Eat loquats in summer, depending on how you eat, there are many varieties, high nutrition!Don’t choose wrong when buying

Hello everyone, I am a gourmet Kang Da. In May, I will be in June immediately. The loquat has matured and listed. The delicate meat is sweet and sweet juice.Try.


The ancient name of Luzhi Luzhi, alias, has left many poems and songs from ancient times to the present. Bai Juyi’s "Mountains" saw the mountains and red flowers, like Yunxia, and felt nearly half a year old, so lamenting that he was in the year.It is easy to pass, and also expresses the praise and love for mountains.As a result, the ancient people’s love for the loquats, and the puppets were regarded as tribute from the Tang and Song dynasties, and can only be enjoyed by the palace and nobles.

Bai Juyi

Loquat is different from other fruit trees. Loin blooms in autumn or early winter. The fruit matures in spring or early summer. It is earlier than other fruits. It has autumn, winter flowers, and spring.Those who have the only four -time air "are known as" Qi Zhen in Park Fruit "is one of the early precocious fruits in the south of the Yangtze River. With bayberry, the cherry is called" the three sisters of the early summer fruit ".

Baisha Loquat

Moreover, the fruits are sweet, nutritious, and have the effects of moisturizing the lungs, cough, and quenching thirst. There are many types of loquats in my country.

Baisha loquat is a boutique, evenly and neat fruit, light yellow, yellowish white, thick meat, more tender meat, moderate sweet and sour, the entrance is melted, refreshing but not greasy, and the sun is transparent as jade carving, and it is white sand.The best of them, also known as "white jade".

Baisha Loquat

Red sand is the most common loquat. Most of the market on the market is red sand. Its peel is light orange -red, the pulp is orange to orange -red, the meat is soft, the juice is medium, and the sweet acid is moderate. Most people will plant a red sandy tree tree.It is not a kind of life after the results are picked.

Red Sands

How to choose the Baisha Loquat and Hongsha Loquat:

1. Belly, white sand is more thick than red sand meat, and the flesh quality is more tender. It is the best in loquat;

2. Price, Baisha is a boutique category. The price is expensive and the red sand is cheaper. It is the most common type in the market.

Red Sands

After all, it is seasonal fruits, which is a rare fruit unique to the south. No matter which one is delicious, it is one of the fruits loved by ordinary people.


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