Enter Sanfu Tian, eat less watermelon, eat more red beans, cook the refrigerator at a time, and use it with food

Introduction: Enter Sanfu Tian, eat less watermelon, eat more, the potassium content is extremely high, cook the refrigerator at a time, and use it with specialties!

"Fireworks on the world, the most caress about the heart of the mortal", Chai Mi oil and salt are the most ordinary. It is simple but can warm the body. It is the best way to comfort the hearts of fireworks!Hello everyone, I am Xiaofeng. After entering the Sanfu Tian, the weather is sultry and the temperature is high. When I move a little, I sweat all over.The symptoms of "bitter summer" without appetite, so we must adjust their diet appropriately and eat more potassium -rich foods.

As the saying goes, "Eat beans in summer and eat meat", the potassium content in beans is very high, such as red beans. Of the 100 grams of red beans, the potassium content is about 860 mg, which is a relatively common high potassium food.Red beans are not only rich in potassium, but also rich in protein, crude fiber, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients. They have the effects of removing dampness and heat, spleen and stomach, eliminating edema, clearing the heart, and nourishing blood and soothe.In summer, people are hot and hot. Eating more red beans in moderation can relieve symptoms such as thirst and irritability appear due to heat. In addition, people are prone to edema in summer, and eating red beans in moderation is also conducive to swelling.

Red beans are usually used to cook porridge, steamed cakes, or make steamed buns with bean paste. The red beans are delicious but it takes time when cooking. I often want to eat red beans.It has been dispelled for a long time, so many friends who bought it home often have not done it for a long time.In fact, we can cook red beans in advance, cook more at a time, put it in the refrigerator after cooking, and take it out when we eat it. It is very convenient.My family does this every summer. Let me share the specific practice. Friends who like it can refer to:

Save red beans:

1. Put the red beans in the basin first, and then add the water without red beans for about 1 hour.Soak the red beans for 1 hour before cooking, and the red beans will swell due to water absorption. It is easier to cook and rot when cooking, which can shorten the cooking time.

2. Wash the soaked red beans twice, then pour it into the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, the water will not pass the red beans, turn it on the high heat and turn it into medium and medium heat, slowly cook it for half an hour.Stir from time to time, pay attention to observe the pan.After half an hour, the red beans are almost cooked. At this time, you can taste it. After the red beans are cooked, turn off the heat and continue to simmer for 5-10 minutes, then stir -fry the heat after opening the pan.After stirring, turn off the heat and cool out.The amount of sugar is based on your preferences. If you like sweetness, you can add more, and you can not add it if you don’t like it.

3. After the red beans are completely cool, put it on the plastic wrap at each eaten, wrap it tightly, and then put it in the refrigerator to freeze and save it.

Let’s share a practice of red bean Simalu:

Add an appropriate amount of water in the pan, boil and pour in Simi, stir side by side to prevent Simi from sticking to the bottom of the pan. To cook for about 15 minutes, you can see that the sago is completely transparent. At this time, put it again.Pour the cooked red beans, pour a bag of milk, add a spoonful of brown sugar, turn off the heat after boiling the fire, and it will be delicious!

Such a bowl of sweet and delicious red bean Simi is ready. You can do more at a time. Put it in the refrigerator and save it. When you drink it, you will have a glass. It is cool and refreshing.I am Xiaofeng. A post -70s uncle walking in the sun in the sun. If you like Xiaofeng’s sharing, please help forward+like+collection to support Xiaofeng. Let’s see it next time!Thanks for the support!Thanksgiving to meet!

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