Eight years ago, the fallopian tube ligation, now I want to get pregnant, experts from the Fifth Hospital of Jinan City: A use of laparoscopic surgery

Recently, the team of Director Wang Zhe, the Department of Reproductive Medicine of the Fifth People’s Hospital of Jinan, under the strong collaboration of anesthesia surgery department, successfully implemented a "undergoing laparoscopic bilateral fallopian tube coincide in laparoscopy for more than 8 years after the anesthesia surgery department."Surgery" filled the gap in the hospital’s surgery.The patient’s bilateral fallopian tube is successful, the postoperative life signs are stable, and they can be discharged smoothly recently.

The patient is a 36 -year -old middle -aged woman who performed "Clicporant Clicporant+Bilateral Vampire Ligorization" 8 years ago. Later, due to fertility, the uterine fallopian tube photoplasics was made in the reproductive medicine department.Some showing (after ligation), the team of Director Wang Zhe was discussed in detailed preoperative discussions and communicated with the patients and their families after communicating with the patients and their families.

The surgery was assisted by experts from higher -level hospitals, and the chief physician of Wang Zhe, Zhang Shuzhen, and Song Jialing attended by the higher -level hospitals. They were successfully completed under the close collaboration of the anesthesia operating room.During the operation, the bilateral fallopian tubes were cut off. Old scars can be seen. By separating the plasma membrane, free of the fallopian tube core, remove the ligments, the fallopian tubes are exposed, and the two broken tubes are exposed.The method is to match the fallopian tube. During the surgery, the sub -blue dilution liquid is inferred. Seeing that the adapter of the bilateral fallopian tube umbrella end is continuously overflowing and the anastomosis is successful.

Although traditional abdominal fallopian tube synergy can adapt to any type of fallopian tube obstruction, the surgical vision can be widened, which can be directly visited by the blockage parts.Long, the patient’s postoperative tubal recovery is poor, it is easy to obstruct again, and the chance of ectopic pregnancy is higher, and there is also the risk of aggravating pelvic adhesion.Although laparoscopic tubal conformity is difficult and more fine, the technical requirements for surgeon have high technical requirements, but they have a small wound area. They are less damage to the body and are not limited by human vision.The advantages of ovarian or uterine and other gynecological diseases can also avoid medical damage during the operation, better control the adverse effects on the patient’s reproductive system, thereby increasing the patient’s successful pregnancy rate.

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