(End) During my cousin during pregnancy, my brother -in -law derailed green tea with children, my cousin and I countered together

Annual drama!

I heard that the cousin was entangled with green tea.

I arrived at the scene of eating melon the first time.

I was shocked to see the other party.

Well, this turned out to be my old enemy!

It’s a narrow road.


"Ning Ning, your cousin shouted that the two aunts of you said that he went to Guomao to catch your brother -in -law. You are close, and you will stop first. I will come here immediately."say to me.

"Why caught my brother -in -law?" I was a little surprised.

My mother immediately said, "Just picking the stalls, don’t take the subway, take a car, your cousin is pregnant, but nothing else."

When the gap between the car, my mother told me that the relationship between my cousin and a woman was abnormal.

I remembered that my cousin sent me a voice on Monday, saying that when she was shopping in the supermarket, she met a college classmate. The classmate had to stuff a celery in her shopping car.

She didn’t want it, her classmate pointed at the celery and said, hold it, look, how green.

My cousin also asked me at the time, was there something in her classmates?

At that time, I was urged to change the plan at that time, and I felt that my cousin looked very honest, and then returned to her perfunctory: "I read too much on the Internet, your classmates are joking."

Unexpectedly, it became true.


The taxi came quickly. After ten minutes, we arrived near Guomao Shopping Mall. As soon as we got off the car, we saw a group of people around, holding a mobile phone one by one, and interesting.

This is the first time I have seen the brutality of a woman when she grasps Xiaosan.

Lying on the ground, her hair covered her entire face but was silent, looking at her body, young and full.

My two aunt held her with her teeth and dancing her, for fear that one would not pay attention to let her slip.

My cousin held her back with a slightly bulging belly, while recording as if she was conducting:

"That’s right, don’t she just show herself, let people see enough today."

Probably this kind of scene was rare, the crowd immediately became restless, and some people whistled.

I couldn’t bear it. I pulled my cousin’s sleeves, and my cousin glanced at me obliquely, letting me care about it.

After pulling it for a while, my two aunt should be tired and rubbed her waist, stood up and raised her feet, kicking her back, kicking her buttocks, as if a cat or dog was lying on the ground.

The aunts were enough. The two exchanged their eyes, stood on the left and right, and planned to turn the girl over.

The girl struggled violently, and her shame made her desperately protecting her final dignity.

She chopped the ground with both hands, and her nails had to pick them into the brick seam, but stubbornly refused to send out for mercy.

I really couldn’t stand it, greeted my mother, and pulled the aunt’s arm one by one, and then I stretched my legs, hooked the clothes scattered on the ground with my toes, and kicked the girl’s followers:

"Hurry up and go away. What will your parents think about this kind of lack of virtue?"

The voice did not fall, and the girl who had kept her head suddenly raised her head.

The tears of the little deer eyes just looked at me so straight, and I saw the same shock in the pupils of her focus.


Memory suddenly turned into the sea, and even a certain place in my heart was pulled by it, which made me breathe instantly.

It’s her, Lin Anqi!

Lin Anqi, who made me be a little evil for no reason, was cast aside by the whole company!

It was because of her, and I was infamous in the industry to destroy the future, and because of her, I had to give up the long -awaited big cities, and packed up my luggage and rolled back to my hometown.

From then on, I will not mention the words of dreams.

At that moment, it seemed to be still. I regret why I just stopped my aunt just now. It was not an exaggeration to have a thousand swords.

The anger was surging, and I subconsciously loosen the hand of pulling my aunt. I just wanted to teach her, and I was stopped by Sanji and cousin who came.

I pursed my pain in biting the back of the fangs, and my eyes stared at Lin Anqi for a moment, and I couldn’t wait to swallow her.

A sanitation aunt picked up Lin Anqi’s clothes and threw it to her.

"Girl, don’t do this kind of lack of virtue in the future. People are with children. Aren’t you a house for others?

"Auntie helps you stop, you put your clothes on."

Lin Anqi quickly got dressed under the cover of Aunt Sanitation. She stood up and provoked in my direction.

I thought she would leave, but she didn’t expect that she actually picked up her phone to call 110 next second.

While calling the police, she swept us fiercely with the corner of her eyes, and she had long gone.

After making the phone, she first clamored with the crowd who watched with her fingers: "Delete everything you shoot in your mobile phone, otherwise the police will have your good fruit for a while."

After threatening to watch the crowd, she turned her eyes to my cousin and aunt: "Are you scared? How happy just now, it will make you more painful when it will be."

The cousin was not vegetarian. When I heard this, she immediately got on the car with her aunt, and then she collapsed on the ground with her stomach covering her stomach covering her belly before the police arrived, and kept mourning.


The cousin stated that the aunts were here to persuade. The only one who hit Lin Anqi on the street was herself, but Lin Anqi also hit her and pushed her to the ground. She is terrible now.

Lin Anqi was anxious, and she pointed at the crowd of the crowd to shout to the police. They could prove that they were recording just now.

However, when the police asked for verification in the past, those people identified in unison that Lin Anqi beat her cousin, and even the sanitation aunt who helped Lin Anqi just helped Lin Anqi just sighed at Lin Anqi.

In the end, the police criticized the two of them, and the matter was not there.

Lin Anqi resentfully left the scene and swept me my eyes before walking.

I understand those two eyes, and it is the ridicule and disdain of my former defeat.

I watched her go far, calmed down her emotions, and reached out to pull my cousin. Unexpectedly, her cousin suddenly covered her stomach and shrunk to the ground. The soybeans were sweaty on the forehead, and the painful teeth grinned.

She was really moving, but when she and my aunt and I had to raise her to the hospital with seven -handed feet, she refused to go: "He’s all like that, what am I giving birth to this child? It’s just right, it’s a hundred."

My mother and I jumped in a hurry. In the end, I called the threshold to intimidate the cousin.

I do n’t know that my cousin really wants to change the evil to correct it, or it ’s forced to be helpless. Anyway, he cooperated very much at the time, letting kneel apologize and apologized, let the contact information delete the contact information, and promised to live with his cousin in the future.

Give my cousin face.

With his seemingly sincere statement, my cousin was no longer arrogant, and we pulled her to the hospital and used the fetal medicine in the arrangement of the doctor. This absurd derailment storm was finally calm.

But who could have thought that in less than a week, my cousin had no abortion.


No one knew what happened. The 120 emergency phone was called by the owner of the Chengnan Coffee Shop. He was sent to the hospital to bleed, and then he contacted his family members.

According to the boss, the cousin fell when he was about to leave, slipped under his feet, his belly was on the ground, and the shock passed on the spot.

Everyone thinks an accident, including me.

But after the cousin woke up from the anesthesia, after dispersing a house, she said to me who left alone that she fell very strangely.

She said that she received a call that day, and the other party obviously used the voice transformer to ask her to go to Chengnan Cafe, saying that there was evidence of cousin and people who were mixed with people there, and wanted to give me my cousin in person.

The cousin arrived as scheduled, but after waiting for nearly half an hour, I didn’t wait for someone, and it was also shut down according to the call number.

She felt that it was definitely a prank of a boring person, and she was carrying her bag. As soon as she took the first step, she slipped under her feet and fell to the ground fiercely.

"When I fell, my palms were on the ground, and the ground was slippery, like applying a layer of oil."

She turned to find the clothes she was replaced, and pointed at the oil traces of her chest and sleeves:

"Look, it’s oil, not water, and there is a lemon flavor." Sister’s cousin deliberately emphasized.


"You mean someone deliberately asked you to go past, just let you fall?"

The cousin gritted his teeth and nodded his head: "Will it be your brother -in -law? This bastard!"

My cousin’s words made me feel slightly.

I decided to go to the cafe to find out.


Because it was a place of incident, the owner of the coffee shop was very active after hearing my demands, so I successfully saw the monitoring of the day.

The surveillance showed that the cousin ordered a cup of coffee, sitting in the card seat and lowering her mobile phone, and until half an hour later she got up and fell. No one except the cleaners and the waiter who took the meal and closed the market, and no one approached her.

It looks really just an accident.

I want to watch it again, but when it is too late, a lot of employees are waiting to snooze. I had to turn the video into my mobile phone and return to the hospital to look at my cousin.

Before I arrived at the hospital, I received the information of my cousin: "This grandson has been holding a mobile phone to chat from you now, and he won’t add the name of the surname Lin again?"

I was afraid of her impulse, so I had to comfort her first: "You have just finished the operation and you are weak, but don’t make trouble with him."

After thinking about it, add another sentence: "You have to wait for me to go back and make trouble."

The cousin’s ward is a single room, and at the end of the corridor, the door is closed, and no one pays attention to it. I am afraid that she will suffer.

However, I found out that the ward was quiet. The two watched TV on the front of the bed and played mobile phones at the end of a bed, ignoring each other.

My cousin couldn’t wait to see me, holding the bed with both hands, and I hurriedly helped her, but she was stopped by her eyes.

She blinked at me and pointed to the phone in my arms.

I’m not very clear, but Song Xiang stood up: "Ning Ning is back, with her here, then I’ll go back, I have to be …"

"Fart, who allowed you to leave? I still have something to ask you!" Sister cousin was a little excited.

About because I was present, Song Xiang, who was angry, did not have an attack. He pursed his lips hard and returned to the bed: "Fart quickly!"

Sister cousin snorted, picked up the cup on the table and drank water, and walked towards Song Xiang.

"Have you contacted that woman again?" Sister cousin asked.


The word "yes" just made a breath, and the cousin poured the water in the water cup with Song Xiang’s face.

Song Xiang was unprepared, splashed his face with a cold head, and immediately jumped from the bed, grabbing things randomly and wiped.

Taking this opportunity, my cousin quickly grabbed his mobile phone and turned into the bathroom.

"Ning Ning, help me stop him! Just one minute."

"Click", the sound of the door lock.


Song Xiang and I were deadlocked.

My two arms were dragged to his life and pulled out, and the whole person had been pulled into the "<".

I gritted my teeth to compete with him, and even my toes were bent.

"45, 46,47,48 …"

I tried to persist and count in my heart.

"Wang Ba egg, you two bastard!"

In the bathroom, the cousin screamed scolded.

I was divided by this scolding. I didn’t pay attention to Song Xiang on the opposite side. I fell to the ground with my buttocks under the inertia, and my tail was painful.

The door was opened with a bang, and the cousin was angry, and he wanted to rush to scratch Song Xiang.

As Song Xiang hid, she sought up her mobile phone from her hands. After scolding "Neuropathy", she fell away.

The cousin also sat on the ground with her buttocks, so he was so angry that he couldn’t speak. He pulled my arm and twitched: "It was the little bitch, which she made my child off. I saw both of the content of the chat between them."

"OK?" I shocked my heart, and it really was her?

"It’s true, that little bitch also told him that she did very cleanly, dripping water, and the police may not be able to find it."

I tap my hatred in my heart, and said to my cousin, "Let’s go to the police and see if the police can catch her."

The cousin was crying so much: "How to call the police, there is no evidence of a little bit."

She suddenly looked at me: "Aren’t you looking for a video? Is there any gain?"

I shook my head and took out the mobile phone to show her the surveillance video I recorded.

We squeezed the bed and watched the video over and over, and finally locked our eyes on the cleaner.

The video showed that when the cousin began to clean up the key and wallet on the table to put it in the shoulder bag, the cleaner suddenly walked towards the cousin’s direction, but when she was about to be parallel to my cousin, she suddenly slowed down again.

I also slowed down the video, and finally saw her movement. The moment she was close to my cousin seat, she put the mop she had been holding in her hand on the ground.After wiping most of the area, she was mentioned and stepped away.

My cousin and I looked at each other and cleaned up?Is the cleaners Lin Anqi?


In the early morning of the next day, I asked the company for an hour of vacation and went to the cafe that was in an accident.

I told the boss that I wanted to see the cleaner on duty on the day of the accident.

However, the boss said that the cleaner was not the official employee of his company. She was a college student. She came to the store to do social practice in accordance with the requirements of the school. After only one day, people left.

I asked the boss again if there was any information about the other person’s identity. After all, such a large shop made people come in and practiced casually, which was somewhat unsafe.

The boss thought about it, called the front desk, and asked, and there was a registration. The front platform said that she left a copy of the ID card.

I was so happy in my heart, and I felt a little eye -catching.

However, when the current Tai found the information and handed it to me, I was dumbfounded.

The strange name, the unfamiliar face, is not Lin Anqi at all.

How could it be Lin Anqi?

I took the copy of the ID card carefully, and then entered the citizen ID website to check it. It was fake, PS.

It seems that it has been a long -planning for a long time, and Lin Anqi cannot be underestimated.

I contacted my previous colleague and asked her to find her recent photos from Lin Anqi’s circle of friends.

I held the photos of Lin Anqi received and asked the boss, is it this person?

The boss shook his head and said, no.


I am a little bit thoughtful.


Roca’s law says that there must be traces in all contacts.

I don’t believe that this matter is really like Lin Anqi said, "doing it well", and I must have been ignored by me in some places.

I obtained the consent of the owner of the coffee shop, and copied the video of the day and the day before the incident to my U disk.

I don’t believe I can’t find clues.

The monitoring shows that it was not Lin Anqi who went to the store to provide social practice jobs the day before.

Although the girl struggled to press her LA gold embroidery baseball cap with a low low, I still recognized that she was not Lin Anqi.

Lin Anqi’s face remembered into ashes.

I checked one frame and did not miss any details, and finally found the clue in the video at the door of the bathroom.

At around 8 o’clock, the girl with a baseball cap took the work of the cleaners they received.

Ten minutes later, the girl who changed the work clothes came out, and there was a pair of masks on her face.

She sorted out the appearance of the mirror, and the movement of her hair made me feel familiar.

I was haunted, and the door of the bathroom opened again. A girl wearing a skirt and a baseball cap also came out of the bathroom.

Two people?

At that moment, I woke up like the top, and I patted my thigh with excitement, as if it was a cracking secret.

It turns out that her method is so simple.

First let my colleagues take the lead, show up with a fake ID card, and apply for social practice with a coffee shop. This way whether the employees in the coffee dot are seen or the camera photographed, they are all colleagues’ faces.

Then the next day, the two met in the bathroom and swap clothes. Lin Anqi replaced his colleagues unconsciously and turned into a cleaning worker.

In order to verify my thoughts, I watched the video of the lobby again. The video showed that at 7:50, the coffee point just opened the door. A girl wearing a skirt came to borrow the toilet and never came out again.

What a stolen beam and change the pillar.

The use of a camera with a toilet is equivalent to monitoring the characteristics of the dead end.

So finally put on work clothes and stayed in the store to wait for the opportunity to move, it was Lin Anqi.

Then I watched the video. Lin Anqi, who turned into a cleaner, took out a bottle of lubricating oil from a black plastic bag and poured it on the trailer. It was applied around her before the cousin got up.

Next, the scene where my cousin fell.

The truth is finally big.

I asked my cousin, how to do it next, these videos did not clearly present Lin Anqi’s facial features. The only copy of the ID card is also fake, I am afraid that the two cannot be used as evidence.

Cousin gritted his teeth: Wait for me to raise my body, and then find a way to scum!

I raised my hand to her: "Count me, she should be punished so much that she was so miserable that year."

The cousin was shocked: "The one who gave you the lower set was her?"

I don’t have any.

In fact, I have guess the truth about that year, but there is no evidence, and after so many years, I have vowed to take revenge on her determination to fade a lot.

But she had a soul, appeared in my life again, and used this mean means.

Then I had to walk and see it.


However, the world was unpredictable. Before I had a counterattack with my cousin, Lin Anqi first started.

She shook her, and the empty drop became my top boss.

When the boss announced the appointment of this personnel at the morning meeting, I saw Lin Anqi, who was standing sharply by his side, and felt that the world was really TM.

After the meeting, Lin Anqi convened the planning department to meet. The new official took three fires. The first was burned to my head. She took me from the position of the second group leader of the planning department to the end and became a small assistant in the office.

The reason is actually a wrong planning plan I just joined the internship period.

I can’t help but sneer. It is already the information at the bottom of the box. It is really difficult to dig out the ground for three feet for her to rectify.

And my original job was replaced by a girl she brought by her. That girl, I recognized her at first glance that she was the one in the cafe monitoring with LA gold embroidery baseball cap.

I went to the boss to talk, but the boss was helpless: "The brother company above stuffed it in. It is said that the background is very hard, and we dare not take it off. But the first day was reduced to people, it was strange."

The boss looked up at me and asked tentatively, "You and her, have you ever?"

I didn’t have a cavity, walked back to my new station, turned on the computer, and started writing a resignation application.

Lao Tzu is not affected by this nest.

Cracking the full page words, and the breath also disappeared. Looking at the application of the resignation, I came out of the printer a little, and I didn’t want to rise from the bottom of my heart. Why should I go?What am I did wrong?

I "stubbornly dragged out the left -off application of only half of the leaving, holding it out of the printer, holding it in my hand to tear a sparse breeze.

I sent a message to my cousin and told her that Lin Anqi was empty to our company. The cousin screamed and asked if she hurt me.

I replied that there was no yet.

Sister cousin vomited: "If you resign, this is obviously going to you, maybe something moth will be made in the future."

I smiled, "It’s okay, I won’t be able to get a tiger in the tiger’s hole.

Actually, I really don’t understand. I am just a small staff. What threat can I have?Let her go to the original company’s two -hander, and Qu Zunzun was a director.

The only reason was that she felt that I was bullying, and she wanted to kill.


In the past, WeChat rang a bit. It was a friend’s application. When I saw the avatar, I recognized that it was Lin Anqi.

She sent me a message: "Are you still rolling? I haven’t had a lot of thick skin in two years."

I sneered: "If you want to quit me, you can say it directly. Let me go, no door."

She returned to me: "Well, since you want to eat meals under my hands, then I will take care of you more."

She has always been a ruthless person, and she said it. In the next day, I deeply realized the meaning of the words "workplace bullying".

It is a trivial matter to send and run the legs to run the legs. Since I made this assistant, even the sanitation of the office area of the planning department has been written into my responsibilities. The floor is dragged eight times a day.A maximum of one -half of the paper basket will be replaced.

She used the temptation of promotion and salary to raise a few confidantes. She inserted it beside me and was faulty to me every day.

I can tolerate these. Until one day, the entire company came out of the company about me. They whispered, saying that I went to the bed of the general manager for promotion.

I was completely angry.

I kicked the door of Lin Anqi’s office. I wanted to beat her. However, when I stepped in, Lin Anqi and Song Xiangzheng hugged and scolded.

Faced with my sudden in, the two of them did not panic at all. Song Xiang even sat on the sofa, raised his legs, and lit a cigarette.

"That’s how you fulfill your promise to my sister?" I said coldly.

Song Xun’s nose hummed a cold hum, vomiting a cigarette ring, and said to me, "The shit promise, if I knew that your sister was humiliated like that day, I would rather die on the street."

He meals and then said, "You see it anyway, that’s right, you have a good relationship with your sister, you go back and help me persuade her, hurry up and leave the marriage, get together, don’t get so embarrassing","

I didn’t talk, and Lin Anqi, who had been pretending to be coffee, said at this time: "Okay, it’s all at this point, telling her to let them die."

Lin Anqi put down the coffee cup in his hand, picked up a piece of A4 paper on the table, walked straight to me, put on his left hand on the lower abdomen:

"I’m pregnant, your brother -in -law, just found out, what do you understand?"

She said that she raised the paper in front of me. I saw that it was a color Doppler ultrasound. The cousin also showed me a few months ago. Unfortunately, in just a few days, things were wrong.

My fist became tighter and tighter, and the rear fangs were about to be bitten into the meat. Just as I was about to follow the face in front of me, I saw Lin Anqi suddenly raised my right hand and faced behind me.Song Xiang made a gesture of "Yeah".

She showed off their dignified victory at their fingertips.

Almost between the electric light, the scene where I was blocked in the general manager’s suite appeared in my mind.

A woman pointed at my nose and scolded me shameless. After a while, everyone from the company came up to watch. When I was arguing, I saw Lin Anqi at the door frame and quietly made a "Ye" gesture at the general manager.

The anger faded at that moment, and I finally calmed down.

I remembered that year, I was obviously a popular candidate for the company’s operation department. I have a good future, but because of that unnecessary charges, I was fired quickly and swept the floor.

However, Lin Anqi, Lin Anqi, who instructed me to go to the suite on the same day, did not give me a word from beginning to end.

After I was embarrassed to escape the city, she easily got the position of the leader of the operation department and climbed all the way to the person in charge of the branch company.

And when she met again, she not only did not mention the words of the year, but instead she had to kill me.Such people should not be condoned from the beginning.

My tight fist finally let go, spit out, and laughed at Lin Anqi: "Understand, I wish you forever."

After I turned around and left, I smiled, and my heart turned hate.

Lin Anqi, let’s count the new hatred and old hate.


I went to find my cousin and told her about Lin Anqi’s pregnancy and persuaded her to divorce.

The cousin collapsed and cried, and she had just lost the fetus in her belly but two months. The little three over there was a dark knot. The cousin said that she couldn’t swallow it anyway. She would never divorce.Also consume them to the end.

I sighed and didn’t know how to persuade. My cousin was only three years older than me. Before Song Xiang was derailed, she was a person living in a honeypot. She was the only child, her family was good, and she got married after graduation.

She doesn’t know the sinister heart, so she will be obsessed with Song Xiang, who is brought to the male attribute of the Phoenix male in the university.Just showing off his son’s ability, he married a daughter -in -law in the city without spending a penny.

But in any case, I must persuade my sister to divorce.

I said with a few words to her cousin’s ear, she almost jumped in shock: "Really? Are you really?"

I nodded, "So you must leave this marriage, otherwise how can you give them this great gift."

The cousin gritted his teeth: "Okay, leave! The scumbag must be punished!"

The divorce of the cousin and Song Xiang was smoother than expected. It was about eager to get rid of the cousin. Song Xiang did not have too much entanglement in the division of property.The car, packed his clothes, moved out from his cousin’s house, and went straight to Lin Anqi’s residence.

The cousin watched the decisive ride out of the window, hate her teeth giggle.

"On that day, I knocked him gongs and drums!"

I soothed my cousin, and then mail to the boss for leave. I bought the motorcycles of the day and went to the city I was working.

I’m going to see someone, Meng Yan.


For two years, the changes here have been great, and even the previous companies have moved into an independent building.

With the help of the original company colleagues, I knew Meng’s license plate number and her movement of get off work every day.

I found her car in the underground garage according to the plan. After waiting for two hours, she finally saw her out of the elevator.

I stepped forward and introduced myself: "Hello, Mr. Meng, I’m Jiang Ningning …"

"I don’t know, I’m sorry, I don’t need any sales, please let it go."

She regarded me as a sales, and interrupted me simply, and took out the key to the door and opened the door.

I’m not discouraged, followed by her: "I am not selling it. I was the one who pointed at my nose in the suite two years ago and scolded Xiao San."

Meng Meng, who had poured into the car halfway, was stunned, and then came out again, staring at me and looked up and down, the words were full of sarcasm:

"It’s you, it looks like it is to sell. I really don’t know how you always see you at the beginning."

I didn’t smile angrily, and said along her words, "You also think that President Jing will definitely not see me, but you have scolded me seriously at first, and he drove me out of the company. I don’t know how many years, President Meng, have you caught Zhen San? "

Meng Yan’s face changed: "What do you mean?"

"This means that you have caught the wrong person that year.

Meng Yan’s face changed, realizing that this was not a place to speak. I stepped forward and clamped my wrist and pushed me into the car: "Go, change the place."


She took me to her health museum. In her quiet and elegant office, she looked dignified and questioned me over and over again. It was determined that Primary Three was Lin Anqi?What happened that year?

I sat opposite her and slowly told her the encounter of the year.

The day two years ago was in the afternoon. I originally prepared a supplementary material for a case at the station. Suddenly, I came in and said that I sent me the material of the case to the general manager’s office.

"Kiki?" I listened to the voice on the phone a bit like Lin Anqi, so I tentatively asked.

The side of the phone was obviously stagnant, and the sound of the opening was much lower: "No, I am a colleague of the Marketing Department. Just now Jing Give us a meeting, and you need to send a material to the past. The trouble will be delivered within three minutes."

After speaking, I hung up the phone, but I heard a panic from the last few words.

I looked at the phone number in doubt. It was indeed the phone number of the company’s general manager’s office, but the voice also looked like Lin Anqi.

I didn’t dare to delay with a moment of materials and rushed to the general manager’s office.

The door was blocked. I stood at the door and shouted several times without answering. Later, I tried to walk inside. I heard that there seemed to be moan in the suite inside. I shouted again.Coming: "Come in and help me, I can’t move anymore."

I didn’t doubt him, pushed the door in, and the heavy curtains couldn’t see anything in the house. I didn’t respond yet. A heavy body poured me on the bed.

He pressed me, covered my mouth with his hands, and threatened me to say, "Don’t make a mess, otherwise you have a good fruit to eat."

The sound is President Jing.

I was shocked, unknown.

A few minutes came from outside the back door. There was a mess of footsteps. Someone screamed into the room with sharp screams. The curtains were pulled apart. My eyes were not adapted to the sudden light, and my body was suddenly light.I received two slaps.

"I don’t need to talk about the next thing. I didn’t even have a chance to confirm my innocence, so I was fired by you, and then returned to my hometown. Just in recent months, I met Lin Anqi again. She was pregnant."

I still remember the chaotic scene that year. The people I was brought by Meng Yan were thrown directly outside the company building. Even the set of processes in my departure was handled by personnel downstairs.

I also wanted to find the truth at the time, but at that time, I was like a dog like a dog.

Fortunately, there are also good colleagues. After hearing my talk, I ran to the Office of the Marketing Department to help me verify that when I received a call from the so -called "marketing department", the employees of the marketing department were on the job.of.

Obviously, the man lied, and Lin Anqi’s evasion of me afterwards made me more convinced that the one who called was her.

I gave her a pot man.


Meng Yan would be suspected to me, "Do you say Lin Anqi is pregnant? How is it possible? A few days ago, she came to the company to find me the old, I don’t believe it."

After she said, she was slanted with me, and she was vigilant: "You are afraid that you don’t look at her promotion and salary and increase.

I laughed: "I hate her, but I have never wronged her."

"Then what evidence do you have?"

"There is no evidence. If I have evidence, I will not leave so embarrassed. In fact, I am about to let go in the past two years, but Lin Anqi is really bullying."

After I transferred Lin Anqi to seduce Song Xiang and the designer’s cousin’s fall, I told me to hear Meng Yan and brighten the video of the coffee shop: "See, she is used to falling out the bag, very careful."

Meng Yan’s face showed a dignified look.

Next, I continued my guessing and planning and the same words. I want to try to get her alliance. After all, with my own ability, I may not be able to pull Lin Anqi for a lifetime.

"I want her to get her retribution, but unfortunately I did not investigate her ability, but I believe you have it."

"The child in her belly is absolutely impossible to be wrong. As for why she married others with the child of President Jing, you can only investigate."

My words are not alarmist at all. Based on my understanding of Lin Anqi over the years, she is so arrogant that people who want to attach men to cross the class by climbing men will not see such a phoenix man like Song Xiang.Give him a child.

She took the initiative to hook up Song Xiang in the six months after being transferred from the new city, and the motivation had to doubt.

Meng Yan’s brows were locked, his fingers were gently stumped on the table, and he returned to God for a while: "Okay, transaction, I’ll find evidence."

If you are willing, I am going to leave, but Meng Yan stays with me for dinner together.

When I ate, I realized that she found that her husband was derailed, which we started from three years ago that we were recruited into the company.

A person who has been singing with a woman who has been singing suddenly is different, and even dull women can notice this change, let alone Meng Yan, a strong woman in Shanghai for many years.

She said that at that time, the company’s front desk was still her confidant. Because of signs of signs of signs of signs of the second child, she kept the baby in the company and rarely went to the company.

When she received a call from the front desk, she said that when the general manager’s office seemed to have a woman, she was mad. She ran to catch rape, and when she opened the door, she saw me who was pressed under her.

"How did she get the news from?" Meng Yan asked me with a pastry.

I shook my head, and my time was too long. Even if I wanted to check, I couldn’t get started.

However, I learned from my former colleagues that a few days after the front desk was arrested, I was found a mistake.

It is obvious that the company not only has the confidant arranged by Meng Yan, but also the eyeliner of President Jing and Lin Anqi, otherwise the two of them will not be exposed for so long.

I have to say that Lin Anqi is really a ruthless person, a resourceful and furious person.

So I must not sit still.

Meng Yan called her friends in front of me, and commissioned her friend to find her a private detective, regardless of the price.

After the call, she couldn’t help mocking. After being led by her nose for so many years, she didn’t know how proud Lin Anqi should be in her heart.

She said that after fired me that year, President Jing was indeed peaceful. Now he wants to come, but they are more secretive, and Lin Anqi chats with her a short sister every day.The gadgets, the two of them, like their sisters, have never doubted her.

"At a young age, there is such a city, a high -person person." Meng Yan finally commented like this.

I laughed in my heart, and the cunning fox was always on the day when my tail was exposed.

I believe Lin Anqi was not far from that day.


With the help of Meng Yan, I returned to the company with peace of mind and found that Lin Anqi took a long vacation on the grounds of pregnancy.

But okay, without her sitting in the company, my life is better.

The cousin began to harass Song Xiang in accordance with the plan. He went to his company to make trouble, and tracked him in a taxi. After a few days, he accidentally found the community where Lin Anqi lived.

She really wanted to respond to Song Xiang and Lin Anqi, so she applied for a cashier’s position in a chain supermarket downstairs in Lin Anqi’s community.

A young lady who did not stick to the spring water from a young age, in order to retaliate against the scum, starts to pick up the code scanning gun. Standing in front of the cashier, one stop is nine hours.

Like Lin Xiangzheng, she preached her grievances with Lin Anqi, and soon everyone who patronized her store knew that her community lived in a primary three named Lin Anqi.

The cousin’s encounter also won the sympathy of their clerks. They expressed their support for the cousin, so they were very smooth. The cousin got the monitoring of the supermarket door.

I checked the monitoring that covered 24 hours a day, and finally discovered the figures of Lin Anqi and President Jing.

He drove a car with a foreign license, waiting for the roadside parking area across the supermarket on Wednesday afternoon, and went down to the supermarket to buy a bottle of water.

After a while, Lin Anqi’s figure appeared, holding a small bag, and sitting on the position of the co -pilot. Che Yang went away. It was not until 11 noon the next day that she appeared in the monitoring.

I sent this video to Meng Yan. Meng Yan quickly responded to me. The license plate number was right and the time was right. He lied to her that day was to go to a business trip in the field. According to the detective she hiredThe news sent to her later, he actually accompanied Lin Anqi to the hospital for a production inspection.

Meng Yan finally believed that the child in Lin Anqi’s belly was her husband, and she roared loudly, saying that they would take them all thousands of swords.

I remind Meng Yan that Lin Anqi’s wedding was scheduled to be on the 25th two months later, and there was not much time left for us.

Meng Yan calmed down and said voice to me, "Don’t worry, it will make them look good."


On June 25, Lin Anqi’s wedding arrived as expected.

In the lively and dullness of the gongs, Lin Anqi, who was in a white gauze, stood at the door of the hotel, and smiled at every guest.

Meng Yan walked over, Lin Anqi shouted "Sister" sweetly, and then opened his arms and hugged Meng Yan.

Meng Yan laughed on his face, and the guests dripped.

But my cousin and I were blocked outside the hotel door. She proudly raised a delicate face and made a guest order for us.

I said, "Don’t get me wrong. We didn’t plan to go in at first, but we just came here to respond to you."

Lin Anqi was so angry that he shouted two security guards with a walkie -talkie and bombed me and my cousin.

I looked at Lin Anqi, who was anxious, and couldn’t help but sneer. Where is this?

My cousin and I walked into a chain hotel next to the wedding banquet. The lobby lounge area, a girl wearing a wedding company’s work clothes, beckoned towards me.

I took the bag she placed on the seat and walked straight to the bathroom.

If you come out again, I have changed and became a small staff wearing a "love wedding" work clothes.

I blinked towards my cousin, and then followed the girl to the wedding hotel.

Finally mixed in.

I stood in the backstage dressing room and gently breathed a sigh of relief.

I sent Meng Yan’s information about "OK" and told her that I was ready.

Meng Yan returned to me, and she had finished it. Her people had mixed into the wedding team, and had absolute control of the field, letting me let go of her bold work.

I stood at the door of the dressing room and looked at Lin Anqi, who was standing outside the door and smiled, and gave a cold hum in my heart.


Twenty minutes later, the welcome is over, and the wedding was about to begin. Lin Anqi hurried to the dressing room from the entrance of the hotel to prepare to replace the wedding dress and shape.

Lin Anqi changed the wedding dress with the help of another wedding girl.

She stood in front of the mirror, Gu Ying poured himself, and looked at the left and right end of the skirt, and finally put her hand on her lower abdomen. She didn’t notice me aside.

"Is it a boy? Congratulations, I don’t have to get a fetus anymore."

When my gloomy voice sounded, Lin Anqi seemed to see ghosts, and "ah" shouted and jumped away.

When I saw it clearly, it was me, and her panicked expression immediately faded away, instead of being fierce and angry.

"How did you come in! Who asked you to come in!"

I slowly pulled the clothes of "Love Wedding" LOGO: "Like you, steal the beam and change the pillars, do you understand what I mean?"

Lin Anqi’s face flashed with a little surprise, looking at the closed door behind me, and slowly touched the mobile phone on the table.

Before waiting and dialing, I went up and took the phone down, threw it out of the distance, and then looked at her provocatively.

Lin Anqi was a little panicked. She pretended to be calm and asked me, "What else do you know?"

I laughed: "I know a lot, for example, this child is not Song Xiang’s bad egg. For example, you use a voice -changing phone to deceive my cousin to go to the coffee shop, and then apply oil on the ground to let her fall and abort.You are the little lover of the surnamed Jing, you who lie to me to send the information back to the black pot, is it? "

I said a step closer to her, until she forced her to the corner, then waved her hand, and gave her two slaps fiercely.

"After five years of being a primary three, I finally conceived the boy. I saw the hopes of Zhuanzheng, are you afraid of chasing the main room?Lin Anqi, you have a lot of bamboo shoots. "

"Aren’t you quite calculated? Then have you calculated, from the moment you enter this room, the picture here has been broadcast on the big screen outside?"

My voice was not falling, there was a strong knock on the door, and the cursing of Song broke through the throat: Song sounded:

"Open the door! Stink bitch! Open the door!"

Lin Anqi was scared. She pulled my arm and almost kneeling down.

But it was too late, the door was opened from the outside, and Song Xiang rushed towards Lin Anqi like crazy.

At the door, Meng Yan held the key and shook his hand towards me.


I walked out of the dressing room in Song Xiang and Lin Anqi, and I walked out of the dressing room, sitting side by side with Meng Yan under the wedding seat.

On the big screen in the center of the stage, Song Xiangzheng punch Lin Anqi on the ground.

"No wonder I posted me back. It turned out to be me as a pick -up man. Who is that man? Say! Don’t say kill you today!"

Lin Anqi was bleeding from the corners of her mouth. She was red with red eyes, stubbornly stubborning her neck, and roaring at Song Xiang: "Roll! You have to give you a child with a child?"

Song Xiang’s eyes were red, and a fist greeted her stomach. Lin Anqi finally stopped scolding and begging her stomach: "Don’t hit me stomach, please don’t hit my stomach."

There was a mess under the stage, and the family members of the two sides rushed to the dressing room to dispel, while more relatives and friends raised their mobile phones and recorded the time of turning over the unusual wedding.

Meng Yan said, "Yes, I did a good job, and I took a bite."

I went back to her: "Because of the detailed investigation, otherwise I can’t play it."

Meng Yan laughed: "I still want to thank you. I have also investigated the surnamed Jing before, but because there is no direction, I have nothing to get. Now that the target is locked, the pay is more, and I am willing to kill more."

After speaking, Meng Yan made a finger at the audio master, so the screen on the stage switched again.

That is the gift we gave her, dozens of pictures and videos, various perspectives, various occasions, all of which are Lin Anqi and a man. Under the blessing of audio and lighting, everyone present stimulated everyone present.Nerves.

The scene was boiling again, and some people even whistled.

At the end of the picture, the fixation is on several dense chat records.

"Meng Yan’s family has a great cause, and wants to transfer her property without being aware of it and it is not something that can be done overnight. You need to discuss it. The best way is to quickly find an honest person to marry, give birth to a child with a stable child, and get out of the way.Will marry you. "

"Are you sure that my child is a boy? I really don’t want to have a miscarriage anymore. From following you, I have flowed two, and I am afraid that I will not be born in the future."

"This child is definitely a boy. I took your blood to the abroad. Is it a very accurate girl? Put my heart in my heart and give birth to my son smoothly. I will not treat you at a loss.","

"But you transfer me to such a far branch, what do I think you do?"

"The farther, the safer, but the surname Meng is only a mother tiger. You have made her once, but you may not be able to get rid of her for the second time. We can’t take risks.


"Husband, looking at a great candidate, this person looks honest on the surface, but he is all greedy in his eyes. I think it should be able to win."

"I will help you with a piece of materials, but you ca n’t care about it. My son is a big deal, and you must be cautious when you find a post -dad.

I stared at the big screen and suddenly sympathized with Meng Yan. She was actually much more pitiful than my cousin. When I was still in her company, I heard people talk about it.

However, in order to bring her husband after marriage, she took care of her husband’s face, and took the initiative to return to the family from the front line. She did not expect to have a white -eyed wolf in the end. The husband she supported in one hand actually carried him to raise him.Lover.

Even Meng Yan had to sigh that her marriage of a well -educated modern knowledge youth was eventually defeated to such an old -fashioned old concept.


The alarm of 110 and 120 sounded outside.

The police took Song Xiang and lifted Lin Anqi.

When Song Xiang was taken to the police car, his cousin rushed to the gongs and drum team at the door, raised a hammer for a while:

"The surname of Song, the old lady knocked on the gongs and drums to send you a long time!"

I walked over and pounded my cousin: "Are you addicted?"

The cousin put the hammer back to the original place: "It’s fun, it’s too TM to enjoy it."

She pointed to a small group of watched crowd: "Seeing no, the grandson thought he had climbed Gao Zhi and danked so many relatives to witness the moment when he flew Huang Tengda.The eighteenth generation of the eighteen generations of his ancestors of the Song family of the Song family was so angry that he was angry and scolded him from the ground. "

Meng Yan also came over: "This is like this, the child can’t hold it, right?"

My cousin and I nodded with each other.

Meng Yan said with a sigh of relief, "The child can’t keep it, I’m relieved."

She said goodbye to me, saying that she had a tough battle to fight, and at the same time she apologized to me about the thing that hit me that year.

I waved my hand and wished her all wished.

After this farce, I resigned from the company and opened a dessert shop with my cousin. I never saw Lin Anqi again. Listening to the previous colleague said that she quickly left the city after raising her body.Like a gust of wind, there was no trace.

As for Meng Yan, after that, about half a year, she sent me a message and told me that she was divorced. The scum man was out of the house, and she kept her family property that her two daughters deserved.

I congratulated her with a smile, and then silently deleted her contact information.

May we be good at each other, and the rivers and lakes will not be seen.

(Full text)

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