Employees fall in love with the boss, and they are fired by the boss when they are pregnant

Ms. Guo is 38 years old and works in a foreign trade company in Hangzhou and serves as a sales manager.

She divorced her husband three years ago. The ten -year -old child was raised by her ex -husband, but with her outstanding business ability, she soon was recognized by the company’s leadership.The material conditions quickly opened his heart that he had been silent for a long time.

It didn’t take long for the two to come together, and on weekdays, they also entered and exited the company.The company knows their relationships up and down.During the time when he was together, President Wang loved Ms. Guo very much. Almost all of her jobs were assigned to others to take care of him.

But the good times didn’t last long. A few months later, President Wang’s attitude slowly became cold, and even kept a distance from Ms. Guo in the company. This made him sensitive and felt like he encountered betrayal and indifference.

Ms. Guo said: That is to say, before, I don’t know he has his wife, and I have been living in his house.Later, at a meal, Ms. Guo unexpectedly learned that President Wang was not single, but had a family and a 17 -year -old son. She was really unacceptable and proposed to break up.

Later, Ms. Guo found that she was pregnant and thought that the father of the other party as a child should have the right to know, so she told President Wang about the pregnancy. At first, when President Wang learned of this, he performed very well.Surprise and surprise, let him stop working, return to his hometown to raise his heart, and then what happened later made Ms. Guo think about it. The old lover wanted to use 200,000 to let her kill her child to solve the matter.

Ms. Guo rejected President Wang without thinking about it, but he angered him without thinking. He directly dismissed Ms. Guo, and did not give any compensation. He also deleted all her contact information.Seeing that her lover was so decisive in the past, Ms. Guo’s heart collapsed.

I hope Ms. Guo can get her own compensation as expected.They are adults, I hope everyone can take responsibility for their own actions.In this regard, there are any opinions on you. Welcome to leave a message in the comment area.”””Marriage”

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