Ejiao can make up for these people, who can’t eat, it is not advisable to eat Ejiao

The reason why people favor Ejiao and ginseng are related to the life and work pressure of the urban population, and the fast -paced work method, which leads to many people in the state of "sub -health" for a long time. Among them"Reliability" is the most.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that thinking is too much, the brain is excessive, the labor is too much, and it is the easiest to hurt sperm blood.Most white -collar workers are engaged in long -term overloaded brain labor.This brain overdraft hinders the timely supplementation of oxygen and nutrition of the brain cells, causing endocrine dysfunction, dysfunction of physical function, and easily leading to brain fatigue.

Ejiao has the effect of nourishing blood and nourishing yin, moisturizing, and can be used for blood deficiency and yellowing, upset and sleeping, and dry cough, but it will also have adverse reactions.We all know that Ejiao is a special supplement in Shandong. I held a lecture in Jinan, Shandong. Some viewers asked, my anemia, can Ejiao eat?Before I opened my mouth, a girlfriend next to me answered for me: "Ejiao can eat it, but not to eat it. I am also anemia. When I listen to others, I eat it every day.Fire, nose bleeding. "

Therefore, not everyone is suitable for Ejiao.For people with yin deficiency, strong physique, and young people, eating Ejiao may get angry.In addition, because Ejiao is more greasy, and eating more can prevent the spleen and stomach digestion, so the spleen and stomach are weak, the stomach is full, and the digestive is poor.For spleen deficiency, it is best to be equipped with medicine to regulate the spleen and stomach when taking Ejiao to promote the digestion and absorption of Ejiao.

"The heart of beauty, everyone has it", especially women.However, there are not a few of clinical cancer caused by random estrogen, especially snow clams and bee thrills.Royal jelly contains trace hormones. After eating it, it will make it better and have a better appetite.However, excessive supplementation often causes excessive estrogen intake, which will exacerbate endocrine disorders, leading to abnormal hyperplasia in the body and increasing the probability of cancer.

A 34 -year -old unmarried woman, cheerful and leisurely, usually pay attention to life conditioning, and it is difficult for people to associate her with the word "cancer".But she often treats snow clams as the main supplement and quantitative supplements every year.Breast cancer was found during a physical examination organized by the unit.

White -collar workers should be actively adjusted to stay away from sub -healthy state, and can add more nourishment and blood, such as Ganoderma, Angelica, Atractylodes, etc.However, it is not advisable to use supplements such as Ejiao, Snow Clam and bee jelly, otherwise it will not only help the risk of dampness and sputum, but also make the functional disorders more serious.

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