Entering "Gua July", it is recommended to eat 5 kinds of melons in Sanfu Tian to clear heat and cool down, stable summer

July is also called "Gua Yue". There is a sentence in "The Book of Songs · Youfeng · July": "July Food Melon, August Broken Pot", describes in the hot Sanfu Tian, people’sThe culture of melon food is thousands of years, and today we are still influenced by the culture of melon culture and derived the food philosophy of "eating more melons in summer and not using the medicine prescription".Share 6 kinds of melons that you must eat in July, and it will pass the season if you don’t eat it.

Cucumber vitamin content is high. In the summer, consumption can remove heat and water, clear heat and detoxify, and lose weight.

Recommended recipe: Sound oil cucumber

1. Three cucumbers are scraped into thin cucumber slices with a peeled knife, rolled up and placed in the plate one by one; dried chili pepper cut into small segments; garlic was flat and cut into minced garlic.

2. Put a spoonful of salt, a spoonful of chicken essence, 5 grams of raw soy sauce, 10 grams of vinegar, and then pour a little sesame oil and stir well. Put the cold juice on the cucumber and put the minced garlic and chili segment.

3. Then boil a little hot oil, the oil temperature is 70 % hot, and pour hot oil on the dried peppers and minced garlic.

High content such as vitamin B in loofah is conducive to brain health, and components such as vitamin C are good for the skin.Skill when eating loofah, you can cool, stir -fry, boil, soup or juice, etc.

Recommended recipe: garlic slices

1. Peel and cut a loofah into strips, soak in water to prevent oxidation; cut the green pepper and red pepper into a piece of silk; several grains of garlic are cut into thin slices.

2. Add a spoonful of salt to the pot in the pot. After boiling the water, pour in loofah and simmer for 30 seconds to spill water control.

3. Boil the oil in the pan, stir -fry the oil slices in oil heat, stir -fry the scent, add green and red pepper silk to continue frying, stir -fry the garlic into golden yellow into the controlled loofah, add 2 grams of salt, 1 gram of monosodium glutamate, 1 gram of monosodium glutamate,Lifting a little sugar, hook a little water starch, make the seasoning and loofah better blend together, and then pour a little bright oil and roll it.

Winter melon is cold, and the consumption of Sanfu Tian can clear the heat and heat the heat, and use it to reduce the swelling. In addition, the amount of sodium containing the melon is low, which is good for the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular of the middle -aged and elderly people.

Recommended recipe: brewed winter melon

1. Cut a few millet peppers into chili rings, several grains of garlic are cut into garlic slices, ginger is cut into filaments and put together; small onion leaves are cut into green onions; green onion white lightly cuts into sections, ginger is also scattered and green onions and green onions are also scattered and green onion.Put the sections together, pour in water and soak the green onion ginger juice.

2. Peel the melon in a section of winter melon. When cutting, the first knife is connected, and the second knife is cut off, which is convenient to pinch the meat; 300 grams of pork belly adds 2 grams of salt, 2 grams of pepper, and a little cooking wine.Stir until the strength, then put 8 grams of corn starch and grab it well.

3. Put the meat into the winter melon slices, all are filled with settings; a small pot is stirred in a small basin; and then prepare a small pot of starch.Dip the winter melon pieces into the egg liquid first, and then wrap it in starch in the plate.

4. Boil oil in the pot. When the oil temperature is 50 % hot, add winter melon pieces, fry with medium and small heat for about 2 minutes, and pour out the oil control.

5. Boil the oil in the pot. After the oil is heated, add ginger, garlic and millet pepper to stir fry the spicy flavor, add 5 grams of oyster sauce, 8 grams of cooking wine, a spoonful of water, start seasoning 2 grams of salt, chicken powder, chicken powder2 grams, 2 grams of sugar, 2 grams of pepper and 2 grams of pepper, mix the seasoning, and then add the fried winter melon pieces into a little soy sauce.The juice is better wrapped on the melon. When the soup is harvested, the pan is evenly placed in the plate evenly, and sprinkle with green onion.

The bitter gourd is cold. In the summer, the effect of eating bitter gourd to clear heat and heat the heat, eliminate the heat stroke, but friends with weak spleen and stomach should eat less.

Recommended recipe: bitter gourd fried eggs

1. Cut the bitter melon into a diagonal blade; cut the garlic into garlic slices, and cut the red threaded pepper into a pepper ring with the garlic slices in the pot.

2. Put 2 grams of salt (a spoon) in the bitter gourd. If you kill the water of bitter gourd, bitter gourd is not so bitter; the small pot is not so bitter;Stir well; squeeze out the water of bitter gourd and put it in a basin for later use.

3. Boil oil in the pan, pour the egg liquid in the hot pot and stir -fry the eggs, and then pour out the oil control.

4. Boil oil in the pot, stir -fry the garlic slices and red noodles, add bitter gourd to continue stir -fry, add 2 grams of salt (a spoon), and then stir -fry the fried eggs.Pot.

Zucchini contains more vitamin C and glucose and other nutrients, and the content of calcium is also very high.Eating in summer can remove thirst and get rid of the heat.

Recommended recipe: small fried cucumber

1. The zucchini cuts the two ends and breaks into four in half.Several milks are spicy into thin circles; several thread peppers are also cut into thin circles.

2. Boil oil inside the pot, add pork belly to stir -fry lard, pour the ginger and garlic and stir -fry the fragrance, pour the cooking wine to fish, add the soy sauce and fresh, then pour in the zucchini, turn it on the heat and stir fry for a while and pour it into it.The green pepper ring continues to stir -fry for 1 minute. After frying the zucchini, add MSG, sugar, and oyster sauce to fry the seasoning, and then pour some steamed fish sauce and stir fry until the taste. Sprinkle a little white sesame.become.

(First Food Editor: Cao Cao)

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