Employees who have worked for 5 years, a pregnancy company immediately dismissed, and experts remind you to pay attention at 3 o’clock

The hottest and most angry thing recently is definitely the dismissal of pregnant women and 130,000 by the company’s claim.

Ms. Li, Shandong Pingdu, has worked in a local company for nearly five years

In September 2018, Ms. Li found her pregnancy and was fired by the company that month.

Ms. Li said: After the company learned that she was pregnant, she transferred one of her to the front -line workshop and asked to work in the production of the production glue sticker and did not accept the post.

This company is Shandong Qingdao Kirin Electronics Co., Ltd.

Relevant personnel in the company said that post -tuning is normal operation. As for the workshop, it is normal. Ms. Li is absent from work and dismissal is also normal operation.

During the second instance, the recruizations hosting both sides to mediate

But the company refuses to mediate

Some people say that Ms. Li did not take the regular leave steps and was released for 7 days.

Some people say: This company is really not kind. Killing chickens shows the monkeys. It is to show the employees!

Uncle Self -Bao believes that in the era of so frequent jobs, Ms. Li has worked for the company for 5 years. Such employees are really hard to find.

When people are pregnant, the company should care for care, the workload should be reduced, and the post -adjustment should also be adjusted to the low -intensity job post.

You even adjust the pregnant female employees to the front line, and do the work related to glue. I personally support Ms. Li

Now the second instance is still in the trial stage, I hope the court will have fair punishment!

What should I do to do things like Ms. Li in order to prevent Ms. Li?

1. Female workers during pregnancy should try to go to the Three Hospital as much as possible. Three -level hospitals can issue more complete and formal proof materials, which has legal effect.

2. During the pregnancy, female employees should try to take the regular personnel process when they ask for leave, communicate with the enterprise in writing and written ways, and leave evidence

3. If female employees are dismissed illegally during pregnancy, they should apply for arbitration from the local Labor and Personnel Bureau as soon as possible. If necessary, they can seek legal aid from the local unions. Do not consider themselves unlucky!

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