Eat this confinement like this, so that Baoma is not nutritious and not gaining weight

Confinement is the second "rebuilding" of a woman, so the diet during confinement is very important. You must have a scientific diet to provide a better nutritional foundation for your future health.

In Taiwan and Fujian, tea oil is called "confinement". Women must eat tea oil during pregnancy and postpartum recovery.So, what are the benefits of eating tea oil?

Supplement nutrition, enhance physical fitness

Women need to eat a lot of food before and after giving birth to ensure the energy and nutrition required for their development of their development. Therefore, the digestive system of pregnant women is very burden on, such as common constipation.

Tea oil has high nutritional nutrition and easy digestion. Consumption can reduce the burden on the digestive system, ensure the normal physiological function of cells, and is very beneficial to enhance the physical fitness of the baby and the mother.

Increase breast milk

Tea oil can improve the activity of human body enzymes and increase the secretion of fertilization. Pregnant women can not only increase the amount of breast milk, but also bring more nutrients and immune substances to the baby through breast milk.

Weight loss

The main reason for pregnant women to gain weight is to eat too much meat and oil to consume excessive saturated fatty acids.If you insist on eating tea oil, you can fully consume unsaturated fatty acids that are easily digested and absorbed, which is conducive to regulating metabolism, reducing subcutaneous fat accumulation and cholesterol in blood vessels, thereby suppressing obesity and other series of problems.

Pregnant mothers/breastfeeding mothers suggest that the amount of consumption is 10ml-25ml per day

The following editors recommend a mountain tea oil confinement meal recipe -tea oil catfish papaya soup, catfish papaya soup is the best food therapy soup that is most suitable for women. This soup can not only supplement nutrition for the human body, but also promote milk secretionOh ~ ~

Ingredients: one catfish, half a papaya, Hengbainian mountain tea oil, ginger, garlic, green onion, salt


Step 1: Wastefish remove scales, internal organs, fish gills, clean, and cut into pieces of papaya;

Step 2: Put tea oil in the pot, add ginger and garlic after the oil is hot;

Step 3: Put the catfish and fry until two sides of golden;

Step 4: After the fish is fried, add an appropriate amount of water (just pass the catfish), boil on high heat;

Step 5: After boiling, add papaya pieces and simmer for 20 minutes on low heat;

Step 6: Add salt and green onions and eat it out of the pan.

Catfish: sweet and flat, spleen, stomach, and large intestine; it has the effects of strengthening spleen, appetizing, nourishing qi, moisture, water, and dehumidification.

Taboo: Catfish make up for virtuality, and there are no taboos.But it is not advisable to eat more during a cold.

Papaya: warm, sour, liver and spleen; have the effects of eliminating food, deworming, clearing heat, and removing wind.

Av: Eat papaya and avoid fried foods, and avoid shrimp.

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