Elderly thirsty after pregnancy?This may suggest that your body has this problem, which will affect your baby’s health

On the weekend, Xiaoyun went to see a friend who was just pregnant. In the early pregnancy, it was a period of tossing. His friends lost a lot.During the chat, she suddenly asked Xiaoyun’s question: "Why do you always feel thirsty after pregnancy?"

Elderly thirsty after pregnancy?

Asked by her, Xiaoyun was a bit stunned, and it was really impossible to answer for a while.After checking the Internet, there are really many pregnant mothers who have such troubles:

@Netizen Yun Yun said that I have been pregnant for more than 2 months, and I always vomit!Don’t vomit now!But I drank a lot of water, but I felt thirsty!Is this normal?

@:: I have been pregnant for more than 3 months. I did n’t like to drink water before. I have basically caught up with eight cups of water a day, but my mouth is still very dry.I do n’t know if it has anything to do with pregnancy, is n’t it diabetes during pregnancy?

Elderly thirsty after pregnancy?

Judging from the above situation, it is always thirsty during pregnancy. It is really not an example. Why does this cause this?Xiao Yun checked the information and summarized the following points:

1. The hormone family is here to make trouble

After women are pregnant, the levels of various hormones in the body will rise, including progesterone, estrogen, androgen, and so on.

Under the troubles of members of the hormone family, the metabolism of pregnant moms will accelerate, thereby increasing the demand for moisture. Therefore, pregnant mommy appears that "just after drinking a glass of water, feel thirsty".

Elderly thirsty after pregnancy?

2. Love sweating during pregnancy is naturally prone to water dehydration

After most pregnant moms are pregnant, their temperature will rise by about 1 degree, and this will continue until the end of the whole pregnancy.One problem that causes the body’s high temperature is to sweat.

To sweat during pregnancy, it will cause the pregnant mother to be susceptible to water. In order to keep the body fluid balance, the body will send a signal that needs to be hydrated!

Therefore, pregnant women in summer are because they love sweat and thirst, and winter is because they are easy to sweat and dry climate.

3. Maintain the health needs of fetal treasure

Fetal baby needs to discharge some metabolic garbage through amniotic fluid, which is one of the causes of serious urine phenomenon.There is less water in your body. In order to maintain your body’s water balance, you need to drink plenty of water!

Elderly thirsty after pregnancy?

4. The body starts the self -protection mechanism

After pregnancy, the pregnant mommy has to change to n in the small inner one day, which is really embarrassing ~ In fact, this is a lot of secretions during pregnancy.There are many secretions during pregnancy, which is easy to breed bacteria, which causes urinary tract infections.

Drink plenty of water during pregnancy can dilute urine to prevent urinary tract infection and allow pregnant mothers to survive the pregnancy.

5. It may be too much angry in the body

Pregnant moms are already easy to get angry. Once people get angry, they will feel dry mouth, and they will often feel thirsty.

6. High blood sugar is also easy to thirst

The old thirst after pregnancy, in addition to the above normal situation, may also imply that pregnant mothers have high blood sugar during pregnancy.

If the blood sugar is high during pregnancy, it may cause the baby to develop in poor development when the abdomen of the pregnant mother, and it may affect the intellectual development of the fetus ~ Therefore, pregnant moms remember to go to the hospital to check the blood sugar in time to see if it is normal ~

Elderly thirsty after pregnancy?

1. About water volume

Pregnant moms, after pregnancy, drink water per day greater than or equal to 1000 ml, plus water in food, the intake of water volume at no less than 2000 ml of water per day.

2. About time

After getting up every morning, drink a glass of water, and drink a glass of water every 1-2 hours, and drink some water 2 hours after dinner.PS: Don’t drink too much water at night, avoid the bathroom at night ~

Elderly thirsty after pregnancy?

3. About the number of cups

6-8 cups per day, 200-250 ml of water per cup.

4. About the type

It is best to drink boiled water. In addition, you can also drink mineral water, freshly squeezed juice and so on.PS: Even if the bottle juice bought outside, these beverages are not pure fruit juice, and may also contain flavors and preservatives.

Elderly thirsty after pregnancy?

Finally, Xiaoyun provides a scientific drinking schedule!

6:30: A glass of boiled water in the morning can help detoxify and beauty.

8:30: A glass of boiled water before work to supplement the lack of moisture on the road to work.

11:00: A glass of water before meals can help relieve tension work emotions.

12:30: A glass of water before lunch, strengthen physical digestion, and eat more fragrant meals.

15:00: In the afternoon, a glass of water, refreshing again.

17:30: A glass of water before get off work, full and controlled.

22:00: A small amount of water before going to bed to avoid thirst in the middle of the night.

Elderly thirsty after pregnancy?

Water is the source of human life!Therefore, remember to drink water scientifically during pregnancy during pregnancy. If you feel that boiled water really can’t drink, you can occasionally choose lemon honey tea and chrysanthemum tea. Finally, Xiaoyun wishes you a happy life during pregnancy and give birth to a healthy life.Healthy babies, good pregnancy!

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