Eating a handful of melon seeds is equivalent to drinking a spoonful of oil?Teach you how to eat melon seeds correctly, eat nutrition and health

In my life, the snacks of melon seeds will only buy at home during the New Year and holidays. Therefore, I have been from childhood. Except for the Spring Festival, I usually eat melon seeds.And the melon seeds purchased at home are basically watermelon seeds, and occasionally a little pumpkin seeds. Therefore, I left me such a impression that Kwai Guo seeds are cheaper and should not be delicious.

After going to college, in the first year of the year, before the final exam, there were only me and another roommate in the bedroom. Only the two of us were reviewing it seriously. In the first few days, we were fine.Homework, on the weekend night, it was snowing. The roommate bought a pack of sunflower seeds. We both exchanged their own knowledge points and stabbed the seeds. At that moment, I suddenly felt likeBy the time, this room friend is like my friends for many years.

For this reason, I also started to like sunflower seeds, and suddenly found that my vision seemed to be widening. It turned out that in our daily life, I could buy sunflower seeds everywhere.At the time of the Spring Festival, it seems that there are many more street -fried melon seeds and fried peanuts.

From buying sunflower seeds from supermarkets to buying vegetable markets, all kinds of sunflower seeds have been eaten over the years, especially in rural drinking mats. Before the banquet is opened, there will be a whole round table.Flower seeds of the pot.

Over the years, I have begun to like the seeds of melon, and I especially like to eat sunflower seeds. When I accompany my daughter -in -law to buy food in the vegetable market, I occasionally buy some. After dinner at night, I will eat some when chasing the drama.As long as you start, it seems difficult to stop.

Kwai Guazi eats more and more and more frequent. Until a certain winter last year, I suddenly found that I stopped eating. I recalled the diet during this period.In addition to the pork ribs soup with shredded meat, oyster sauce, lettuce, and dinner, the food that is most likely to let me stop eating is melon seeds. I must eat more sunflower seeds.

After that day, after a few days of tea, after a few days of tea, after the diet was light, the stomach and intestines gradually improved. Let me start to have a nuts of nuts such as melon seeds, peanuts, and happy fruit.To this time, I suddenly found that I suddenly found that no longer the seeds of melon, especially after the sunflower seeds, my hair seemed to have no greasy hair.

Today in the background, I saw everyone discussing the topic of melon seeds: Is it equivalent to drinking oil for melon seeds?It reminds me of the sunflower seed oil and corn oil that eats the most at home, so I started to think about why there is no watermelon seed oil and pumpkin seed oil. Are these two kinds of melon seeds less oil contained?Let me tell you what I think?

You can also leave a message in the comment area to talk about your opinion?Which type of nuts do you like to eat on weekdays?Walnuts, peanuts, melon seeds, pistachios, Batinmu?

There are many types of melon seeds, including watermelon seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower melon seeds, etc. The seeds of these three kinds of melons are cooked after being cooked.Start talking.

Sunflower seeds are the fruits of sunflowers. They can not only be used as snacks, but also can be used as raw materials for making cakes. They are also very important oil squeezing raw materials. It is the source of high -end and healthy oils in our daily life.

Various melon seeds, including sunflower seeds, watermelon seeds, pumpkin seeds, etc. The nutrition of these melon seeds is very high, and the vitamins, protein, and oil content contained in them are very rich.

There are about three types of sunflower seeds, edible, oil type, and intermediate type.The edibleness is also the sunflower seeds we usually love to eat. The seeds are large, the shell is thick, and the output rate is low.

The oil -type sunflower seeds are small, but the seeds are small, but the melon seeds are full and full, the shell is thin, and the output rate is high. Therefore, the oil content of the melon seeds generally reaches about 60%, which is mainly used to squeeze oil.

Intermediate type, this type of childbirth and economic traits is between edible and oil type.

In the past two decades, the production of sunflower seeds has developed rapidly. The world’s sunflower seed production has become an important oil after soybean, and the cultivation of our country is also very extensive.

According to this performance, it seems that the oil content of sunflower seeds is relatively high, and the watermelon seeds and pumpkin seeds seem to be not high. In fact, the oil content of pumpkin seeds and the oil content of watermelon seeds are only less than that of sunflower seeds.Only a little bit.

The main reason why we can eat sunflower seed oil without watermelon seed oil and pumpkin seed oil is not that watermelon seeds and pumpkin seeds have less oil content, but sunflower seeds can be widely planted.Some.

Watermelon seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and other kinds of melon seeds. The oil content of the melon seeds is very rich. In addition, when we eat melon seeds, the amount of consumption is not controlled, because the delicious melon seeds are generally generally the seeds of the seeds.It is that we can’t stop. Although the only oil content of the melon seeds has a lot of oil content, even if the oil content is high, the amount of melon seeds is small, but the size of melon seeds can not hold it.It seems to be drinking oil, I think this metaphor is actually not too much.

Simply introduce you to the seeds of various varieties, mainly watermelon seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower melon seeds, etc. Below, let’s tell you about them?

1. Watermelon seeds, remember that when you eat watermelon in the summer, the elders in the family will deliberately collect watermelon seeds, saying that it is less and more. When the Spring Festival, we can give us fried watermelon seeds to eat.

Watermelon seeds are specifically planted in the field of food processing. There are specifically planted watermelons to take their seeds, and the seeds are large, so that they can use the value of processing and utilization.

In the field of food processing, there are usually a few types of sugar and salt melon seeds, oily melon seeds, soy sauce melon seeds, and salt fried melon seeds. They are eaten after cooking in a wok, but the method of seasoning is different.

2. Pumpkin seeds, also known as white melon seeds. After cooking, you can eat it directly, you can also add various spices to make a flavored melon seeds. You can also make cakes.Essence

3. Kwai Gua seeds, we have already introduced it above. Here we talk about the purchase of Kwai Guizi?In most cases the processing of sunflower seeds, there are only two ways. After stir -fry or soaking, dry and dry after soaking. The process of specializing in the production of sunflower seeds. No one will touch the whole

In addition, the time process of the sunflower seeds is oxidized. Therefore, we really cannot know its shelf life. Therefore, when you buy sunflower seeds, we can buy packaging.Products in the shelf life.

1. When eating melon seeds, have you eaten particularly bitter melon seeds?Every time I choose, I vomit, and then rinse my mouth, because I know that such melon seeds are actually deteriorated, so do not eat bitter melon seeds.

2. Crac sugar, milk fragrance, and spiced incense, is these flavors of melon seeds your favorite taste?But what you do n’t know is that the melon seeds of these flavors may be very high in salt and sugar. In addition to not recommending everyone to eat, it is recommended that you eat original melon seeds with packaging and shelf life.

Want to give an example. What will happen to the rice we eat every day?Is it still very uncomfortable outside the stomach? For melon seeds, how can we be healthy to eat melon seeds, let me tell you what I think?

1. Like eating rice, you still need to control your own amount of consumption. The seeds are rich in nutrition. Excessive consumption will consume too much oil, which is likely to make our body get angry.

2. Try to choose the original melon seeds. Although there are many flavors on the melon seeds on the market, what you need to know is that when the melon seeds are fried, they will add various spices, salt, and sugar.For the body, maybe some tests may be needed?Choosing the original melon seeds is relatively better.

3. When eating melon seeds, drink plenty of water. Melon seeds are fried and baked. It is easy to get angry when eating too much. You can drink some chrysanthemum tea or green tea. At the same time, drink plenty of water.Unconsciously, help us reduce the amount of melon seeds.

4. Try to avoid using your mouth to peak the seeds. Putting melon seeds with teeth may cause excessive wear of the teeth. At the same time, the tongue will also be friction from melon seeds. Disposable consumption of melon seeds, tongue and teeth will be damaged.

5. Not everyone is suitable for melon seeds. For example, I have stones. I have too much nuts, peanuts, and seeds that may make my body uncomfortable.

In the end, I still want to say a few words, eating a handful of melon seeds is equivalent to drinking a spoonful of oil?Teach you how to eat melon seeds correctly and eat nutrition and health. It reminds me of a idiom often said by my daughter -in -law.

If you eat melon seeds, you should pay attention not to excess. It is recommended that you eat the original melon seeds with packaging and shelf life.

We try to share a dish for you through the original graphic, and through the original graphics. They are delicious, beautiful, and nutritious. What kind of food do you want here, I hope we can give you!

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