Eight uncomfortable symptoms during pregnancy + response method

During pregnancy, expectant mothers often have symptoms of discomfort that they usually do not have.Obstetricians point out that eight symptoms are prone to occur during pregnancy, hoping to allow expectant moms to understand the possible situation during pregnancy, as well as response.

Eight uncomfortable symptoms during pregnancy + response method

1. Nausea and vomiting

In the early stages of pregnancy, the choric gonad hormone in pregnant women rises, so nausea and vomiting will occur.However, the symptoms of most pregnant women will naturally disappear at the end of the third month, and very few will continue until production.


1. Before getting up, advanced food solid foods, such as biscuits, polystes, etc.

2. Meals a small amount to avoid an empty stomach.

3. Avoid eating greasy or too sweet food.

4. Do not drink a lot of soup after meals, do not lie down or engage in fierce activities immediately.

Second, stomach acid reverse flow, there is a burning sensation

The changes in hormones during pregnancy make the gastric cardia relaxing the sphincter of the gastric cardia, slowing the gastric emptying, and it is easy to cause gastric acid to flow, and there is burning discomfort.


1. Avoid drinking carbonated drinks to stimulate gastric acid secretion.

2. Do not lie down immediately after meals.

3. If necessary, you can take a acid agent to neutralize the gastric acid.

Third, frequent urination

It usually occurs in the early stages of pregnancy and the end, which is caused by the expansion of the uterine.


1. Wear cotton underwear to avoid wearing tight tights.

2. Do not drink a lot of water before going to bed.

3. Don’t urinate.

Uncomfortable pregnancy

Fourth, oral mucosa or gum bleeding

During pregnancy, emotional hormone in the body rises, causing the mucous membrane to swell, and it is prone to bleeding oral or gum bleeding.

Coping method: Use a soft hair toothbrush, and gently move when brushing your teeth.

Five, breast changes

The hormone changes during pregnancy make the breast swell.

Coping method: The suitable clothes wearing a bust to avoid sagging breasts; the areola will begin to start a pigmentation, and will not restore the primary color due to postpartum.

Six, stretch marks

Because the skin is too tight, the subcutaneous tissue breaks, the obvious red stretch marks appear, and the postpartum color will gradually fade to silver and white.


1. In the end of pregnancy, the weight gain during pregnancy should be less than 500 grams per week, and it should be applied to the morning and evening to prevent it.

2. Some pregnant women will feel itchy skin, can also apply emulsion improvement, and replace itching in the way of shooting to avoid damage to the skin. If necessary, please ask the doctor to open itching ointment.

7. Back pain

The expansion of the abdomen will change the spine curdness and the direction of force, so it will cause symptoms of back pain.


1. Avoid weight gain too fast.

2. Avoid raising heavy objects and use the belt.

3. Rest more.

4. Hot compress back.

Eight, constipation

During pregnancy, due to lutein secretion, the smooth muscle relaxes and reduces intestinal peristalsis, so constipation will occur.


1. Drink plenty of water (at least 2,000c.c.), eat more high -fiber foods such as vegetables and fruits.

2. Develop the habit of regular bowel movements every day.

3. Walk for 30 minutes every morning and evening.

4. If necessary, ask the doctor to give the soft to the soft tolated agent.If there are hemorrhoids, you should avoid eating spicy food, avoid long stations, and take more warm water to take baths. If necessary, you need to use drugs.Hemorrhoids will gradually fade after childbirth, but severe cases need to be treated with surgery.

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