients, and the unconditional trust of medical staff made Ms. Wang firmly adopt the suggestions of two experts.

On November 11, 2022, Ms. Wang at 13 weeks was admitted to the hospital for "preventive cervical rings."This time the surgical goal is clear -allowing the little life to develop longer in the warm uterus of the mother, so that the highly anticipated baby can breathe independently and can jump independently when birth.

After the anesthesia was successful, Director Fu Shuai completed the operation within ten minutes.Ms. Wang’s fragile cervix has since added a "line of defense" built by the doctor. If it is not surprising, the fetus in the abdomen will not be easily miscarried as in 2020.

Second ring tie:

The severe cough caused by the new crown

3 days after the operation, Ms. Wang was discharged.After discharge, Ms. Wang regularly inspected the Shenzhen -Shanshan Central Hospital and conducted a B -ultrasound examination every two weeks to judge the effective length of the cervix.What is gratifying is that Ms. Wang’s four consecutive times after surgery reminds that the cervix can be maintained above the safety length.

However, the accident came again.At the end of December 2022, Ms. Wang was unfortunately infected with the new crown virus, which made her have to experience a long, severe cough.This additional increased abdominal pressure is huge for pregnant women after cervical rings. It is likely to shorten and expand the originally fragile cervix, which eventually leads to abortion.

On January 4, 2023, Ms. Wang, who had been coughing for nearly half a month, returned to the Shenzhen -Shanshan Central Hospital for treatment.This time the B -ultrasound found that her closed cervix length was only 3 mm!This is a very dangerous signal for the fetus.At this time, Ms. Wang was only 22 weeks and 3 days pregnant. Once abortion occurs, the fetus cannot survive at all.Director Fu Shuai immediately treated Ms. Wang for hospitalization.

On the second day of admission, Director Fu Shuai performed the second cervical rings of her pregnancy to Ms. Wang.This surgery reinforced a suture to Ms. Wang’s cervix, which also extended her effective cervical length from 3 mm before surgery to 3 cm after surgery.

After the second cervical ring, Ms. Wang has been hospitalized.Although the second cervical ring has returned to the normal length of Ms. Wang’s cervix, she is still coughing.For chronic cough, for the cervix that reluctantly maintains the closed state by only two rings, it is like an irregular bomb. I do n’t know when the amount of this cough will cause the cervical expansion.

Director Fu Shuai and Deputy Director Zhang Shuning are always concerned about the changes in Ms. Wang’s condition.From the consultation and examination of daily housing, to regular blood drawing, vaginal secretion culture, and monitoring of B -ultrasound cervical length, the two directors of the siege specialty, and the doctors and nurses of the cripples and nurses are not huge, care carefullyMs. Wang’s belly this little fetus.

The third ring tie:

The emergency ring tie after the expansion of the palace mouth

On the 25th day after the 2nd cycles, Ms. Wang consciously increased the secretions in the vagina compared with the previous.Deputy Director Zhang Shuning glanced at the clinic and found that Ms. Wang’s amniocemic sac has exceeded the cervical ring lines twice and moved to the vagina.At this time, Ms. Wang has reached the diagnosis of "inevitable abortion", that is, in this case, abortion is inevitable!

However, at this time Ms. Wang was just 26 weeks of pregnancy, and the rescue of the 26 weeks of fetus was still challenged."Every time the gestational week is extended, the fetus increases the possibility of successful rescue!" Holding this belief, Director Fu Shuai, Deputy Director Zhang Shuning and Ms. Wang again communicated again, encouraging Ms. WangThree cervical rings.

This time the ring tales in the previous twice of the ring Thabi are difficult, because the amniotic sac has been conveyed into the vagina, and any operation in the vagina may cause the process of the amniotic sac to rupture and accelerate the abortion.Back into the cervical pipe, close the cervical tube and close it.

Director Fu Shuai and Deputy Director Zhang Shuning before the 3rd cervical ring operation, he first performed amniotic fluid puncture through Ms. Wang’s abdomen.After extracting 240 ml of amniotic fluid, the tension of the amniotic sac in the vagina was reduced and partially returned to the cervical pipe. At this time, the difficulty of the 3rd cervical ring tie operation was relatively reduced.This time, the cervical ring was operated by Director Fu Shuai and Deputy Director Zhang Shuning.

This surgery will return all the amniotic sacs in the vagina before surgery, and then return to the cervical pipe. At the same time, the completely subscribed cervical tube is stitched and the effective cervical length of 2 cm is maintained.

After the third cervical ring operation, Ms. Wang was able to extend the pregnancy for 23 days.Subsequently, Ms. Wang, who was 29 weeks and 2 days, performed a cesarean section due to her premature breakthroughs and too few amniotic fluid.The operation of this operation was the main knife of Zhang Shuning.After more than 50 days of bed in bed, Ms. Wang finally heard the crying of her long -awaited Tianyan, the cry of the newborn baby.

A healthy baby was born through a cesarean section.

Turning up the "abortion ending"

Let more new life be born safely

In a deep handwriting letter, Ms. Wang expressed her gratitude to many people, such as Director Fu Shuai and Deputy Director Zhang Shuning, such as providing her with the most suitable fetal plan and herself for her many operations, such asDaily housing can carefully capture her emotional changes and give timely comforting and providing the knowledge of daily care.Dr. Wang Zhenyu and Dr. Zhou Xu, who are half an hour.

Ms. Wang’s true handwriting thank you letter.

"When this child was never born, he received a lot of care. He was born because of love!" Ms. Wang said with emotion.No longer exist, the rest is the awe of life, gratitude to life, and deep gratitude to the medical staff who fight side by side.

"It is rare for mothers like Ms. Wang to experience three cervical rings, but as long as they encounter this situation, we will all try their best to settle the fetus for the mother, so that the fetus can develop steadily in the mother’s uterus for a longer time."Deputy Director Zhang Shuning said that such a way of peace will benefit many patients like Ms. Wang in the future, and there will be many fetuses that may have suffered abortion in the end.

Writing: Nandu reporter Wang Daobin Correspondent Zhang Yang Huang Rui Chen Manqi

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