Dysmenorrhea is how is it?When menstruation comes, these 4 methods can be used to relieve

Speaking of dysmenorrhea, many women may feel scared. Indeed, some women in life will be accompanied by dysmenorrhea when menstruation comes, and some dysmenorrhea will make them miserable when they appear.There will be confusion in the process of pain. Is there any way to relieve it after dysmenorrhea?

Women’s menstruation every month is a periodic change in the endometrium of the body, the hyperplasia of blood vessels, and the endometrium shedding. During the period of menstruation, dysmenorrhea is a adverse reaction of menstruation. It will cause women to have lower abdominal pain.Deficiency, lumbar swelling acid, etc., even some women have severe pains and have pale face and fainting, which seriously affects daily life.

Women’s dysmenorrhea is generally divided into primary and secondary. Primaryness means that the genitals do not have a lesion or there are some diseases. Pain will occur when the first menstruation comes.The increased hormone content of the membrane causes the uterine smoothing muscle contraction, allowing the uterus to have ischemia and hypoxia, and it will have pain when menstruation comes.

Secondary dysmenorrhea refers to some lesions in women’s reproductive organs, such as endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, etc. These gynecological diseases will cause women to have dysmenorrhea when menstruation comes.Therefore, when women find that they have dysmenorrhea during menstruation, they must first find out the reason to take measures.

Generally, women must find out whether it is primary or secondary dysmenorrhea after dysmenorrhea, so as to take targeted measures to control improvement. In addition to targeted measures, these methods can be used to effectively alleviate themselves during the advent of menstruation.Essence

1. Proper exercise

Generally, appropriate exercise can also be performed during the period of menstruation. It is only necessary to pay attention to the exercise that cannot be too intense. Too intense will cause the body to be too fatigue and make the dysmenorrhea worse. Proper exercise can be pleasant and relaxed by the body’s pressure. It can effectively relieve dysmenorrhea.

2. Let yourself have enough rest time

During the advent of menstruation, you must have enough sleep time. Successive sleep can let the spirit relieve being too nervous and make the dysmenorrhea worsen.

3. Avoid caffeine

During menstruation, pay attention to avoid drinking coffee or eating some caffeine -containing foods. Caffeine will increase the excitement of the brain, keep the spirit in a state of tension, and easily increase the dysmenorrhea.

Fourth, use painkillers

When the dysmenorrhea is serious, you can take some painkillers under the guidance of a doctor. It is only necessary to know that painkillers can only be temporarily effective in painkillers, and they cannot be taken for a long time, which will bring dependence to women.

All in all, women should be checked and judged before menstruation during menstruation, so that measures can be taken from the source.If you feel particularly uncomfortable during menstruation, you can take the above methods to effectively alleviate.

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