Early pregnancy response is serious, how to relieve it?Do 3 things everyday

In the early stages of pregnancy, most people will encounter early pregnancy reactions. As for the degree of reaction, light or seriousness, it also has a certain relationship with the personal constitution of pregnant mummy.In the case of a large number of early pregnancy reactions, pregnant mothers will vomit and suspect life, which plagues many pregnant mothers.What should we do in this case?Is there any way to relieve the pregnancy reaction?

What is the pregnancy reaction?

Generally speaking, most pregnant women have a minor early pregnancy reaction, and even do not even feel.However, some pregnant women may have serious early pregnancy reactions, that is, they cannot eat or vomit.At this time, we may have to deal with it.Early pregnancy reactions generally occur at 5-10 weeks, and basically disappear in about 12 weeks.In short, if you already want to get pregnant, you should have such psychological preparation.In the early stages of pregnancy, there may be some uncomfortable feeling, but most people can spend this time safely.

How to alleviate a large pregnancy reaction

1. Eat less

The daily diet is divided into several small stages, and the staple food is less oil and less salt.This period is also a period of easy picky eaters. I want to find something I want to eat.However, in order to control the baby as much as possible, you can eat appetizers such as plums before eating, but pay attention to the amount.In the morning and afternoon, you can add some nutrients and delicious foods, such as fruits, try not to eat junk food.

2. Relax

In the reaction period during pregnancy, it is necessary to reduce the pressure of work, appropriately transfer the attention, so that the body can be fully rest and relax.At this time, you can sit and relax quietly.There is also to keep a regular and quantitative sleep. Remember not to stay up late. Be sure to sleep and let your body rest.If the situation is serious, try to go to bed as much as possible.

3. Keep proper exercise

Pregnancy does not mean lying at home every day.Proper exercise is good for health and can effectively relieve pregnancy.When you are pregnant, you have to walk more than 5 kilometers a day, so it is a good medicine to walk outdoors outdoors after dinner!First of all, breathing fresh air outdoors, listening to soothing music, and even listening to interesting broadcast programs are extremely beneficial to adjusting emotions and relieving stress!Secondly, the food in the stomach can help digestion when walking, making vomiting less severe.

Pregnant mother’s early pregnancy reactions generally disappear after menopause 12 weeks. It is recommended not to worry too much.If the early pregnancy reaction is too serious, you cannot eat or dehydrate, you need to seek medical treatment in time.

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