Eat snail powder in the confinement, and the daughter -in -law of the child’s red rash that is hot and hot.

Has worked hard for 25 years to raise his son, and now he is also very happy to get into marriage. He has completed a major event in life.

The daughter -in -law is 3 years older than my son.hehe!I see!This is to marry a ancestor back!Houseworks are not moving.Eat everything you eat.But looking at their two small tastes good, I feel nothing.They are willing to be!

In our customs, the man is married with a gift, and the woman has a dowry.Coupled with the get off the expenses, the port fee is changed.Tea fee.After the entire wedding, there were 30,000 deposits in the two small mouths.

However, the glory of them spent a year.One month after the marriage, the daughter -in -law spent more than 50,000 cutting double eyelids.Later, he learned to be a micro -quotient, and was deceived to stock up about 50,000.

The cosmetics he usually uses are all thousands of sets.The clothes are also very expensive.After two days, go out to eat steak, Haidilao or something.Spending money like flowing water.

But looking at her pregnancy, I couldn’t say anything, and occasionally reminded that I dare not say more.

Coupled with some expenses during pregnancy.In November this year, I was going to have a baby, and I had to get a painless delivery needle in the hospital.Go to the hospital and tell us that there is no money to pay.I was shocked as soon as I heard it, 300,000 was gone?The son said it was really gone.It was all spent, and the Capital Credit Card was used a lot.

Because they got married to buy a house for decoration and color gift money, we did not save.I can only ask relatives and friends to borrow 20,000 emergency.Afterwards, the grandson was given successfully.The family was happy to forget their things.

After being discharged, she lived together to take care of her confinement.In about 10 days, she ate sour powder duck neck.She said she didn’t listen.The child drank the milk and raised all the time.The buttocks are red!I was taken to the hospital and was scolded by the doctor to avoid it.I also blame my son to protect her too much.Saying what she wants to do, eat it.Poor little grandson.

After the confinement, I was still lying on the bed every day to play with my mobile phone.I have to get my son to the bed.After eating, you can throw it there.

The child cried even if she didn’t hear it, and the milk was too lazy to feed it. She took it out with a breast pump and put it in the refrigerator.I haven’t changed the diapers once a few months.I really haven’t seen such lazy people.

I am afraid that my son is hard to do, I often remind me many times.Don’t want to have family contradictions.Always endure.

Because the money on their hands is spent, this time has always been we spend money on rent, including children’s daily necessities.The clothes are also all -inclusive.Her son’s salary was also given.I thought she was enough. Who knew that she had to buy a pair of shoes on the Internet and there were thousands of dollars.I also used a credit card to buy her mother more than 8,000 mobile phones.After my son knew it, he had a few words with her, and it would be fine in a few days.I also persuaded her not to live like this. I have to think about it in the future. Now she is also a mother.She also agreed.

I have to go home for the New Year these days. She said that I bought a baby seat online and was afraid of the traffic police. We all said that the child was too young and could not buy it before buying it. She didn’t listen.Just buy it!Nothing.In the future, it will be hundreds of dollars.

Yesterday, the chair arrived, and asked her how much money was when she installed. She wrote almost 4,000 yuan.I was a bit embarrassed at the time. Is this small seat so expensive?She said she bought well.I asked her where the money came from, and she brushed the credit card again, and also staged.I really can’t help saying her.

Later, the sound was getting louder and emotions became more and more excited, and all the dissatisfaction in my heart was spoken.She was not so bullyed, and she started smashing things with me for a few minutes.After my son and husband came over, she started to me.My husband saw her hit me and did not hold back her slap.Later, she rolled on the ghost crying.Afterwards, I went back to my mother’s house.Noise to divorce.

I don’t know what to do now?I don’t know what to do such a daughter -in -law.But their family couldn’t bear it.

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